This week has been pretty good so far in terms of workload! (:
Started the week editing dramas!!! Everyone loves to edit drama because firstly, it’s easier; it’s very much about the feel whereas variety is very much unexpected – all the 突发状况 and etc. Then secondly, the schedule for drama is not as tight; it’s pretty much OTOT – not overtime but own time own target (no OT!!!)! And most importantly, there is no producer/director around!!!

I had not have the chance to touch dramas for yearssssssssssss; actually, I only edited dramas for school projects and I remember during my internship, I wanted to try drama so badly! Now I finally got my chance! Hehe!

 photo 20131021_102234_zpsf95953b8.jpg

The scriptsssssssssssss~

Thank goodness we do not have to refer to the script often because it’s all in Chinese!!! Haha! Actually once you see the footage, you will kinda know what the scene is about; very much like jigsaw puzzle (:
 photo 20131021_142325_zpsed3f2130.jpg

 photo IMG_20131021_133459_zps217ed2a3.jpg

Side dish for lunch – Indian rojak!

Since it’s quite OTOT, I managed to leave quite on time! Explored L’etoile Cafe that is nearby and it’s quite a nice chilling place! Actually any places with a big comfy couch is good enough for me! –snuggles

 photo 20131021_205725_zps96363ad6.jpg

Pretty interior at level 2!

 photo IMG_20131021_200701_zpse7d97dc9.jpg

Lava cake with ice-cream in mug!

And they have ice-cream sandwich too!!!! Hehe! Too bad they only had strawberry flavour left~
 photo IMG_20131021_201925_zps3700a396.jpg

Lunched with colleagues for the second time on Tuesday and this time round, they finally see my “true colours“! LOL.

Colleague: 你叫什么?

Me: *about to point to the stall I ordered from but changed my mind and turned back* 我叫 Vivian.

Colleague: *stunned that I got his trick question*

The rest: *LOL*

Me: Actually I was thinking if I should be guai lan and give this answer, but in the end I decided to be. Because he also very guai lan.

Colleague: *pwned face*

LOLOLOL. Everyone laughed because he is well-known to be the guai lan king, but they did not expect him to be owned by me! Hahahaha! Though Ping actually warned them about my sharp tongue beforehand (before I joined!)!!! -_____-|||
Now there goes my nice image and low profile~ Again!

 photo IMG_20131022_133804_zpsd0bc2c9a.jpg

Overly salty Tom Yum noodle!

Although it was back to my Bai Jia Le on Tuesday and Wednesday, it was still not too bad because I managed to finish my segments with just 30 minutes – 1 hour OT! (:

 photo IMG_20131023_112518_zps2ac8560e.jpg

A little splurge to reward myself…hehe.

Looking forward to Friiiiiiiiidayyyyyyyy~!!! 😀

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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