Xiao Qian’s 24th & Butter Studio!

Picture of the fat boy taken on Sunday when I went over to Sis’ in-law’s place to visit him~ An exact photocopy of his dad!
 photo 20131117_172552_zpsc03f823a.jpg

Hit the library after dinner with buddy and Shrine (they came all the way down to dine with me *touchedddddd*) and got a new book again to accompany me for my long journey to work! (:
 photo IMG_20131119_101604_zpsce2e8391.jpg

Start of a new week again and it was a challenging one~ Because Ping would be on leave at the end of the week and I had to take over all the stuff!

 photo IMG_20131119_101510_zps5e73649b.jpg

The occasional entertainment at work~
Like hamster! xD

 photo IMG_20131118_135854_zpsdc559ac3.jpg

Wanton mee lunch!

 photo IMG_20131118_221535_zpsd9954d2c.jpg

Royce chocolate delivery from Ah Lyn just because I commented on her Facebook that I can help her finish them!

No OT on the first day of the week, thank goodness. Cause I had guests coming down for dinner at Swee Choon! 😀 And after an expectedly FULL dim sum dinner with my girls, we surprised Xiao Qian with an early birthday celebration! Hehe!
 photo IMG_20131118_213233_zps7b098db6.jpg

 photo 20131118_213343_zpsb6570847.jpg

Happy Birthday, Xiao Qian~! ❤

Individual shots! (:
 photo IMG-20131119-WA0003_zpsed7ad869.jpg
 photo IMG-20131119-WA0004_zps1b29bb92.jpg

 photo IMG-20131119-WA0002_zpsf8655491.jpg

Looks more like she’s praying than wishing…haha!
 photo IMG-20131119-WA0007_zps49135d63.jpg

But anyway, the last of PPGs to turn 24!!! (When we are all turning 25 in a few months’ time x.x)
 photo IMG-20131119-WA0006_zps49135d63.jpg

Was determined not to skip my training again this week so I went~ Always feeling like a weak ass after missing just oneeeee week! But why do I feel like skipping again next week to catch the nice episode of BJL…haha! Next ep is really quite funny with a cute uncle inside, so do catch it!

Was dying to go out on Wednesday because I just wanna make full use of my time now whenever I do not have OT! Furthermore I was worried that with the absence of Ping the next 2 days, I wouldn’t have the privilege to go out anymore x.x

Although it was a short outing, it was better than nothing; definitely better than work and home routine. I need some form of therapy to de-stress, something to make me happy and feel that life is not just about work~

 photo 20131120_195659_zps66b70694.jpg

Sugar therapy @ Butter Studio! 😀

Never knew the existence of such a lovely place even though I walk past it almost every day! Now I know where to satisfy my frequent occasional sweet cravings!
 photo 20131120_195606_zps14cd13fa.jpg photo 20131120_195546_zps9ab45fd3.jpg

 photo 20131120_195944_zps34b40f5e.jpg

Look at these pretty cupcakes!!

 photo IMG_20131120_194221_zps3807e23d.jpg

Nutella tart & raspberry macaron! *beam*

 photo 20131120_195515_zpsf8eb64de.jpg

Moral of the story: RELAX. ENJOY. SAVOUR.

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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