Jia Jia’s sweet 16~!

It was basically raining the whole damn day on Sunday and it really makes one damn sian to get out…Zzzzz. Was really not in a mood to go anymore but I know I have to and will still go because I wouldn’t want the birthday girl to be disappointed. I wanna do every little thing I can to bring that bit of happiness to this girl (:

Lucky me~ I was offered a cab ride by Lyn towards the evening! Travelling all the way down to Pasir Ris on a rainy day and getting all drenched before you even reached the party is just a such a turn-off -_-

The crazy girl actually took the cab from 112 Katong to Bukit Batok to send her sister-in-law back, then to AMK to fetch me and back to the extreme east again! I had a shock when I peeped at her fare and a heart attack when I thought I saw a $210.60 surcharge!
 photo 20131208_191603_zps40f2ef54.jpg

It was actually $10+ worth of surcharge; I don’t know what the 2 means. But anyhow, it was a crazyyyyyy idea and the friendly taxi driver even took a picture of the fare because he said we broke his highest fare record!!! Hahaha!

Gave the birthday girl a biggggggg hug right away! She said I am dressed more like I am the birthday girl and couldn’t stop calling me Barbie Doll the whole night~ I was just trying to blend in to a 16th party!!! LOLOL.
 photo 20131208_204321_zpsd09c2082.jpg

Lyn said maybe I could pass off as 18 but not 16, and that’s good enough to me 😛 HAHAHA! 16 is like agessssssssss ago!!! My goodness~

It was a super wet yet fiery BBQ session! Haha! Because the birthday girl’s relatives from Hong Kong were basically cooking the food IN the fire =/
 photo 20131208_192258_zps457b0a64.jpg

The food turned out mostly black, as expected, and when we tried to help salvage the situation, the fierce aunt kinda argued that the food is still not fully cooked and added more charcoal, turning the fire bigger…hmmmmm. Hong Kong BBQ style? Hahaha.
 photo 20131208_201022_zpsf97e1bf4.jpg

Jia Jia: Daddy, 为什么你讲要等姑妈走了才吃?

Uncle Mak: 不是要等姑妈走了才吃,是姑妈煮的东西太黑了,不能吃!她的鸡是非洲的鸡!

LOL. So I was busy trying to kope all the “more edible-looking” food for the rest because we were all quite hungry! But they were so skeptical of the food and even suggested going to the nearby mall to eat first instead -_- I disagreed to that because I know I’ll be damn sad if my guests do that during my party. Furthermore it was still raining, so it would be a hassle to walk such a long way out and back~

Anyhow, Eric, Lyn and Tiff managed to take over a part of the pit in the end to BBQ our own food when the fierce aunt went to take a family shot with the birthday girl…hahaha!

 photo IMG_20131208_200824_zpsf21bc582.jpg

Jia Jia’s Doraemon-themed cake! 😀

 photo 20131208_202300_zps39776ae8.jpg

So cuteeeeeee~

 photo 20131208_200857_zpse9a4bad6.jpg

Happy sweet 16~!!!

 photo 20131208_2011270_zps6aa5a868.jpg

The 16 & the 18! xD

 photo 20131208_201451_zpsd8dca338.jpg

With the NDPeeps!

 photo 20131208_202042_zpsa463bbd6.jpg

Lighting the candles~

 photo 20131208_202120_zps2c5bbd78.jpg

Singing the birthday song!

The shy birthday girl felt so awkward and insisted on having her daddy beside her! Haha! Such a daddy’s girl!
 photo 20131208_2021160_zpsbc84ce4d.jpg

 photo 20131208_202132_zpsda54d13f.jpg

Making her wish~

 photo 20131208_202146_zpsc1f8e73e.jpg

Blowing candles together with daddy~

 photo 20131208_202239_zps35d22ab4.jpg


 photo 20131208_202313_zps307f16bb.jpg

May she be blessed with happiness and be as happy as these Doraemons! ((:

 photo 20131208_202835_zps50f1b5da.jpg

Butterfly on my cake! Why no bee~

 photo 20131208_202405_zps2bc96745.jpg

10 little Doraemons!

 photo IMG_20121208_223304.jpg

1 year ago~

 photo 20131208_202432_zps968bce07.jpg

1 year later! xD

(via thezodiaccity.com)

(via thezodiaccity.com)


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