Bliss ((:

Get to edit drama again on Thursday! Editing drama is like an “off day” for me at work..haha! More please~~~

Went for some grocery shopping after lunch with VIP on Wednesday and formed a mini mama shop in my suite! 😀
 photo 20131025_191038_zps03ed257e.jpg

The producer and AP both said my mama shop is always tempting them to eat..haha! They are alwaysssss snacking away when editing with me~

Got woken up by a surprise call on Thursday! I usually hate being woken up by calls but I wouldn’t mind waking up like this every day (((:

Super niceeeee dry ban mian for lunch!!! As nice as Circuit Road one! Now I know what’s gonna be my favourite lunch at this area. If only they have my otah too 😦
 photo IMG_20131024_132334_zps1a80a9c0.jpg

Was a little demoralised when I spent an hour editing the first drama scene! But later on when I got the feel, I kept going on and on and finished 10 scenes! Hehe!

Slightly late for swimming again and it was our last lesson, since it’s kinda hard for me to rush down in time now with this new job. Furthermore, coach also thinks that we have gotten our basic technique for freestyle, so it’s more about practising on our own now~

I was determined to swim like I will never drown since it’s my last time with the coach around (to save me), but in the end I still can’t swim past that 1.8m and finish the whole lap! 😦 In fact, I really almost drowned at the 1.8m part and coach had a shock!!!

What happened was we were supposed to swim half a lap to 1.8m, then do water treading, and then continue swimming the other half lap. But by the time I finished doing the water treading, I was out of breath to continue swimming so I sank back down the 1.8m water!

I panicked immediately but told myself to stay calm and wait till I sank down to the ground then I kicked back up again and grabbed the wall! x.x
So scaryyyyy~ This once again triggered my phobia from the drowning experience…

Anyhow, I think I still can’t do freestyle very well because I still have this feeling that I’m gonna drown anytime. I just can’t swim as freely as breaststroke!

But will definitely continue to practise! The last lesson doesn’t mean I’m not swimming anymore. I have fallen in love with swimming! (:

This week passed pretty fast (I guess that’s what happens when you are busy) but I was still very much looking forward to Friday! Even skipped my lunch because I thought I would most likely have to work OT~

Thank goodness I was editing the opening segments of another episode instead of finishing up the other ep! If not confirm OT x.x

Managed to leave on time in the end and it was finally time to relax~!!! Travelling all the way from west to east just to satisfy my craving and then visit where I have been wanting to go (((:

Favourite fish bee hoon that I miss!!! ♥
 photo IMG_20131025_201242_zpsef1d7f84.jpg

Followed by ice-cream even though I was quite full already…hehe! Durian & mango!
 photo IMG_20131025_204332_zps140e77e0.jpg

And then finally to the east for sex on the beach with some Mojito! xD
 photo 20131025_215627_LLS_zps75db88b7.jpg

Finally have the chance to go to this place that I KIV-ed some time ago! Hehe!! (LOL at the fierce angmoh glaring at me! Sorry sir, you were in my shot~)
 photo 20131025_215138_LLS_zps3650eb04.jpg

Okay a shot after he left! Isn’t it a pretty place? ((:
 photo 20131025_215509_LLS_zps3fe76c5f.jpg

With live singing too! Awesome vocal this guy has! Oh did I mention how much I admire angmohs for their spontaneity and courage?! This guy even sang for his girlfriend in front of everyone! Not the best singer but mad awwwww~
 photo 20131025_222002_zps8c6a5530.jpg

Craving satisfied, desserts and chillout – what a perfect night ♥♥♥♥♥ Being pampered after a week of hard work is like a reward for me that I really appreciate it so much! ~@^_^@~



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