Memory Lane ((:

Good day everyone, oink!
(Actually how does a boar sound like ah? Haha!)
 photo IMG_20131014_142223_zps3c98e688.jpg

Anyhow, because the Hari Raya holiday the next day was also taken by Mr Lame’s shoot, Monday was my official last day of freedom~ But there wasn’t much rest in the day too, because I figured that I will not have the privilege to go for my IPL appointments before work anymore so I had to make from full use of the time I am left with! x.x

And then off to new office again after that to continue practising~ I jotted down a few questions that I need to ask Ah Ping and I am really so, so, so glad that she is there to guide me through the new software! (My knowledge is considered obsolete now.)

 photo 20131014_173345_zps3986cb02.jpg

My suite! (:

Tried editing a segment of Home Decor aka Bai Jia Le – did I mention that this is the show I will be editing?? So please 多多支持 the new season! Hahaha! Nope, I’m not back at MediaCorp~

Sucking on my ring pop (is it called ring pop???) that I got from W39 cafe the other day! 😀 My boss (the new one) saw me and he was like, “你这么大了还在吃奶嘴啊!” Hahaha!
 photo 20131014_180402_zps14bfac88.jpg

Managed to practise a few hours before I finally got to enjoy that last bit of my freedom! Although it’s just a few hours of practice, along with last Friday, I really felt so much more prepared for work on Wednesday!!! At least I have settled most of my shortcut keys, which is one of the most important thing for an editor..haha!

Off to dinner at Suntec before exploring the revamped place~! OMG I felt like a sua gu because Suntec looks so different now!!! Checked out their H&M right away because I saw this dress on sale the other day and had been pondering over it~ Luckily I managed to find it in this outlet and it was the last piece! Teeheeeeee~ Must be waiting for me xD

Oh did I mention that I manage to get a skirt from H&M at S$2 the other day?! It’s like OMG, a steal!!! Even Bangkok doesn’t have $2 skirt! Haha! And like what Budget Barbie would say, H&M is “brandeddddddd” leh! So happy and proud whenever I find good bargains!!

Impromptu decision to have the postponed Botanic Garden trip after exploring almost the whole of Suntec! I have been looking forward to revisiting this memory lane of significance and I finally got to ((((((((((((((((((((:
 photo 20131014_221036_zps73280c83.jpg

So much (cute) memories the moment I stepped in…hahahaha! And it turned out that this is indeed the statue that I was looking for!
 photo 20131014_214002_zpseb869589.jpg


2 years ago (:

Had a cho~ happyyyyyyyyyyyy last day of freedom! Eat, shop, stroll! ❤❤❤
But it’s gonna be back to reality soon after burning my next day for the shoot~

 photo 20131015_003559_zps3dcbda83.jpg

First time in qipao! (:




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