Love from everywhere~!

This week can said to be quite an exhausting one because there was no “off day” aka drama day at all~ Everyday has been 摆家-ing D:

But at least Monday started off pretty well, with no client around and an impromptu night out! Hehe! Still OT-ed an hour though, because I couldn’t finish what I was supposed to.

Rewarded with a good dinner after that! 😀 Totally drove my Monday blues away~
 photo IMG_20131028_204054_zps0eba9dac.jpg

 photo IMG_20131028_203556_zps297ddc40.jpg

Yummy shark fin soup!

It’s a pity so many cafes nearby close on Mondays, so off to Vanilla instead~! I have been wanting to patronise again anyway; miss the dirt cake!

Actually, I was craving for macarons more after a hard day of work, so I casually asked the friendly staff about it, not expecting anything since it’s not in the menu nor fridge. As expected, he said they don’t have that, so I went back to flip the menu, deciding what to satisfy my sweet tooth~

Then a minute later, the same super friendly staff actually approached me with this box of macarons…
 photo IMG_20131028_215725_zpsaeb8366f.jpg

Staff: Actually, speaking of macarons right, I do have something here for you…

Me: *already damn surprised by the sudden appearance of the box of macarons*

Staff: My boss actually got these from Italy and there are still a few left, so if you don’t mind, you can have them!

Me: *literally jaw dropped!!!* OMG~ OMG~ OMG~ I wanna cry already!!!

Staff: *laughing* Cause I always believe in chances, like coincidences and such. So you happened to ask about macarons and I happen to have them; I believe it’s quite fated. You can have the 3 of them ((:

Me: *still in shock* OMG~ OMG~ OMG~ Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG imagine my delight!!!!!! Not by the FREE macarons but by the kind act and service!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so so so touched beyond words that I could only keep grinning at the macarons, like an idiot!
Yes, like this! My delight was caught right on camera! -_-”

But seriously, where got people so nice one?!?!?!?!?!?!?! This is like your boyfriend surprising you with something really sweet, except that it’s a sweet act from a complete stranger, which makes it even more extraordinary!

Super sweet and nice please!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not saying he’s super sweet as a guy but as a staff and a normal person in general! I can already see a halo on him! Hahahaha! Can’t express how touched and surprised I was because I had never expected such a thing to happen before! Really thumbs up for this super friendly staff!!! Totally made my day! 😀

 photo 20131028_220818_zpsf8acfb71.jpg

Still the same taste after 2 years! (:

 photo IMG_20131030_093701_zpsc4103d35.jpg

Awesome durian Crème Brûlée!!!

It was a really SWEET Monday because I got gifts everywhere~! Felt so lovedddddddd by everyone! Hehe! ❤❤❤

 photo IMG_20131028_233908_zps301bae69.jpg

Sweet treats from Kelly delivered to me!

 photo IMG_20131028_233315_zps3f7b3866.jpg

Lots and lots of Japanese goodies!

 photo IMG_20131028_232236_zps6be81d45.jpg

And greetings all the way from Mount Fuji! 😀

Tuesday was pretty sweet too because Mommeyyyyyy came all the way down to lunch with me and when I told her that I only have 1-hour lunch now unlike last time, she replied that she misses me so much that even 1 hour is good enough! SO MUCH LOVE PLEASE!!! ❤❤❤

Ordered only a duck crepe because I know Mommeyyyy’s gonna stuff me with desserts after that~
 photo IMG_20131029_140046_zpsb8b9a334.jpg

 photo IMG_20131029_141321_zpsed7ec7b9.jpg

Super shiok durian pengat!!!!!

 photo IMG_20131029_141234_zps5620bb84.jpg

Waffle with ice-cream!

In the end it was such a full full full lunch! So sad whenever my 1 hour passes so fast 😦
Back to work and surprisingly, I made it for training this week! But it’s still such a rush now that I have to travel longer~
It was worthwhile after all; had a good time sweating it out!

(via icanread.tumblr)

(via icanread.tumblr)


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