800 Days of Summer.

Monday didn’t start out quite right. Was basically soaked in my own sweat after walking from Farrer Park to office at my maximum speed. And then I was greeted by my bee, with a broken head D:
 photo IMG_20131125_103615_zpsd2dd9797.jpg

Mad sad can! Because it’s such a precious dust cap and it has gone through so much~ First I glued the wings, now I have to glue the head. If anyone sees this dust cap selling at anywhere, please let me know!!!

Walked to and fro Farrer Park station again just to collect my Polaroid films. Thank goodness it was so much more cooling by then~ But like the day hasn’t been sad enough, something upsetting happened just because of a closed stall.

I guess I was angry because I had always known how precious such quality time is, even if it’s just a meal, and I thought it was a mutual feeling. But it turned out that the food mattered more and I ended up skipping lunch entirely; too angry to eat -_-”

Attended a meeting after work and I’m so glad to know that I may be given the opportunity to teach again for a social cause! And to teach something that is considered my “forte“? Haha! Nothing’s confirmed yet but I’ll definitely look forward to teach and mingle with kids again. Just dread the pitching part =/

 photo 20131125_201400_zps354ba1f1.jpg

3 meals combined in 1; mood-lifter.

I tweeted before about this hardware shop uncle who always has some durians in his shop and I would be eyeing on them every time I walk past, until one day they were gone x.x

Then a few days later, they were back again! I just wonder why he always doesn’t eat them immediately (unlike me). Maybe it’s his form of aroma therapy~ *take a deep sniff*
 photo IMG_20131126_114959_zps3bff61cb.jpg

Skipped my favourite episode of BJL in the end and went for training instead~ Got a cab ride so I was by right early, but the tam jiak me got tempted to go get my favourite 流沙 and cranberry cheese breads first! xD

How to resist?! *slurppppp*

How to resist?! *slurppppp*

 photo IMG_20131127_135848_zps5f9d4c0d.jpg

Wednesday lunch!
Lots of mushroom & black fungus! ❤

 photo IMG_20131128_140000_zpsd81de7d1.jpg

Thursday lunch!
Kway chap & the must-have Indian rojak! 😀

Back to office and then Ping dragged me next door for shopping shortly after! Hahaha! She was already so excited about the warehouse sales when she saw the flyer in the lift in the morning!

It was a rather small-scale one and selling mostly designer brands, which means the cheapest is still not that cheap~ Nevertheless, I didn’t mind window-shopping around! It’s good for digestion…hehe.
 photo 20131128_145915_zpsfc290535.jpg

Then halfway through, our producer came in as well! She was like, “I knew you two would be here! When I went back to the office and didn’t see the 2 of you, I knew you girls would be here shopping.” LOL! And then she ended up shopping with us~
 photo 20131128_145912_zpsd37a12cc.jpg

Saw so many pretty shoes and whenever I exclaim that something is nice, Ping would end up replying, “Yah yah yah!!! I saw that just now too!!!!!!” We were wondering since when our taste became the same?! But we both refuse to agree to this – the fact that our taste is the same…hahahahahahaha!

 photo 20131128_151810_zps684dd1e1.jpg

One of the pretty shoes!

We all went off empty-handed, except for Ping, who bought a pair of shoes! Haha! We definitely never expected that in such an ulu building, we would be shopping too! xD

 photo 20131128_201205_zpsee57b9ea.jpg

Chill-out night at Cafe Melba!

I am always surprised how people manage to find all these comfy places hidden in the most ulu parts of Singapore! It makes me appreciate such effort in pampering the ever-looking-to-explore-new-places me even more (((:

 photo IMG_20131128_201828_zpsc5b32ea3.jpg

Berries Mojito for the first time and I love it!!!

 photo IMG_20131128_201355_zps919fc103.jpg

Al fresco dining ❤
Mushroom pizza never goes wrong!

 photo 20131128_205655_zps4a42aa3b.jpg

Comfy interior as well!

And speaking of being pampered, I am really glad to have people that are constantly pampering me with sweet gestures, like getting me my favourite cakes just because I won’t pamper myself this way (‘:
 photo IMG_20131129_204802_zps15eb25a3.jpg

 photo IMG_20131129_214724_zpsd13a14f9.jpg

A simple Friday night @ Ice Cream Chef

Followed by movie at buddy’s house! Started off with a Thai movie – First Kiss because I thought Thai comedy never goes wrong. But 30 minutes into it, I was like, “Can we change a movie?” And everyone agreed readily…LOL.

Switched to Hotel Deluxe and it was much better. But as usual, I got laughed at for being the first one to fall asleep…hahahaha! Bo bian~ Buddy’s sofa is just to comfy to nua on! xD

It’s really scary how time flies~

(via firebones.tumblr)

(via firebones.tumblr)


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