Spruce brunch & Destiny 庆功宴!

Finally a Saturday that is fulfilling and packed with activities! Finally fulfilled my Spruce treat promise after a year too! I like keeping to my promise so I’m so glad that I finally had the chance to fulfill it ((:
 photo 20131123_111156_zps789eb9e1.jpg

 photo 20131123_111205_zpsff659247.jpg

Spruce @ Phoenix Park

It’s only been a month plus since I left this campus but this place is full of nostalgia already~ So much memories at every corner within this short span of 2 years (:

Anyhow, seems like Spruce is a popular brunch place because it was rather crowded! Luckily there were still seats around…phew~
 photo 20131123_110838_zpsdcb210f8.jpg

 photo 20131123_112544_zpsb9ea3927.jpg

Hearty Flat White Coffee (:

 photo 20131123_112611_zps3694b290.jpg

Oh scrambled egggggggggggs!!! ❤❤❤

And I finally finally tried the pancakes that Xuannie recommended!

 photo IMG_20131123_112305_zps09493e45.jpg

Pancakes + Banana = Carbo Overloaded!!!

Off for IPL appointment before heading down to the next location – Sim Lim! Finally went down to ask about data recovery for my external hard-disk and I had been procrastinating because Sim Lim is just such a guys’ place =/

No offence but I feel so in danger whenever I’m in there. The people there are so weird; the way they stare at you is enough to freak you out, let alone the way they speak.

But anyhow, glad that I finally took the first step to salvage my hard-disk. Indeed a fulfilling day~ Off to the east for a short meetup with Mommeyyyyyyy! She insisted on meeting since it’s rare that I am around her area, but by the time we met, it was left with less than an hour before I had to rush off for my dinner x.x

Seriously flying around all day! Haha! Last stop – Alibabar with the mates for our 庆功宴! I asked for an extra early dinner because I didn’t wanna eat too late…hehe.
 photo 20131123_182301_zpsf8654d1f.jpg

So why this “hawker-looking” place for our 庆功宴? It’s because our dear male lead is working there and couldn’t join us, so we decided to join him instead!
 photo 20131123_182213_zps7488fa62.jpg

 photo 20131123_183021_zpsd67ef202.jpg

With the master chef!

 photo 20131123_183045_zps0ce680a6.jpg

Master Chef pose -_-“

We were the early birds and while waiting for the boss – Mr Lame to come foot the bill join us after his meeting, we already started our first round!

 photo 20131123_174742_zpse7ba390c.jpg

Smoked duck salad, escargots, french onion soup, duck leg & cider!

My brunch was actually not fully digested yet but I just didn’t wanna miss out the chance of squeezing the stingy coach dry! I wanted a bit of everything and Wang Sha was the one clearing all the unwanted/leftover food for me! Haha!

 photo 20131123_182224_zpse410acfa.jpg

Clearing my foie gras & beef burger because I only wanted the foie gras xD

This was our round 2, with some sides in between, but also Calvin’s round 3! See that steak and burger in front of him? Both are his!!! He had a plate of pork neck main course before that -_- Seriously a crazy eater!!!
 photo 20131123_195532_zps1681e208.jpg

On a contrary, Wang Sha, my Liu Yi Fei-lookalike sister and I were getting rather full, but we all had not tried enough!!! So we ordered this salmon to share for our second round xD
 photo 20131123_195519_zps240dcd36.jpg

 photo 20131123_201337_zpseb50ecca.jpg

大胃王 on his third round!!!

So by the time the rest of the crew arrived, we were all bloated and Mr Lame already had a stack of receipts awaiting~ Hahaha! But we still had a cake to finish because it was Calvin’s birthday the previous day!

Told Mr Lame to get a cake and guess what, he came in with the cake still in plastic bag and handed over to Calvin with a “Happy Birthday“…Zzzzzzz. I told him he might as well bring Calvin to the bakery and ask him to choose a cake -_- Why males and surprises just don’t come hand in hand ah???!
 photo 20131123_204208_zps22c26329.jpg

Anyhow, no proper shot of the birthday boy posing with the cake because the wind is too strong, so it was a light and blow celebration…haha!
 photo 20131123_2042330_zps1432a91b.jpg photo 20131123_204236_zpsaee5e71e.jpg

Group shot of Destiny’s crew!
 photo 20131123_204400_zps16b4bd36.jpg
 photo 20131123_204407_zps27c4d398.jpg

Although there were much complaints and rant during this project, this shoot has definitely brought all of us closer. It’s funny how they like to address me as “Vivian 姐” now because of my “aura” during the shoot -_-”

 photo 20131123_204735_zps87719802.jpg

Cutting the forest~!

And then it was a night of football and beer, with Wang Sha screaming for both teams and and his usual 爱演-ness!
 photo 20131123_222358_zps6e52d8cb.jpg photo 20131123_222400_zpsc9bbbfb3.jpg

It was really, really awkward when he was the only one who screamed for the other team because we were surrounded by Arsenal fans!!! LOLOL. Everyone kinda turned to look at him with offended looks…hahahahahahaha!

 photo 20131123_211239_zpsbb64557f.jpg

Drunk talks??? xD

 photo 20131123_221953_zps7b639b5e.jpg

Master Chef finished work, transformed back to Ah Beng~

 photo 20131123_222041_zps04f2e3a9.jpg

Teaching the birthday boy how to smile for camera! *tickles* xD

And the night ended with a hefty bill of $300+! We basically had the share of all the absent crew as well! Haha! Oops~ But everyone had a good time and definitely a good meal!!!

Plans for Sunday were cancelled last minute so it was a stay-home day with the cheeky boy! Super cheeky one, always going back to the same spots in my room to do his cheeky acts – digging this and that out and still dare to repeat after me, “每次拿出来~ 每次拿出来~ *followed by his cheeky smile*

Playing with my PhotoBooth!
 photo Photoon2013-11-24at1854_zpscd69bd47.jpg

While eating halfway -_-”
 photo Photoon2013-11-24at18514_zps19264e60.jpg

 photo Photoon2013-11-24at18543_zps40068443.jpg

Mouth full of food!

 photo Photoon2013-11-24at1851_zps9deba075.jpg

Cheeky smile again!

 photo Photoon2013-11-24at18513_zps01c09fcf.jpg

Cheeky laughter!

Teaching him to smile to the camera but he was too close~
 photo Photoon2013-11-24at19164_zps1a02e25e.jpg

Finally a handsome and proper shot! Haha! Cho~ cute one! Makes me wanna bite him more *bite bite bite!*
 photo Photoon2013-11-24at19165_zpse802638e.jpg

(via firebones.tumblr)

(via firebones.tumblr)


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