Desserts week!

Trying to clear all the overdue posts before I may not have the chance to, especially when my laptop is now in a critical condition x.x

Super yummy Tom Yum noodle lunch on Monday! Can’t believe I had not ordered this before and now that I did, it may be my last time –CRY!
 photo IMG_20131007_150155_zpsf7e85c4c.jpg

Had a hard time deciding which “last meal” I should have at my favourite stall on Tuesday and I finally settled for this black pepper chicken! No regrets for sure!!! I am so gonna miss all the food here D: D: D:
 photo IMG_20131008_142524_zps3cf6c2aa.jpg

Finally visited W39 before I officially leave this area!
 photo 20131008_202011_zpsee477173.jpg

Had such a hard time choosing because everything looks niceeee~
 photo 20131008_201905_zps04d0936b.jpg

 photo 20131008_201841_zpsf77a1d80.jpg

Old school interior~

 photo 20131008_202035_zps52af4a4b.jpg

Old school candies!

 photo IMG_20131008_201525_zpse4cc8e87.jpg

Mister Chocolate!
The cake could have been more moisted~

 photo IMG_20131008_200459_zps843937d3.jpg

Liked the mango cake better! Hehe!

Was back home early so I decided to use the time to bake my farewell cookies~ But at the same time, I was kinda tired to do so! =/

So as I was rolling on the floor watching TV, about to whine to my brother, he miraculously read my mind and said…

Bro: I thought you wanna bake cookies for your colleagues?

Me: How you know?! Did I tell you?!?!

Bro: You told me that day that you wanna bake, why still lying here -_-”

Me: *whines* I was just about to tell you that I need to bake cookies for my colleague but I am very tired and I need to go all the way to NTUC to buy chocolate chips to bake…how? x.x

Bro: You can go to Shop N Save what…

Me: Yah hor!!! There is Shop N Save (which is so much nearer) hor!!!

Sometimes I ask question or whine to my brother without expecting a solution from him but I just ask or whine for the sake of whining or ranting, but somehow he would always come up with a solution for me! Like how I whined to him the other day that I am feeling so so so warm but I can’t on the fan in the living room because I was making Isaac’s album and everything will start flying around. So he actually set up another fan for me at the side! 😀

Managed to get my chocolate chips and started baking! Hehe!
 photo 20131009_014342_zps212c192a.jpg

Done with my chocolate chips butter cookies and they turned out so much better than the previous time! I still believe in handmade (:
 photo IMG_20131009_015328_zps0fd69ff1.jpg

Had a shoot the next day and thank goodness it wasn’t a morning shoot~ Took a bit longer than we expected but we still managed to wrap by 6pm! And yay~! That was my last shoot!!!

 photo IMG_20131009_192811_zps44fb2454.jpg

Boss’s strudel treat (:

Stayed in office to wait for my workaholic Mommeyyyyyy before finally meeting her in PS~ Went to Pizza Hut because she was craving for the molten cake while this time round I wasn’t because I just had my strudel =/

After she finished her meal, the staff informed us that the molten cake is sold out and June was so disappointed! But as much as she wanted to show a pitiful disappointed teary eyes face (x.x), she ended up looking so fierce when she told the staff that she actually came here for the cake. So in the end, the staff was so scared apologetic that they gave her a complimentary cheese cake! LOL! And then she gobbled it up…hahahaha!!!
 photo IMG_20131009_213049_zpscaf5e59c.jpg

It was such a short meetup because by the time we finished, the shops were all closed or closing 😦
Then when we were about to leave the mall, we passed by this new cake shop – Snaffles that I sampled the cake once the other time we were there and said it’s nice, Mommeyyyy remembered and insisted on buying for me!

I dragged her away and told her that the shop has closed, because by right it has – all the stuffs have been kept and lights were off, except that the staff were doing some final packing. But because June sounded so interested and insistent, the staff actually let us be the last customer and so she really got me this box of expensive cakes!!!
 photo IMG_20131010_105833_zps72d5f389.jpg

So touched and so loved by her because when she was buying her $19.90 hair dye earlier on, she was hesitating because it was cheaper in Watsons the other time during sales. But now she spent the same amount of money to dote on me and got these atas cakes for me just because I sampled it once and said it’s nice!!! ❤❤❤

But I swear that it’s damnnnn nice!!!! Please go and sample it at PS basement! xD
In the end because our outing was so short and she was so sad, I decided to take a big round and accompany her home before taking bus back from her place! Managed to get my nice long-craved otah too! Hehe!




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