FSV 20!

Rainy rainy everyday~ Was craving for my 干版面 so much that I refused to give in when the auntie accidentally made the soup one for me =/

 photo 20131205_141155_zps4f7f7b23.jpg

Taken after I’ve dug in because I was too hungry! Hehe.

Was viewing the edit with client when project suddenly crashed towards the evening and couldn’t be opened again! –CRY!!!– That’s like the horror of every editor, and auto-save only saves you when you’re not a compulsive cmd+S (aka ctr+S on windows) person, and I am!!! T.T

Spent the remaining time trying all means to open the file but to no avail, which means, I have to redo all the changes!!! Sigh! Decided to leave that for the next day and went off with Ping and 2 other colleagues to attend FSV’s 20th Anniversary!
 photo 20131205_194517_zps9e6bfb7e.jpg

When we reached, everyone’s mingling around the reception area and I was surprised that it wasn’t that crowded, given that it is 20 batches of alumni~ But then again, like someone mentioned, FSV-ers aren’t the kind that will bother to attend such event anyway, which is so true! Haha!

If not for me, Ping and the rest wouldn’t wanna attend as well~ But I just wanted to attend because I miss the lecturers so much and I was just hoping to see everyone again! So happy to see all the familiar faces (:

Got ushered in for an opening speech followed by speeches by various school directors of our 20 years history~
 photo 20131205_200055_zps5227ccf9.jpg photo 20131205_200033_zpsd122c6bd.jpg

 photo 20131205_200039_zps0c0e582a.jpg


Yay~! Finally time to eat! Mad hungryyyyyyyyy one.
 photo 20131205_201950_zpsbf8d7096.jpg photo 20131205_201939_zps3ed3c98e.jpg photo 20131205_201929_zps4cb3135d.jpg photo 20131205_201831_zps814aed88.jpg

My 2 nonsensical colleagues cum senior~ And later on we realised that our new colleague (the one in black) was our classmate before because he retook 1 of the modules! No wonder he looks sooooo familiar~ Hahaha!!!
 photo 20131205_205814_zpsa6af02a4.jpg

Although there was nothing much about the event, we had a good time discussing about school days and recalling all the stupid things we did and funny things that happened! All the crazy dances; Colin and Ping’s 贺年片 recording; and those epic moments!

I think the one we all have the deepest impression on was when Gwyn walked hopped into class in his usual style and sat down abruptly as he apologised for being late. All of us were in silence while staring at him, until he realised something’s wrong and then he went, “Shyt. I’m in the wrong class” and left as abruptly. LOLOLOL!

I remember how epic it was and all of us burst into laughter after that! Our lecturer – Andrew was like, “Yea you’re not late, you’re early!” Because his class was supposed to be in the afternoon! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Oh those were the days~ Thinking back, FSV 15 really didn’t seem to be already 5 years ago! =O

Anyhow, as expected, our recent Cannes & Golden Horse award-winning senior – Anthony Chen attended the anniversary celebration as well to share his joy~
 photo 20131205_212501_zps4ff2c6f3.jpg

Trying very hard to get a shot of him…hahaha!
 photo 20131205_212544_zpsbc344839.jpg

And he brought along his pretty trophies!!!

 photo 20131205_220414_zpse163a007.jpg

From Cannes Film Festival!

 photo 20131205_214104_zpsd3c2d898.jpg

From 金馬奖!

 photo 20131205_213859_zpsb7244d4d.jpg

Virgin touch of the Golden Horse!!!

 photo 20131205_213850_zps6751afbb.jpg

3 proud winners! HAHAHA!

爸,妈,我也不回家了~ xD
But Colin kept laughing because he said I only have the prize presenter face and not the winner face T.T
 photo IMG-20131205-WA0001_zps51214354.jpg

Was dragging everyone to take photos with all our lecturers because that’s what attending events is all about! Lots of photos for memory sake! 😀

First of all, with our non-linear editing lecturer – Mr Kam! He is still so shy and quiet like last time! I remember Brown Eyes and I used to gush over how shy and hence, cute he is…HAHAHA! Maybe he’s one of the reasons why I started to like editing? xD
 photo 20131205_205724_zps1ff87eb2.jpg

And then with our Korean lecturer that everyone loves!!!!!! Of course he doesn’t teach us Korean, but he taught us Studio Production in Korean accent and it’s mad cuteeeeeeee~!!! “Joom in~ Joom out~
He is still as cute now and even when we were all ready for this shot, look how lost he is! Hahahaha!!!
 photo 20131205_213301_zps1c7b3489.jpg

 photo 20131205_213310_zpse1a42b94.jpg

With Douglas! xD

And because I wanted to take a shot with Anthony Chen, he offered to help me ask but in the end, he sabotaged me by revealing that it’s me who wanna take a picture with him!!! Well anyway, YAY~!!! 😀
 photo 20131205_213344_zps3a65a4b3.jpg

Solo shot! Isn’t he just soooooooo cute?!
 photo 20131205_213621_zpsb6c3d29e.jpg

Another of our cute lecturer – Mr Emilio! He used to teach us back in Year 1 and you know how angmoh talks in a chain, he still does the same…haha!
 photo 20131205_212036_zpsb758f1bb.jpg

 photo 20131205_212801_zps9db8e051.jpg

Cake-cutting ceremony~

And finally a shot with our Advanced Studio Production lecturer – Jacqueline and Advanced Film Production lecturer – Chee Meng before we left! They are our lecturers for our final year so no doubt we have a deeper impression of them (:
 photo 20131205_221700_zps05b4960d.jpg

 photo 20131205_221154_zps7ae739fd.jpg

Alumni of FSV’09!


年少时候 xD

I’m glad that we all followed our passion ((:

(via yanilavigne.net)

(via yanilavigne.net)


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