X’mas Outing with NDPeeps!

It was a long Saturday~ Started the day shopping with Mommeyyyyyy and we were supposed to be shopping for more Jia Jia’s presents, but as expected, the shopaholic was busying looking at her own items! I had to like keep dragging her away and tell her she has 9271328192 similar tops like this -_-

 photo 20131207_152113_zpsdd580597.jpg

With Brown! 😀

 photo IMG_20131207_150454_zps7b2d290b.jpg

Bee Brown~
Isn’t he cuteeeeee? That “hugggggg meeeeee” look!

 photo 20131207_164020_zps5fc08ecd.jpg

Minion event @ Suntec!

It wasn’t long before we had to make our way down to Bayfront to meet the rest for our night outing! It’s still so bright because yours truly requested for an early dinner again…hehe.
 photo 20131207_171653_zps97f03128.jpg

Finally got to visit Verve @ Marina Bay!!! 😀 I was soooo famished because I actually saved my stomach for this good dinner!
 photo 20131207_174236_zps570c7d46.jpg

 photo IMG_20131207_175038_zpscf2fcb14.jpg

Mango Margarita!

 photo IMG_20131207_175219_zps6b9d916e.jpg


 photo IMG_20131207_190824_zps4fba15ca.jpg

Verve Special!

 photo 20131207_175405_zps92641203.jpg

Huge platter to share!

 photo 1473031_10152156037182664_1947606825_n_zpsccd0a207.jpg

Before our dinner!

 photo 1463753_10152156037762664_263650908_n_zpsa0198975.jpg

With my Margarita!

Christmas hat from Eric! Because it was actually an outing organised by him to take photos with the Christmas lighting~ But he bought the hat for all of us except himself -.-“
 photo 20131207_184548_zps469a95a8.jpg

 photo 20131207_184438_zpsbe520722.jpg

With Karen’s shades! Haha!

 photo 1506995_10152156038297664_859135630_n_zps6f3e2327.jpg

代言人 for June’s souvenirs from Shanghai! xD

 photo 1492510_10152050954871774_657640184_o_zps4b549d9d.jpg

Trying out Eric’s heavy camera!

 photo 20131207_DSC_3544-1_zps51af91a8.jpg

You shoot me I shoot you~

 photo 20131207_DSC_3559-3_zps2a910531.jpg

The Santarinas~!

 photo 1503931_10152156036112664_471462134_n_zps2c4eca12.jpg

All the Santa & Santarina~!

 photo IMG_20131207_214029_zpsf5b49b8f.jpg

Group shot after dinner!

Set off for our photography night~! Only Eric and Lyn brought their cameras, so by right the rest of us were just “models“. But Lyn ended up passing me her camera, so I became one of the photographers as well!

 photo 20131207_201715_LLS_zps0d16b0f9.jpg

Christmas trees by the bay~

 photo 1004898_10152156036087664_1385919457_n_zps0399bc1b.jpg

Shot choreographed by Kelly! xD

While choreographing the shot, Kelly actually asked me to pose in some dancer’s pose, which I attempted to and everyone laughed!!! –CRY!– Seriously not born for it~ You ask me to kiao kah I can do a fantastic job.

 photo 1497751_10152156036487664_2116256796_n_zps10bfee75.jpg

Group shot!
Spot the odd one out~

 photo 20131207_DSC_3567-7_zps72ca7a67.jpg

With hottie!

Oh in case you didn’t realise, yes, my OOTD is not a coincidence! I purposely dressed up to look Christmasy for this X’mas outing! This is why I can spend an hour in front of the wardrobe sometimes xD

 photo 20131207_DSC_3579-13_zps96397eb2.jpg


 photo 20131207_DSC_3570-10_zps4ac7041e.jpg

Mr & Mrs Tall!

 photo 20131207_DSC_3580-14_zpse0e73170.jpg

Yes, I am a “photographer”! xD

 photo 20131207_DSC_3581-15_zps75c5632a.jpg

The love birds!

There wasn’t much decorations around the area, so we walked over to MBS instead, hoping for more inside~ And I became the paparazzi on our way there…hahaha! Cause they are so sweeeeeeeeeeeet~!
 photo 1485882_10152050967046774_638925654_o_zpsd7976687.jpg

We definitely look like a bunch of idiots walking in the mall with our Christmas hats!!! But luckily unity is strength, so even if we attracted much attention, we weren’t alone~

 photo 20131207_204217_LLS_zpsc1e8ef69.jpg

Mirror that makes me look tall! xD

Oh sadly, there was only this Christmas tree in MBS for us to cam-whore with~ Eric was no doubt rather disappointed =/
 photo 1495249_10152050972411774_1160158378_o_zpse1f429c5.jpg

 photo 20131207_213436_zps8339b8ff.jpg

Spot me! Spot me!

