Yet another exhausting week~ But at least it was a 4-day work week for me! The 4 days were all stuck with the same project, and now that the freelancer has left, Ping and I are in the same boat, fighting this battle together x.x

One day after lunch…

Me: 天黑黑,我们的脸也黑黑~

Cause it was written all over our faces how much Ping and I were reluctant to go back…hahaha! But still, no regrets!!! (:


So much 梅菜!❤❤❤

Oh cutest thing one has said to me – “I’ll have lunch with you this whole week okay“, just because I was feeling sad…hahahaha!

Made it for training again this week and finally managed to watch our final 3-min clip for the competition as well, even though a part of me really don’t wanna watch it. And OMG~ Now that I’ve watched, I seriously dread seeing it on TV next!!!

There’s a high chance that this will happen because it has been shortlisted >.>
I’m so dead. So so so dead. There is even this scene of me taken from the side view and I was slouching so much (because I couldn’t wait for everything to be over and done with) and I looked pregnant!!!! ARGH!! Enough of this short film; if you guys happen to see it, pretend that it’s not me (:

First time doing online edit for broadcast (apart from internship) on Thursday and it’s something that we all dread to do actually. It has always been the freelancer doing all this while but now that he has left, Ping and I had to take over~

It turned out easier than expected, because the nicer freelancer had prepared everything for us which made life so much easier. But when it comes to moving key frames, it’s still a pain in the ass…Zzzzzz.

And again, I really don’t like the idea of having someone beside me, “surveillancing” me. To make it worse, constantly making comments when I’m trying to get things done. Seriously affects my productivity and I wish I could lock my door.

Finished my battle and it was more or less the end of the week for me, cause I took time off on Friday! Used the day to satisfy some of my cravings! 😀


New way of eating prata~

Actually it’s because I’m very “pai kuan“, I like to attack the egg part first…hahaha! Same for all the breads and things with fillings! Hehe.


Can even serve the curry together!

Super full after the 2 pieces of prata but I was so thirsty and the weather was so hot so I was craving for some cheng teng-like stuff! In the end, my cheng teng turned ice-cream! xD

Thought I found something to do in the evening but got pangseh-ed in the end. Seriously felt so miserable all of a sudden that I wanted to cry so badly in the bus. Like I’m all alone…

Caught Thor in the end and that kinda made me feel better. Cause Chris Hemsworth is just too hot and Natalie Portman is too pretty!

I actually like the movie but I guess not everyone likes it because it felt more like a romance film at some parts…haha~ I like romance anyway and I definitely love how cute Thor and Jane are together, especially when Thor gets jealous! Mad cuteeeeeee one xD

But all in all, it wasn’t such a good week 😦 Judging by the lack of pictures in this post, you can tell that it has been quite a mundane week. Hoping for a better week next week~!

(via yanilavigne.net)

(via yanilavigne.net)


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