New Life.

Missed out these photos that I took on my last day~ Last glimpses of the 2-year old office that I’m gonna miss…
 photo 20131010_193936_zpsb9b481aa.jpg

 photo 20131010_193957_zpsbad7cd32.jpg

The view once I step in~

 photo 20131010_193928_zps8e37fdb8.jpg

The men’s side

 photo 20131010_193943_zps12b7def4.jpg

Our memorable rainbow (‘:

 photo 20131010_194005_zpsf2fd63cd.jpg

The ladies’ side~

 photo 20131010_193913_zpsdc4274b1.jpg

And my workstation 😦
Gonna miss them all~

 photo IMG_20131011_140254_zps6862c90d.jpg

$2 kway chup for brunch on Monday!

 photo 20131011_154051_zpse6885616.jpg

Dog farms and fish farm visit (:

After which I paid a visit to the new office and had my first “unofficial” day of work~ Because I’m gonna start straight with Premiere – an editing software which I haven’t used for eons, so I really wanna get used to it first x.x

So sad that I’m gonna say goodbye to the FCP platform that I have been comfortable with and start afresh… It’s really stressful especially when there are deadlines to be met now and client(s) will be around you! Sigh~ Guess I’ll just have to get used to all of them.

But at least I know that the project that I am taking will be under this nice producer that I had worked with before. Nevertheless, there are so much more to learn and I just hope everyone can be a little more patient with me! >.<

 photo 20131011_210113_zpsa172be13.jpg

Swee Choon dinner in the suite!

Stayed till like 10+ to understudy Ah Ping and also managed to clear some queries. Can already foresee that the first week will be a nightmare! D:

怕怕~And the building is equally 怕怕 because it’s so quiet and dark at night! I already met a weirdo on the way to the office!!!

So annoyed because I was busy finding my way to the new office through my GPS and this 30+ years old guy who walked past me suddenly walked back to talk to me, asking if he can be my friend…Zzzzz!

Can’t you see I am finding my way and not finding for friend here?! And I was already so “kan chiong” spider plus I already said NO, yet he continued introducing himself so I walked off quickly!

In the end, I walked the wrong direction instead! Angry or not you tell me! And it’s broad daylight when I encounter such weirdo, so I really don’t know what’s gonna happen at night…argh!





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