Siew Siew’s 24th!

So on our way home the previous night, Ah Ping and I were discussing about our next day’s outing and we decided to dress up to make it obvious that we are going out (to avoid OT)! LOL. So ta-duh~!
 photo IMG_20131030_092321_zps8ea36d36.jpg

I put on my most obvious outfit because it’s not something that is really “my style (too 淑女 for me…HAHAHAHAHA), but I like the top a lot so I got it after much contemplation in Bangkok and little confident that I would actually wear xD

Well anyhow, OT was still pretty much unavoidable in the end -.- Ah Ping and I ended up staying till 8pm trying to export a damn clip which refused to get exported! Argh!

Cabbed down to Suntec in the end to meet the hungry ghosts for our long-awaited meetup!!! So much to catch up on ever since our last meet-up monthsssssss ago and not only is Colin back from his overseas internship, my brown eyes has also graduated now and is in a very unexpected job! O.O

Discussed mainly about work, work and work~ Because I think no one understands our work more than people in the same line! Haha!

But of course we also took the chance to celebrate Siew Siew’s belated birthday with the small cake that Ah Ping and I managed to get before meeting the rest! Hehe!

 photo 20131030_212224_zpsa4756975.jpg

Happy Birthday, Siew Siew~!!!! 😀

 photo 20131030_212245_zpsebd3b561.jpg

I wish my hair gets shorter and shorter~

Kinda got “chased off” because the restaurant was closing and no one was more delighted than Colin, who was dying to go home as usual because “working life is equally tiring as school life“. I swear he is ALWAYS the first to say it’s time for him to go home and sleep before it is even 10pm! -_-”

Colin: Where do you all get your energy from ah?

Me: It has always been within me!

Colin: Wuttttttt?! I am like freaking tired after work already lor. (And FYI, it was only his first day of work.)

But as usual, we dragged him for the endless cam-whoring when he was really thinking inside, “When is the last shot ah?” LOL. The result of being part of the bitches! 😛
 photo IMG-20131031-WA0004_zps678e2f47.jpg

Got tricked to stand in front -_-”
I look like a ghost popping out!
 photo IMG-20131031-WA0005_zpse5068b01.jpg

We even got different groups of people to take group shot and 6 Polaroids for us! xD
 photo 20131030_214531_zps675137c0.jpg

The first Polaroid shot turned out horrible and we were so thankful that we got different people to take the shots~ This is one of the nicer ones! 😀

Then because Xuannie and Siew Siew didn’t wanna be the scary kind of lifeless working adults that go straight home after work every day – all work but no play kind, they suggested an impromptu drinking session which we had been postponing!

Despite knowing that I no longer have the privilege of sleeping in late like last time, I agreed to the idea because I also don’t wanna be the lifeless kind of working adult!!! =X

So after exploring a few places, we decided to go over to Switch! Live band was still playing but it was kinda too loud, so we ended up shouting to each other, which reminded me of our drinking session at Helipad years ago! Hahaha! Also just the 3 of us! Hehe!

Our drinks in Do-Re-Mi~ Mine is in the centre and with one look, you can tell that it’s damn niceeeeeee already!!! Even the name is so nice – Sakura! xD
 photo 20131030_230244_LLS_zpscafdaef3.jpg

Stayed all the way till they closed at 1am and I totally knew I’m gonna be so dead the next day~ But it was a good night ranting and drinking all the work stress off! Haha!

Was rather thankful that the client won’t be coming in on Wednesday because I had a movie to catch! Nevertheless, I still had to finish up my most dreaded segments first x.x

Was in a dilemma whether to skip lunch or not because I really don’t wanna OT! Plus I wasn’t that hungry. But still went in the end because it’s one of our freelancers’ last day, and he has been nice, teaching us everything he could before he goes.

Had just a bowl of beancurd and then it started pouring halfway!!! The rest were quite happy about the rain because that means don’t have to go back… But I was so worried and sad instead because I couldn’t go back to rush my edit anymore! T.T

I kept saying, “Cannot 摆家了, how?! D:
And the rain just didn’t seem like it’s gonna stop anytime!

So after much waiting, we finally decided to dash through the rain (when it got slightly lighter), all for the sake of rushing finish my edit!!! And when we finally reached office, a little drenched, I happily announced, “Yay~! 摆家了! (Pun intended..hahahaha)”

Didn’t manage to finish in the end but I really had to rush off! Felt soooooo guilty leaving without getting my work done but I really don’t wanna miss my movie either! 😦 It’s not so much about the movie but the date on its own~

Caught About Time which features the female lead of The Notebook!

I guess I was somewhat expecting it to be as romantic as my favourite Notebook but it turned out to be more of the narrative kind rather than the drama kind. Not badddd but not enough romance factors to please me~

In fact there were actually more comedic factors instead. It’s a film about this guy with the ability to travel back in time, so you can expect things like having the same sex multiple times…hahaha!

It may be a good thing to some (especially guys who wanna impress), but I think there are moments when it’s more precious to happen only once, if not it will dilute the preciousness of such sweet memories. If everything can happen again, then who will appreciate the first time? Right? (:

(via picsandquotes)

(via picsandquotes)


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