Independence Day.

So it was finally the start of Ping’s 3-day leave and my challenge started at 9.30am, because it was my first time doing VO recording with the mixer and all (haven’t touched that shit since school days) and I was so scared that I would screw up, so I decided to come in earlier to set up and test out everything =/

I carefully wrote down each and every step in my “secret manual” when Ping was teaching J and I, so it wasn’t so difficult to do the set up. Except that there was indeed an “unexpected” technical error, but I managed to solve it in time after trying out another setting that we briefly discussed the other day…hehe!

Tested the system out a few times to ensure everything’s alright before the arrival of the client and VO talent! Sooooo nervous that anything would go wrong halfway, but thank god everything went pretty smoothly!!!

I think the client was surprised too, given that it’s my first time…haha! My boss, who said he would be there to help me, was probably also surprised that he did not receive any calls from me xD

Boss: *came in halfway through the recording* Everything’s alright….?

Client: Yup! Swee swee… Boh dai ji.

Boss: *to me* No problem ahhh…?

Me: Nope. But that setting that you asked us to change to doesn’t work. Got distortion. Must change to that other one then can work. That setting… You know you know?

Boss: *?????*

Me: Aiyah nevermind. Later then I explain to you! *LOL*

So part 1 of the day went pretty well, and the client was rather satisfied with the recording! Phewwwwww~ But because there was still part 2 of the challenge which would really determine my OT and I really didn’t wanna miss my VeganBurg outing at night, I wanted to skip my lunch to work =/

But then again, I couldn’t continue the stuff without the presence of the client, so I could only join them for a quick lunch before coming back to carry on the race. Bumped into 陈健彬 and 黄靖伦 who were lunching with the crew beside us!

It was a secret snapshot so I couldn’t quite capture the latter~ Honestly, sometimes I wish I am not in this line so that I don’t have to stay professional and can act like a crazy fan girl, asking to take photos and all! Hahaha!
 photo 20131121_134132_zpsd3e0a769.jpg

 photo IMG_20131121_175536_zpsa919e14a.jpg

Back to challenge part II – dump out!

Dump out means to export the entire episode to tape for broadcast, and you may think that it’s as easy as file > export > set a few settings. No, it’s a lot more than that. Other than computer settings, there is still cablesssss to handle and this old-school deck with 3981748268 buttons, and not forgetting, the real-time export…argh.

Real-time means if anything goes wrong halfway, or if the client wants to amend something halfway through the export (which is very possible!!!), you may have to restart the whole 46-minute (minus TVC) process. Of course there is insert mode and all, but that itself is another troublemaker, always having technical errors -_-”

So in order to avoid all these problems, I managed to convince the client to check through everything before the dump out, which we did, and everything went smoothly again, with just 1 dump out! Phewwwwwwwwww again~

 photo IMG_20131121_185023_zpsbf2eb3b1.jpg


Cho~ happy that I survived the day and also cho~ proud of myself even though I know I was lucky that no problem occurred! Even if there is problem, I know I should see it as an opportunity to learn, because there are definitely so much more for me to learn.

The producer was asking me if I felt that it’s been much longer than 1 month since I started this job and indeed! I really felt that I have worked for many months here and not just 1 month =/

I mean the things I learned alone is already much more than what I would have learned for months in my previous job, let alone the stress I have to handle. Which is why as much as I rant, I still enjoy this sense of satisfaction at the end of each day – the satisfaction that I am learning, growing and surviving!!!

Managed to wrap on time and off for my VeganBurg date~! 😀 What made the day even better was that the manager gave us complimentary fries, just because we couldn’t decide on what sides to order to ensure everyone has enough! Haha!
 photo 20131121_201325_zps570ba10c.jpg

 photo IMG_20131121_204539_zpsc1b1de21.jpg

Bought Panda cupcakes from Butter Studio for everyone! Hehe!

And then it was finally Friday~ But it was my “off day” aka drama day! Spent the first 2 hours digitising stuff so it was basically “shake leg and do nothing” xD

 photo IMG_20131122_105653_zps7aabb2ad.jpg

Homemade oatmeal muffin for breakkie!

 photo IMG_20131122_141218_zps0af26ebe.jpg

Duck kway tiao lunch!

 photo IMG_20131122_164815_zps88384a35.jpg

When Rilakkuma grows long hair~

Off to Star Vista after work to meet Kai Bin and Co for one of our last meetups before Abby flies! The tai tai is flying over to join her husband in London soon for further studies, so it will be one less person for our future outings 😦

As usual, I was the last to reach (because I end work the latest) and the girls had finished their dinner by then because they know I am not a dinner person anyway! Haha! And we already agreed on desserts after that!

Wanted to bring the girls to 1-Caramel but it turned out that the place has indeed closed down for good! Soooooo sad because I really, really love the ambience!!!! Now I can’t find another place with the same comfy ambience anymore D:

Settled for Black Balls eventually because Limin had not tried before. I tried it once in JB after Chii Hian raved about it but I didn’t quite like it. Who knows this time’s experience kinda changed my impression! Probably I really ordered the wrong kind of ice the other time~

 photo IMG_20131122_210755_zps7bc70152.jpg

Love the pudding!

 photo IMG_20131122_200351_zpsa9aa95e0.jpg

And it’s the season again…

Dragged the girls down to the Christmas deco area because I actually love taking photos with Christmas deco, just that over the years I have grown to have a certain detest for Christmas, because it can also be quite a lonely season. Nevertheless, since it may be the last time we’re spending with Abby, I brought my Polaroid to take pictures with the girls! (:

 photo 20131122_223507_zps2b096570.jpg


 photo 20131122_223212_zps17c639dd.jpg

My cute Kai Bin~

 photo 20131122_223401_zps50244b33.jpg

Abby with the pretty deco!

 photo IMG-20131123-WA0001_zpsa08637a3.jpg

Santa Claus is coming to town~

 photo IMG-20131123-WA0002_zpsf45cd5cf.jpg

On the santa carriage!

Finally found someone to take the Polaroid for us! 😀 I actually wanted to take 6 shots so that everyone has one, but the girls were more “thrifty” about my films than me and insisted that I scan them a shot will do…haha!
 photo 20131123_095314_zps4dc7be6d.jpg

 photo IMG_20131122_214912_zpsc8027732.jpg

Gifts from Bangkok and Taiwan!!! Hehe!

I need a getaway too~~~ But looks like it’s impossible within these few months 😦




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