SCMS 2013!

又到了一年一度的 Standard Chartered Marathon 了~! Time really flies and it totally didn’t feel like a year has past!!! I was telling Mommeyyyyyy June that last year this day, I was just helping out at her cousin’s booth in Expo before my overnight volunteer duty~ Even she couldn’t believe that it’s been 1 year already!

Anyway, I almost forgot about it until I received an email a few days ago from the group leader saying, “As we will be meeting in a few days’ time…” Haha! Cancelled all weekend plans because I know I need to prepare myself for the overnight duty again! (:

Only stepped out for a meeting and run some errands; got myself new toothpaste in hope for pearl white teeth! *Ding ding~!* 😀 I really wanna get rid of my tea-stained teeth (I used to be a fan of tea)boohoo~
 photo IMG_20131130_164833_zpsfb4c3622.jpg

Went back to rest before heading out at night to meet Mojo monster for our usual before-duty activities! Because our reporting time is always in the middle of the night – 2.30am, we always have to think of things to do or places to hangout till then =/

Decided to catch a late night movie again this year! But since we had plenty of time before the movie, we did some shopping at Sephora members’ sales and I got myself a new Laneige cleanser! I have been using the same one for about a decade! It’s time to try out something new~
 photo 20131201_184947_zps8984e9f7.jpg

Walked past Canelé and got tempted by the pretty cakes and macarons, as usual! Haha! But since they were closing, we took away the desserts and settled in Xin Wang instead, because that’s the only place that opens till late!

 photo IMG_20131130_230040_zps7c1e3afb.jpg

Chocolatey~! But would have been better without the nuts =/

 photo IMG_20131130_230024_zps66d09bb0.jpg

Lemon Meringue! ❤

 photo 20131130_225849_zpsefcda0c6.jpg

Salted Caramel Macarons! 😀

 photo 20131130_233107_zps92321311.jpg


Finally it was time for our movie – Captain Phillips!

My brother highly-raved about this movie and even gave it a 5-star~ 30 minutes into the movie, I totally understood why. My heart was pounding so hard because it was just too exciting!

I never thought I would be interested in any pirate shows since I didn’t even catch any of the Pirates of Caribbean. But this was just too good!

I had a better understanding about how a ship operates too, like how they prevent pirates and so on, which is pretty interesting! Can’t believe this is a true story~ Captain Phillips is just too smart! (:

Movie ended at 2.15am hence we only had like 15 minutes to walk from PS to F1 pit! Of course that’s a mission impossible, despite Joanjoan trying her best to catch up with my walking speed…hahaha!

But anyway, we know every year there’s gonna be lots of waiting, so it’s okay to be better late than never. Got our volunteer tee and goodie bag, changed and then waited all the way till almost 4am before we departed to our location -.-”

This year we are involved in the full marathon, and we were stationed at East Coast Park! No more nice toilet at Resort World Sentosa like last year but hello to mosquitoes instead x.x

As much as I love the beach and wish I could spend the night 吹-ing 海风, we were stationed by the roadside instead~ No proper place to sit down because it’s wet everywhere, and toilet is like 39878237 miles away.

Nevertheless, we set up our own “picnic space” with the poncho in our goodie bag! That explains why we didn’t have any poncho when it rained in the morning T.T
 photo 20131201_050906_zps7f22546f.jpg

We chose Route Marshall duty again this year!
 photo 20131201_0507230_zpsa46587e0.jpg

But no big flag this time 😦 Only this small one which Joanjoan was 敷衍-ly waving to the runners…hahaha!
 photo 20131201_0524160_zps22fb9b48.jpg

I was holding 2 pathetic light sticks instead! One couldn’t even light up =/
 photo 20131201_054033_zpsfcc16cb9.jpg

Waiting for the first runner to come by~ We were not expecting the runners to reach here so soon since we were the half-mark (22km mark) aka the U-turn point of the marathon.
 photo 20131201_052244_zps94ec8322.jpg

Nevertheless, the group leader warned us that these runners are fast and soon separated Joanjoan and I. So what do you do when you’re alone and have nothing to do? xD
 photo 20131201_054330_zps09c3c705.jpg photo 20131201_054505_zps221171fa.jpg
 photo 20131201_054327_zps4de272c7.jpg photo 20131201_054556_zpsfad52554.jpg

Shortly after all the cam-whoring, we indeed received the message that the first runner is nearing! Started cheering a little and somehow, the atmosphere just wasn’t as “high” as last year =/

Probably because I was cheering alone and the girls at the previous station didn’t seem to be cheering, so I felt kinda awkward to be doing it, especially at such hour when the sun was not even up yet. It’s like siao char boh 自 high-ing!

