Isaac @ Fidgets!

Finally dragged myself down on a Sunday to make up for the training that I missed during Bangkok trip. Every time I go for Sunday training, I would end up telling myself this is the last time! Because it’s so bloody HOT to train in the day!!!!!!!!
 photo 20131027_1236330_zpsa4b9d36b.jpg

Really a killer training. Killed by the heat, and killed by missing trainings for 3 WEEKS! Seriously KO-ed!
 photo 20131027_123647_zps26f31157.jpg

Went off early after I was done with my rounds because I couldn’t wait to see my cutie pie~! And he was waiting for my lunch! 😀 He couldn’t stop Yiyiyi-ing during his lunch again just because I MIA-ed to shower at Sis’s place!

Isn’t he mad cuteeeeee in this picture when he was caught playing with water (his favourite activity)?! Super cheeky face!
 photo 20131027_143014_zps2f1ffefd.jpg

Actually he was washing his own chair after eating! This boy is sooooo hyperactive that he likes being involved in all kinds of housework, from mopping the floor to washing! Of course it’s because he enjoys spraying the water more and not because he really likes to wash stuff…haha!

 photo 20131027_142947_zps641cc847.jpg

I wanna bite his thigh!!! Cho~ chubby one!

Wore my Minion tee on purpose because I got for him as well and I wanted Sis to take a picture of us in it! But the naughty boy ended up spitting all his cough syrup on his tee so we could only do a quick one before he change~
 photo 20131027_155623_zpsf6d530bf.jpg

This was the best we could get because he’s super fidgety -_-”
 photo 20131027_155629_zpsdbd22c8d.jpg

And because he’s so fidgety, we brought him to the indoor playground at Turf City – Fidgets! 😀 This is a bigger scale playground as compared to the one at AMK Hub and adults get to go in for free! I think it’s a stupid idea to charge adults for entry fee.
 photo 20131027_174229_zps61c4ec19.jpg photo 20131027_174240_zps6cadb362.jpg

There are so many obstacles that I am thankful I have at least some flexibility to squeeze through those tiny obstacles built for kids! Haha! There is even one that looks just like the sugar cane machine and you’re supposed to squeeze through the centre, FLAT! Like a sugar cane! -_-”

Sis hates that because she’s afraid to get stuck! Hahahahahaha!!! It would seriously be damn embarrassing! But there is no way to avoid any particular obstacle because there is only 1 route for each obstacle course~

The slides there were all pretty steep that Isaac got some phobia after trying them =/
Off to play balls instead! Other kids were busy playing in the pool of colourful balls while ours was busy collecting all the spoiled ones to give Mama -_-”
 photo 20131027_170456_LLS_zps0dfcb1bc.jpg

 photo 20131027_174512_zps5a217f57.jpg

Driving above everyone~!

 photo 20131027_174525_LLS_zpsb66e0f04.jpg

Driving like a boss!

Because it was so crowded, the things that Isaac wanted to play were all occupied by other kids who refused to share. I’m not saying Isaac likes sharing too, I guess it’s a “nowadays kids” thing, but the kids there are all obviously from well-to-do families and they are very persistent. No matter how long you wait, they just won’t give up their station for you.

So Isaac was fighting with this boy older than him over this playing station and the boy just refused to let him play at all. Our naughty boy actually pointed at the boy and called him a baby! LOL. He always thinks he is a big boy instead of a baby xD

So this was also one of the cars that he had been chasing after, trying to get a chance to sit in and he finally did right before the place closed! At least he didn’t leave the place feeling disappointed after all (:
 photo 20131027_175804_zpsbf162d0b.jpg

 photo 20131027_175810_zps93ad3e23.jpg

So cute~~~

 photo 20131027_175843_zps4ce5fd10.jpg

Getting off my car~

 photo 20131027_175928_LLS_zpse4fed828.jpg

I look like a giant on the mini scooter…LOL!

Went off after dinner to join the guys at Thomson for badminton! I wasn’t so keen to play after I used up all my energy in the morning =/


Friendly match with buddy~

And because TCC commented that I look very unglam, I posed for him and requested for a retake! LOL! In the first place, where got sports that is glam one?!?!

Played for like 1 hour and I already know I’m gonna get aches all over the next day~ 24 years old age, 50 years old body.



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