 photo 1500873_10152050973216774_1213185899_o_zpsc5d3b4d9.jpg

With Ah Lyn’s camera~

 photo 774783_10152050984581774_547379000_o_zps7e38099b.jpg

The blurry us~

 photo 1450323_10152156044037664_787440288_n_zps4f1365f6.jpg

Photographer of the night! 😛

I actually do like photography but I just dislike bringing a bulky camera out and neither am I crazyyyyy about photography~ Here are some of my “artistic shots” using Lyn’s camera! Haha!
 photo 1496477_10152050998371774_521131119_o_zps3ce8aa28.jpg

 photo 1502470_10152050986176774_1949660078_o_zpsca7ef1f8.jpg

Starry starry night~

 photo 1412491_10152050985636774_149987765_o_zps4cbcf197.jpg

Got Christmas card feel or not?! xD

 photo 20131207_213236_zps2e256b76.jpg

Difference between handphone camera & DSLR

Then it was lots and lots of cam-whore time~! I think this is not the kind of “photography night” Eric was expecting! Hahaha! But we took so much 美美 shots! 嘻嘻~
 photo 20131207_DSC_3598-20_zpsa98b7719.jpg

 photo 20131207_DSC_3599-21_zpsb34bafca.jpg

Nice nice~! 😀

 photo 20131207_DSC_3600-22_zps79b9dace.jpg

Another nice shot by Eric!

 photo 1492650_10152050988011774_676077415_o_zps5da2c1ab.jpg

With the big Christmas tree!

 photo 1492405_10152050989986774_1760256482_o_zpsccddddea.jpg

With Ah Tiff!

 photo 1490894_10152050989091774_2099946015_o_zps0e96d503.jpg

With Kelly & Tiff!

 photo 1412752_10152050979551774_1056623434_o_zpsf161febb.jpg

淑女 pose xD

 photo 1501472_10152050980221774_284007175_o_zps7134e70f.jpg

Act cute pose 😛

 photo 20131207_DSC_3604-25_zps42c0f7ac.jpg

With my sexy Mommeyyyyyyy~

They were laughing at me for this shot because I was like leaning backwards or trying to 挺胸 >.<“
But seriously, I didn’t even realise that and I definitely didn’t do it on purpose!!!
 photo 20131207_DSC_3603-24_zps44854e4c.jpg

 photo 20131207_DSC_3597-19_zps93fa2699.jpg

When Santarina turns witch, eating my finger!

 photo 20131207_DSC_3605-26_zps122077a7.jpg

Another nice shot by the 2 dancers who can really pose~

 photo 1459753_10152156036847664_920398378_n_zps7e127029.jpg

Group shot again! 😀

Kelly and the cute couple left early while the rest of us went to find a place to chill out a bit more~ Took more random shots around the mall!

 photo 1398524_10152051015476774_1181849165_o_zpsb7d4742c.jpg


 photo 1074403_10152050970166774_1992518171_o_zps59d80268.jpg

Isn’t this cuteeeeeeee~

 photo 919089_10152051017216774_505975616_o_zpsc1372fdf.jpg

Love this shoe!!! ❤❤❤
I would dare to wear it out if it’s not so shiny~

Settled in Toast Box and June’s Taiwanese colleague joined us as well! She’s sooooo bubbly and funny that I love her shortly after we met! We just kept laughing at what she says because she’s just too entertaining and “animated“…hahahaha!

 photo IMG_20131207_224010_zpsf51349eb.jpg

TWG macarons to share, courtesy of Lyn & Tiff! Hehe!

 photo 1425424_10152051020966774_1912850627_o_zps5d09eac3.jpg

With our new friend!

While taking this shot, the blur Lyn was actually looking elsewhere for the first take…

Us: *to Lyn* What are you doing?!?!

Taiwanese: 在看我的胸部!

Because she was wearing a super low-cut and that totally turned Lyn’s face into a big red tomato!!! HAHAHAHA! I totally love how straightforward and humourous she is, just like typical Taiwanese!!! xD

I can already imagine us having a crazy time together! The 2 of us even ran like siao char boh together for our last train only to realise that we didn’t even have to run in the first place…hahaha! Really look forward to meeting her again! 😀

 photo 20131208_010128_zpsd181d854.jpg

First X’mas gift from Kelly!

When I organised our very first outing for the NDPeeps, I wanted everyone to bond beyond just our weekly practice~ I wanted everyone to become friends instead of just weekly hi-bye mates. Now that I have stopped organising for some reason, I am glad that there are still people making the effort to continue what I had once started and I know my initial aim has definitely been achieved, because our bond has only become stronger over these short 3 years ❤
 photo 20131207_223530_zps0f56b665.jpg

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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