It has been a rather mundane week which is why I only have like 3 pictures with me. Monday started off with a broken lift, no, actually not 1, but 3!

What happened was both the normal lifts were not coming down, so this guy and I decided to take the cargo lift, together with this China man. The door closed but the lift did not seem to be moving, so this PRC opened the door again and indeed, we were still where we were -.-”

So he tried to close again and this time, the door decided to just close halfway, leaving this gap there. So in other words, we were kinda like stuck in the cargo lift!

The PRC started kicking the door and everything, naively hoping that that will get the lift moving, but obviously, not. He then forced close the lift doors, which made us really STUCK in the lift!!! Seriously a stupid move.

I was like oh shit, what a way to start the week but thank goodness, the lift doors suddenly opened and the guy and I managed to escape from the crazy lift and the crazy man. Then just when we decided to resign to fate and take the stairs, the normal lift suddenly opened!

So we quickly ran into the lift and guess what, this time round the lift doesn’t even wanna close the door -_- So we ran out from the lift again and happened to see the cleaner auntie exiting from the lift beside, which means it’s working. So we tried our luck and finally, I reached office…Zzzzzzzz. What a morning!!!


Finally tried the olive rice!
But I still prefer my $3.50 one which I really miss 😦

Was having rather bad cramps on Tuesday but still went for the last training of the year~ Needed to de-stress and vent!!! And just when I was having rather good mood on Wednesday because it was supposedly my last editing day of the week for BJL, the client decided to add slots for the next 2 days!

In other words, I have been editing BJL consecutively for 2 WEEKS!!! Seriously went from cloud nine to like cloud 0.000000001. Zzzzzz. I was really, really looking forward to my 2 “off days” at the end of the week!!! T.T

Totally no feel to edit on Thursday because after doing the same thing every single day, it really gets kinda mundane and you won’t have the same kind of “excitement” to edit. But I still manage to finish what I had to and even started on the next day’s work, because I know I will have even less “feel” to edit~

Wanted to join Gui and his mates for an outing to make up for the boring week but I was seriously exhausted! Was down with a bad headache and I slept like I hadn’t slept for 10 years.

Finally it was the last day of the work week but the momentum was obviously worse. OT-ed all the way till 9pm before I finally finished the draggiest episode ever!!! What a way to spend Friday night >.>

Thank goodness the impromptu celebration for Shrine’s birthday over at Canopy kinda made up for it~ The guys had 2 towers of Hoegaarden and endless rounds of all the silly games they could think of! I think they really ran out of things to play when they suddenly guessing how much money we girls have in our wallet…LOLOL.

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

I fight for what I want.
(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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