Beedo Beedo Beedo~

It has been a whole week of BJL and seriously, it can drive one crazy doing it everyday. Imagine every day visit house, furniture shopping, 拆家, drill, 摆家, visit, shopping, 拆家, drill, 摆家, visit, shopping, 拆家, drill, 摆家 but just different houses -_-”

I remember a month ago when we just started this project, I was very optimistic and told Ping we are already working on ep3, which is about 1/4 mark! But now when I look at it, I’m like … why hasn’t it finished? T.T

 photo IMG_20131202_153033_zps18d5450a.jpg

Monday surprise! ❤❤❤
My first Minion! *grins like an idiot*

 photo 20131206_081531_zps8215814c.jpg

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fattest of them all~

Super no mood to work on Tuesday; just no momentum and “feel” at all after doing the same thing for some time. Or maybe it’s another not-as-interesting episode =/

Kept playing with my Minion instead! Haha!
 photo IMG_20131203_131632_zps825f1905.jpg

Nah it’s not a distraction, it’s more of a companion (:
 photo 20131203_143657_zps5d1974c6.jpg

 photo 20131203_143724_zpsac73fb6e.jpg

My assistant! xD

Explored a new place again! I think it’s because I mentioned that I impressed by people who manage to find all these new places (and most importantly, bring me there), but I have a love-hate relationship for that smirk! Hahahaha!
 photo 20131204_211559_zps493986db.jpg

 photo 20131204_202955_LLS_zpsdcd3ffac.jpg

Breeze by the park; what a beautiful name that suits this place!

 photo 20131204_203322_LLS_zpsd50a600c.jpg

Super nice and sinful cheese fries!!!

 photo 20131204_203303_LLS_zpse50f2db2.jpg

Warm brownie with ice-cream ❤




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