The auntie-ness

Whole week was occupied by BJL again and yes, I am kinda bored by now. But no, I still don’t regret and I still love what I am doing, despite of all the OT and list of things I complained.

I still enjoy the sense of satisfaction when I complete an episode and see it being aired on TV – this is something that I was missing previously. The sense of satisfaction just wasn’t as great because I didn’t know if people in the hospital are actually watching what I have edited. But for broadcast TV, I know there will definitely be people appreciating, hence it makes me more motivated and makes my every day job more fulfilling.

Although I am always ranting and even told Ping that sometimes I feel like jumping down from the building whenever I look down, I know I’m just saying and I don’t dread work thatttttt much. I just dread editing the same thing and the presence of unnecessary disturbance =/

But then again, boss came in for one of his random chats with me the other day and I guess he could hear my dread. So he said he would try to arrange for us to rotate duties because he also agrees that working on the same project for monthsssss will drive anyone crazy. I am thankful for always having such understanding bosses!

Anyhow, after a hard day of work, all the anger, stress and unhappiness will be automatically alleviated when you have something to look forward to! 😀 Exploring new cafe again~! Hehe!
 photo 20131114_195752_zps93604f3f.jpg

I chose Red Velvet because I’ve always liked Red Velvet somehow, but this is a little too dry for my liking as compared to 1-Caramel‘s! Oh I definitely miss that place~
 photo IMG_20131114_194403_zpse3d45d92.jpg

On the contrary, this unique popcorn cake turned out much better and it’s even served with Garrett popcorns! The caramel really smells good (:
 photo IMG_20131115_142808_zps8aafa6b4.jpg

Impromptu dinner after that, which caused a bloated tummy! Hehe. Then came a sudden rain, which caused the silliness of 2 idiots sheltering each others’ head xD

Friday didn’t go as well as I had expected because I thought I wouldn’t have to OT, since Ping and I had finished our online edit the previous day. I was looking forward to attend the auction dinner that WJ invited because I had not attended one for a long time! But who knows, I ended up working till 8.30pm…Zzzzz.

I was definitely quite pissed. Pissed at how everything could have been finished earlier, if not, later on the stipulated Monday. Pissed at how my Friday night was ruined, because Friday nights are not meant to be spent this way. But I know work is still work, and I can’t leave my work to others.

Ping would be on leave next week and there are things that I need to learn and do independently when she’s not around. So she took the opportunity to refresh my memory on dumping out, which I have honestly forgotten everything since I left MCS =/

All the timecodes, cable-patching and list of stepsssssss, they are such pain in the ass. Not forgetting the REAL TIME dump out, which means I had to wait 47 minutes for my 47-minute programme to be dumped to tape! It was an excruciating wait, watching the clock tick and there’s nothing I can do about being late for my dinner. But I know I shouldn’t be complaining when Ping actually waited along with me for nothing, just in case any problem occurs.

Well anyhow, I made it in the end. Late, but still made it (:
And I had food saved for me! Hehe! Oh now they even auction bicycle…hmmmm. Can’t get more interesting~
 photo 20131115_223257_zpsbb57da34.jpg

Nothing to look forward to on this Saturday again~ I can’t let my Saturdays go on being so plan-less and boring! But at least I still managed to go out by tagging along Yinning and Xiao Qian to the Philips sales in Toa Payoh!

 photo 20131116_121100_zpsad52b5ca.jpg

In a silly mode before going out…hehe.

Had MOS for lunch together before navigating our way to the warehouse sales! Unfortunately, it started raining just before we reached!!!

Yinning proudly announced that she brought an umbrella but after some digging in her bag, she realised she missed them out! Hahaha! So the 3 of us were hiding under Xiao Qian’s small umbrella while the rain got heavier and heavier!

Thank goodness this kind lady beside us asked if we wanna share her big umbrella, because we probably looked really pathetic squeezing under that small umbrella that was threatening to fly off with the wind~ So it was soaked shoes and slightly drenched clothes in the end, resulting in a rather bad start of this sales fair =/

Another unfortunate thing is that the sales turned out to be a carnival style, which means outdoor!!! And it was already soooo crowded, so imagine rain + umbrella + crowd. *Horrified*
 photo 20131116_150224_zps44f18e28.jpg

So I came up with this great idea of having our mini picnic at a shelter somewhere to eat our Krispy Kreme first! xD
 photo IMG_20131116_141842_zps65b83fcb.jpg

Xiao Qian bought like a dozen of them and shared with us! So I finallyyyyyy got to try Singapore’s Krispy Kreme and I still love it! Still my favourite donut…hehe!
 photo IMG_20131116_141709_zpsc7a5d781.jpg

Just nice after we finished our donuts, the rain has kinda subsided and we could finally start looking for Yinning’s hairdryer and Xiao Qian’s blender now!
 photo 20131116_151306_zps0399defb.jpg

But they ended up buying earpiece, iron, and even one rice cooker each!!! LOL. It was quite funny, both of them were calling their parents at the same time to ask if they need a new rice cooker just because it was like 50% off -___-”
 photo 20131116_151314_zps6f0b5c59.jpg

While the 2 “aunties” were busy shopping for their household appliances, I was on a mission! I need to secretly get the blender that Xiao Qian was contemplating over, and then convince her not to get it! Hahaha!

Everything went pretty well because all I needed was to get an invoice, make payment at the entrance, then collect at the other side. So while they were shopping, I sneaked off to place my order and get the invoice! xD

The hardest part was to psycho her not to buy the blender after that, because although she was contemplating after spending so much, she can be quite stubborn too…hahaha! But we still managed to convince her that the price difference is not attractive enough and that Mustafa should be cheaper…LOL.

Could see that she was rather disappointed because that’s what she was at the sales for!!! Nevertheless, I just kept brain-washing her and eventually pulled her away *evil grin*

Then while they were paying for the earphone, I sneaked off to pay for the blender and pretended to be queuing for them as well. And when they were paying, I sneaked off to collect the item! Haha!

So after they came to meet me with their bulky bagssssss of loots, I totally shocked the disappointed Xiao Qian by passing her another bulky bag – her blender!!! Cause that was our plan – to get her the blender for her coming birthday!

So glad that the mission went smoothly and although I was the only one without any loot at the end of the day, I was still happy to be able to surprise someone again after last week‘s saga! Hehe! I loveeeeee surprises too and I could tell that she was indeed very surprised and happyyyyy!!! 😀

So this concluded the end of their “auntie-ishPhilips sales trip! Seriously, I was shocked that they even knew there is such a fair going on -_-”
 photo 20131116_161144_zpsf701ed90.jpg

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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