Ladies’ Night!

It’s a brand new week again~ Started the week off with my honeystars! 😀
 photo IMG_20131111_103051_zps1baea827.jpg

Clients weren’t in but Ping and I still worked till 9 on Monday 😦 Trying to chiong finish our work! So tireddddd after that~

Continued the rat race again the next day and guess who I bumped into again! Haha! He blamed the rain for making him late, cause it makes him wanna sleep more -_-”

Totally no feel to edit! Either the ep is too boring or I was just too tired @.@
But imagine staring at the same show (though different ep) the previous day for 10 hours! Ping and I were counting down because we were so determined to leave on time, which we did! Haha! But I still skipped training eventually because I was too lazy to go~

Actually I just felt too bored and felt like going out more. I mean I already worked so hard the previous day! I wanted to enjoy a little, but nowhere to go 😦 So went back to watch the first ep of BJL that I edited instead! That is the ep that I rushed back to office on a Sunday because part of my edit was gone.

Hadn’t seen my name on TV for so long~ Hahaha! But seriously, no one will ever know all the hard work we went through in order to produce just that ONE episode. Cause watching TV at home is easy, just kiao kah and watch only.

 photo IMG_20131113_134925_zps3286a40c.jpg

炸酱面 lunch on Wednesday! 😀

Explored the area a little and got attracted by this fruit tart at Chye Seng Huat! Hehe!
 photo IMG_20131113_142904_zps7d3859aa.jpg

 photo IMG_20131113_183535_zpse526b2ff.jpg

Matcha red bean cake for tea break! YUMS~!

Enjoying my 爱心 cake…hehe! ❤_❤
Yes, I was in a ponytail mood~ Considering tying it for the long run, opinions??? Yes, or not? Hmmmm.
 photo 20131113_183700_zps83b6d306.jpg

Was looking forward to Wednesday because I was finally going out! Plan was to go Balaclava for the 50% off drinks for ladies’ night with PPGs, but it was cancelled in the end D:

Nevertheless, Yinning and I still decided to go eventually because we had nothing on and some drinks with good music always sound good…hehe. Furthermore, 难得 I’ve got no OT!!! I really miss the awesome band there anyway~

Went in at around 8 and surprisingly, it was not that crowded yet. Apparently, we were considered the “early birds” already, cause the band only starts at 9.30~

Chose this Absolut Stress not because I am too stressed but because there is Malibu and I remember how much I love the Malibu during the alcohol buffet! Haha! Love it~
 photo IMG_20131113_202725_zpsc60a77e6.jpg

Crowd started falling in and our table ended up to be the loneliest quietest-looking one! Because everyone else is in big groups and some even dancing away! Hahaha! We also felt extremely younggggg because the crowd there are all older than us xD

I think we were looking so “lonely” that random people started coming over to chat with us! I think they thought we were too bored and waiting for guys to hit on us or something, but actually we were quite fine drinking and enjoying the music in our own bubble!

The huge group beside us even asked us to join them, so I guess everyone really thought we were damn bored…LOL. We didn’t know how to reject them so we just joined in and gosh~ So many names to remember! I actually only caught the first 2 ladies’ name and then the rest were just shaking-hand-for-the-sake-of-shaking =/

Anyway, my second round – China Blue drew so much attention that everyone who came over to cheers with us asked about my blue drink…haha! Still like my first drink better though this colour reminds me of The Younger Man, just not as nice~
 photo 20131113_213818_zpsc2bc810c.jpg

Sadly, the band present that night was not the one we were looking forward to! No saxophone…boohoo~ But it was still a good band. Just that I was really, really looking forward to hear my Careless Whisper! And they kinda skipped all my Just Give Me A Reason song dedications too D:

We were actually waiting for the lucky draw because they have this lucky draw every Wednesday that gives out a bottle of champagne! We jokingly asked the waiter for 1 more slip of the lucky draw slip so that we have 1 more chance of winning, who knows he said, “Why not~” and gave us readily! 爽快!Except that he took my extra slip (consisting my name and phone number) and slipped it into his pocket -___-”

But the people there are definitely friendly. During our previous visit, Yinning and I were joking that we need to make friend with the staff here so that we can enjoy VIP privileges like at No.5! Then this time round, we indeed kinda made friends with 2 waiters and one even left us his number to aid us in making reservation next time! Haha!

So right before we left…

Waiter 1 (the one that took my slip): Byeeeeee~ Oh do you girls want my number…? So that you can maybe make reservation next time?

Me: Ohhh… J has already given us his number…

Waiter 1: Ohhhh… Okayyyy… So you all don’t want my number lah 😦

Me: *awkwarddddd*

Hahahahaha! But we will be back for sure~ 50% off drinks and good band is such a seduction.

(via loveyourquotes.tumblr)

(via loveyourquotes.tumblr)


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