Furthermore the first batch of runners were not really the responsive kind that acknowledge your cheering, so the more I felt 自 high…haha! Sneaked back to join Joanjoan at her position, which is not very far away, and it definitely helped a lot when 2 persons are cheering together! xD

Gradually, runners kept coming in one after another, then batch after batch~ Soon it was dawn and I could put away those useless light sticks and use my hands to clap instead. So we basically clapped throughout the morning and our hands were definitely sore!

I was also cheering throughout because Mojo monster got tired of shouting…hahaha! I didn’t mind doing the cheering as runners were getting friendlier and a lot acknowledged and thanked us, while some even high-fived with us (:
But it’s tiring having to think of new things to shout because I kept shouting the same lines! LOL.

Saw many interesting characters like Power Rangers, Thor, Superman and etc! Haha! Spotted some familiar faces too, some whom I still can’t recall who they are but I’m definitely sure I have met them before! Memory is seriously getting bad~ I’m really afraid I might start forgetting the faces of loved ones around me too.

Anyhow, Ronald was one of the first friends that I spotted, or rather, he spotted me! I think we both missed each other at first, because he was running amongst a crowd, but he suddenly turned to wave for my attention upon hearing my loud cheering! xD

Spotted Uma too! It’s so funny because he was shagged by then and was walking, so I shouted his full name like an army officer and ordered him to run…ROFL. It definitely embarrassed him a lot…hahahahaha!!!

It rained twice in that whole morning and at first it was just a drizzle, then it became heavier~ Many of the poor runners were already exhausted by the half-mark and the rain definitely didn’t make it better. We did not stop our duty too, in fact I cheered even louder for them because I really admire their spirit!

Many of the runners also admired our spirit and clapped for us in return! Cause we were cheering under the rain with only jackets above our heads. We were drenched, of course, twice in fact, but we were not the real heroes. The heroes are the ones running this 42km marathon from Orchard to East Coast and back to Padang ((:

So at around 9.30am, the last runner finally past us and we could finally end our continuous 3.5 hours of cheering and clapping! Totally drencheddddddd from head to toe~
 photo 20131201_092121_zps506da8bd.jpg photo 20131201_092119_zps1b87d90d.jpg

End of our duty, but not the end for the runners, because they still had half of the marathon to finish up =/
 photo IMG_20131201_092558_zps5b43ef93.jpg

Was happily going to collect my bag from my original position and imagine my horror when I saw this pile of stuff on top of my bag!!! HOLY COW~ The runners thought my bag is a trash and they decided to dump all their trashes together with it!!! –CRY!!!
 photo 20131201_092253_zpsaa868d8c.jpg

Thank goodness the bugs-paranoid me actually wrapped my whole bag in my poncho in case some cockroach crawls in, so it was not dirtied by all the trash after all! Sigh~

Anyhow, as usual the welfare for volunteers sucked to the core. After making us walk a really long way from Area G to Area F (trust me, 1 alphabet away but it’s goddamn far) to gather, we waited like 45 minutes for the bus? I don’t know why we are like so suay but we always seem to kanna the group that gets the last bus!!!

Imagine after a drenched overnight duty, we were all cold, mad exhausted and yet we couldn’t get a simple transport arranged properly? I was practically sitting by the roadside and SLEEPING because I was just too tired!!!!!!!!!!

And when the bus finally came, I felt asleep right after I boarded. But guess what, after much detour while I was in deep sleep, we got woken up to alight from the bus and guess where were we? EAST COAST PARK! Wow~!!!

Imagine my horror! Just imagine my horror! I was like, “I just wanna go home and sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Zzzzzz! Apparently that bus was only bringing us to yet another area of ECP for stand down…Zzzzz!!! Can’t believe we waited so long just for this!

So we were given a few choices – take our own public transport which means that 1 and only bus that takes 20-30 minutes to come, wait for the transport back to Padang which they also had no idea how long we have to wait again, or take another shuttle bus that goes to Stadium MRT.

Of course I chose whichever bus that came first, because I was just desperate to get home. If we were not so inaccessible to the main road, I wouldn’t have resisted taking a cab back! That’s how desperate I was. Who knows, we might have to wait another hour for the bus >.>

Managed to catch the bus to Stadium and I basically slept in every transport that I was on – from shuttle bus to train. So, so, so exhausted!!! Every time I have no regrets volunteering because of the runners’ appreciation, the stupid welfare just has to make me regret! Zzzzz! They seriously need to start learning how to manage their logistics!

Spent the Sunday sleeping, sleeping, and sleeping. Woke up after 5 hours of sleep and figured that I wouldn’t fall back, so I woke up to do my usual house chores~ Then out to join the guys for some drinks and chat!

 photo 20131201_210745_zpsa538f689.jpg

Durian pengat! YUMS~!!! ❤❤❤

Oh it’s snowing~

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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