Piggo’s 21st!

Oh no~! I had not have time to blog for more than a week!!! x.x
Time to catch up with backlogs and get ready for my spam again~

So on Saturday, I woke up to this long message that totally ruined my day. So pissed that I completely ignored the message and went to cook myself some Tom Yum noodle instead so that I can use my “ikan bilis“! Yes, I put extra lot because you don’t get so much outside…hehe!
 photo IMG_20131026_141910_zps9b9aae7a.jpg

So after I had taken my own sweet time to prepare and etc, it was finally the part of the day I am dreading. Dreading because I totally didn’t feel like going anymore, period.

What happened was few days ago, we were informed that there is a shot that was missed out during the condo shoot, so we were supposed to go back on Saturday just for this shot. This was already enough to piss me off because I DID advised to digitise and check the shots after Day 1 so that we can still shoot whatever that’s missing on Day 2. That’s a very basic thing that I thought everyone would do.

But no, I was being reassured that everything’s okay and that reviewing the shot via the camera is good enough. Everything’s fine and blah blah blah. So see what happens now? And more importantly, who is paying the consequence and whose time is being wasted as well now? US.

But fine, I was okay to spare that 30 minutes (though I know it’s not gonna be 30 minutes) after demanding for free cab ride. No way was I going to travel all the way down to the east again for this stupid “30 minutes“!

Now guess what? The message I received in the morning turned the “30 minutes” shoot into “1.5 hour“. And not just that, what that pissed me off was the reason behind it – ALL our shots over the 2 DAYS at the condo CANNOT BE USED AT ALL because of some negligence, duration and blah blah blah.

How to not be angry you tell me?! I freaking gave all my free days that were supposed to be used for me to relax and enjoy before I started my new job FOR THIS SHOOT and now I am informed that my precious time has been WASTED because of somebody’s negligence or lack of preparation!!!

Can’t express how pissed I was because I really hate it when people don’t bother listening to advice that I give, fine, but when things happen, I ended up having to pay a price as well! It’s the kind of thing that you let me slap 10 times also no use because there is no way anyone can compensate for my precious time!!!

There is a reason why I kept emphasising on standard protocols, not to LOOK more professional, but it’s to BE more professional! All these could have been prevented if things have been planned well, storyboards have been drawn, lines have been timed, scripts have been vetted over and over again, and probably shots have been reviewed ASAP!

Yet when I voiced out during the shoot, the reply I got was, “But that’s for pro (professional) what…” PRECISELY!!! That’s exactly my point! If you wanna do it, do it professionally! No shortcuts and no substandard work! Substandard work only degrades our industry, not accelerate things, because look how much time has been wasted now.

I didn’t wanna rant about all these when I posted about this shoot, if not for what happened now. I could have just missed the re-shoot altogether, but I am not someone who pulls out from commitment like that. I know I have responsibility for this short film now since I have started it, so I could only drag myself down.

Instead of shooting at the condo, we shot at Marina Bay instead. Awkward venue for the storyline, but not gonna care anymore.

First time viewing from this angle because I’d not been here before~
 photo 20131026_165814_zps7cff1287.jpg

 photo 20131026_165424_zpsa7340f11.jpg

Love the colour of the blue building~

 photo 20131026_164028_zps4a034c1a.jpg

Hello, skyscrapers~

 photo 20131026_165505_zpsfebf08bf.jpg

And hello from me, while the rest are shooting.

Joining in for the cam-whore! Oh someone commented on my Instagram that my “sister” looks like actress Liu Yifei! You think so?
 photo 20131026_165539_zps8e872a3a.jpg

The cat-walking towards the camera and laughing together scene made things even more awkward -.- Yes, you can see it all over my absurddddd look.

Finally over and done with this shoot and headed down to the east eventually to attend Wei Sheng’s 21st party~! Can’t believe it took me 1 HOUR to get from Marina Bay to Aranda Country Club just because the driver was driving at 40km/hr on expressway…Zzzzzz. Thank goodness it was a sponsored ride.

 photo 1391557_10151924426600376_572683059_n_zps4007fff4.jpg

With the birthday boy!

 photo IMG_20131026_204355_zps712b23e0.jpg

Oops! It’s 21, not 22 xD

So happy to see Pine Garden‘s cake because I really miss them!!! But the birthday boy was dreading the cake-cutting moment because he kept saying it’s awkward -_-”
 photo IMG_20131026_211959_zps52451943.jpg

 photo 20131026_214600_LLS_zps24f7b420.jpg

Smiling like an idiot!

The usual photo-taking session~ With his buddy, I think?
 photo 20131026_212131_zps8db498eb.jpg

The rest of the coven were late, making Jun Ming and I look like bodyguards for these 2 couples -_-”
 photo 1396933_10151924447860376_1563128673_o_zps4982a89f.jpg

 photo 20131026_214724_LLS_zps41b29b41.jpg

Making a wish!

 photo 20131026_214659_LLS_zps32104aaf.jpg

Smiling like idiot again~

 photo 20131026_214842_LLS_zps6e04aeea.jpg

Cutting the wedding cake! xD

Left shortly after the cake-cutting because I was hitching a ride~ Saved me from the longgggg journey back. Anyhow, 21st feels so … ancient to me D:

(via 10mileslefttogo.tumblr)

(via 10mileslefttogo.tumblr)


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