Kelly’s Birthday!

So it was my long-awaited Saturday filled with my favourite activities in a day~! 😀 It was my first weekend after starting work so I was extra looking forward to it! Haha!

Our first outing after the cute couple’s wedding! xD
They are still so cute and even turned up in couple wear!!!
 photo 20131019_154203_zps01ac8338.jpg

Had not sung for quite some time and I am so happy that I finally did!!! Singing is definitely one of my ways of de-stressing! (:

Took the chance to celebrate Kelly’s birthday as well because her birthday is the next day! I think she was surprised by us…hehe!
 photo 20131019_PA190008-5_zps46736a81.jpg

 photo 20131019_153722_zpse86991bf.jpg

Cake from Eric!

 photo 20131019_153702_zpsc816c357.jpg

Happy Birthday, hottie!

 photo 20131019_PA190015-10_zpsd9a0da20.jpg

With the ladies! ❤

After 3 hours of singing, we headed on to East Coast Park for yet another favourite activity of mine – cycling~! 😀 After having no trainings for 2 weeks, I am really in need of some exercise!!! Exercising is a form of de-stressing as well!

Then while Uncle Mak was sending us to ECP, something funny happened because of his strong Hongkee accent!

At the back of his van…

Uncle Mak: *points to something wrapped in plastic bag* Ji geh xi yi ji lai de~

June & I: Xi yi ji (洗衣机)?!?!

Uncle Mak: Yi ji~ Yi ji~ Kay yi zhuo de…

Then we realised he meant 椅子 – chair!!!!!! LOLOLOL. Couldn’t stop laughing at his accent, as in not making fun of him, but he just brings us so much laughter! xD

Anyway, Jia Jia and Uncle Mak decided not to join us for cycling, so they went to watch planes first before joining us again for dinner at Changi Village~ Yes! Our plan was to cycle from East Coast to Changi Village!!!

 photo 20131019_PA190027-15_zpsf41b8050.jpg

Ready for our challenge!

Then a call came in then totally changed my mood…Zzzzzz. Got informed that part of my edit that I spent so much effort finishing and even tidying up till swee swee on Friday was missing!!! Seriously worrying~
 photo 20131019_PA190025-13_zps745bed22.jpg

Nevertheless, I tried not to let that affect me too much and focused on enjoying my day!
Love my shirt by the way! Haha! One of my favourite buys from Bangkok! ((:
 photo 20131019_PA190026-14_zps0da891a6.jpg

Cycled mostly on a lower gear because I wanted to save my energy for the long journey! So it was more of a enjoy-the-night-breeze cycling trip! Hehe.

After passing the whole stretch of never-ending route, we finally reached where Lyn and I reached the previous time – Changi Beach Park!!!
 photo 20131019_192023_LLS_zps88e04c71.jpg

BUT! This was not our destination yet! I got to know from Eric that Changi Village is still about 20 minutes away! –faintttttttt– So we cycled on and I went beyond my record once again! (:

Actually it’s just record according to destination and not distance travelled~ Because the previous time Lyn and I cycled to and fro ECP and Changi, which is definitely much longer! Nevertheless, we all still sweated quite a bit~ Awesome exercise!!!

Me: Are we reaching???

Eric: Erm… Still about 20 minutes more…

Me: Just now you also said 20 minutes, now still 20 minutes?! x.x

After 10 minutes…

Me: So how long more now?

Eric: Still got a bit of a distance before we reach…


Eric: Okay, I think we are reaching.

Me: Is that for real or just some motivational words? -_-“

And in the end, we finally reached our destination – the last PCN pit stop for returning our bikes!!!
 photo 20131019_193840_LLS_zps556ae3a0.jpg photo 20131019_194351_zps05960bd1.jpg

Mission completed in slightly less than 2 hours…hehe!
 photo 20131019_194150_zpsbf0134fd.jpg

But Tiff and June, who were ahead of us were no were in sight! Gave them a call and realised that June met a minor accident just before the bike shop! =O

We were wondering why didn’t we pass by them and then I recalled passing by this group of young girls surrounding a girl who seemed to be cleaning her leg that is resting high up on the bike seat… But what made the group so “memorable” was actually because this orange tee girl amongst them suddenly made an epic fall backwards on her bum!

It turned out that the orange tee girl is none other than Tiff and the “young girl in silky hair” camouflaged amongst the group of young girls was none other than my lao bu!!! LOL! And yet I was totally nonchalant about them because I couldn’t stop! Furthermore I didn’t know it’s them! Hahaha!!!
 photo 20131019_PA190034-17_zps774a2eed.jpg

 photo 20131019_PA190032-16_zps21be52aa.jpg

Poor Mommeyyyyyy~

Off for dinner and Anna joined us as a second surprise for Kelly! 😀 The reunion of the 4 Bintan siao char bohs!!! Hahaha!
 photo 20131019_PA190039-20_zpsd731c0c0.jpg

They ordered like so so so much food!!! And yes! It was a crab feast again~! Haha! Because the birthday girl who doesn’t eat seafood insisted on ordering crabs, and the naughty her secretly went to pay for the meal!!!
 photo 20131019_210100_zps27503927.jpg

 photo 20131019_205725_zpsf88d138f.jpg

Super nice Mamee pork ribs!

 photo 20131019_205733_zpsd229f2d8.jpg

My favourite dou miao~

 photo 20131019_205746_zpsd24efa56.jpg


 photo 20131019_205811_zpse9f8e678.jpg

Salted egg yolk prawns

 photo 20131019_210104_zps87c00778.jpg

Salted egg yolk crab

I missed out a few pictures but anyhow, it was definitely a very full dinner! After that we stayed on to listen to Uncle Mak’s 921804737 holiday stories! Full of envy that he has visited so many countries~ He shared so many interesting and funny experiences with us that really brought us so much laughter! 😀

 photo 20131019_PA190042-22_zps11af7725.jpg

Happy Saturday with NDPeeps!

And then when the silence falls, it’s back to me, myself and I again~ Couldn’t stop thinking about my work! It’s really demoralising that such shit is happening on my first week of work…Zzzzz.

But I know there’s no point crying over spilled milk, so rather than complaining or worrying, I decided to clear up my own shit – go back to office the next day to check! I wanna settle it by hook or by crook!!!

Spare another hour plus for Mr Lame’s shoot againnnnnnn before heading down to office~ At least it was at Bishan Park this time! But I knew his “1 hour” can never be trusted -.-”

Anyhow, thanks to auto-save, I managed to retrieve part of what I have lost. Redid the other part and it didn’t take me very long, because what’s missing is actually pretty short, but I just don’t like the idea of feeling like as though I left on Friday without completing my work when I confirm did!!!

Sigh~ At least everything has been resolved now and bracing through that annoying NON-STOP rain on Sunday was worthwhile. It seriously rained like the whole day!!! Zzzzz.

Decided to make full use of my trip since I was already there and headed over to Zee’s shop for a good massage! I really needed it for my exhausted body and even the masseur could tell which areas I am having problem with!!

Felt soooo shiok that I decided to extend it to a 1-hour massage! Haha! And then my stupid friend called me to ask how much I wanna pay -_- As in, how much discount I want…

Zee: $XX okay?

Me: Huh?! Why you ask me??? Okay ah~

Zee: Or you want $YX?

Where got boss like that one?! LOL.Nevertheless, do patronise and show some support!!! They may not be so “branded” or located in atas malls but massage is all about the skill! And I can say that their masseurs’ skills are definitely good!!! (:
 photo 2012-09-13201058.jpg

Fu Lu Shou Complex #02-33




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