TVPS Reunion~!

I was rather excited when Goldie and Xin Yi decided to organise a primary school reunion inviting all the people from our batch that they could find on Facebook! I have always thought those high school reunions in movies are damn cool because you get to see how each other have changed after so many years, reminisce about the past, and gossip about this and that person! xD

But as expected, not everyone is as keen or enthu as me, because I think I have mentioned before that although I am rather outgoing, the people that I mixed with in schools are always the 乖乖 and hence introvert kind! Okay lah, I also quite 乖 okay. Haha!

Took me quite a while to convince Yinning to go because as much as I am an extrovert, I still have my “shy moments” especially when meeting people for the first time or meeting people whom I have not met for a long time~ But I was still excited!!! It’s after all our very first junior school reunion and I definitely look forward to seeing everyone again! 😀

Bumped into Fang Shuai while finding our way to the place and that chap is still the same; still as fair! Hahaha! But we were in the same secondary school so I guess I wouldn’t find much major change in him~

It wasn’t a big, big, BIG reunion but the response was good enough for us to catch up throughout the night! Since it was a school reunion and not just a class gathering, people from different classes were invited. Hence, some were classmates with each other before during certain level(s), some were just I-know-I-had-seen-you-somewhere-in-school-before kind…haha!

I know almost all of them except for 1 guy whom I didn’t have much impression of, but I must say that all of them still look the same!!!!!!!!!!!!! Probably Hui Min is the one that changed the most, but the way she talks is still exactlyyyyyy the same! LOL.

Xin Yi even bought lots of old photos for us to reminisce and guess who I spotted! My cuteeeeee buddy sitting in the first row (3rd from left)!!! Awwwww~~~ Hahahaha!!
 photo 20131214_194441_zpscebfe226.jpg

I guess the one I was happiest to see was Han Ming – my partner during P3 or P4! I even called out his full name and as expected, his face was full of phobia! LOLOLOLOLOL!

He still remembers that I used to pinch and bully him a lot when he was sitting beside me and he couldn’t stop complaining how much of a trauma I had caused him…HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Super funny! Probably that’s why he went to a boys’ school after that? xD
 photo 20131214_210026_zps8e76a9e4.jpg

Me: Why I kept pinching you last time ah???

Han Ming: How I know!!!!!!!!!

ROFL! And when I tried pinching him again, his reaction is still exactly the same!!! LOL! I also can’t remember why I kept bullying him back then but I do remember that he is kinda the Mr. Nice and 乖乖 type~

I guess I really hated boys who kept disturbing me back then, or rather, I just hated boys, period. I remember in P1, there was this Malay boy who kept hiding my pencil case and I went back to complain to my mum. The next day, my mum confronted the boy’s mum and from then, the boy didn’t dare to talk to me anymore, let alone disturb me…hahahahaha!

So in a way, I have learnt to stand up for myself since primary school and I’m not the kind that will get bullied. Yes, aka the chia char boh! HAHAHA! So probably whenever poor Mr. Nice attempted to disturb me or maybe even cross my table line, I would have my self-defence – my powerful pinch all ready! LOLOL!

Still love to bully him now that I couldn’t stop pinching him throughout the night! I had not done that for 12 years because I had not seen him since we went to different schools!!! But I think he was not looking forward to seeing me again~ ROFL.
 photo 20131214_210053_zps8717d8ab.jpg

I even took out his sketchbook (he’s a graphic designer now) and started making up stories to everyone that his profession is to draw nude women because I happened to see sketches of nude models in the book! LOL! He had a hard time explaining to them after that..hahahaha! Poor partner~ But I am really happy to see him again! 😀
 photo 20131214_210032_zpsf0b7980b.jpg

Left early because I had another outing to rush to~ Seriously didn’t expect all of us to have so much to talk about!!! We even started recalling all our favourite canteen food! Haha! So much to catch up on as well~ Like one is getting married and one has become special needs teacher (:

Of course all the teasing that have been suppressed for more than a decade were unleashed all in a night too…haha! Really looking forward to our next reunion!!!
 photo 20131214_213339_zps8344dacb.jpg

Travelled down to Mr Punch for my late night outing with 2 ladies who do not wish to be named…hahaha! It’s all our first time exploring this rooftop bar and it looked quite nice in the picture, but turned out mediocre~ The drinks were much more expensive too =/

So we actually ordered some cheap cider and beer as our first round before thinking of our next location!
 photo 20131214_222907_zps2d4400a6.jpg

Decided to head over to Loof since it’s the nearest~ We got ourselves a cozy indoor seat that we stayed till closing!
 photo 20131215_000909_zpseba164ec.jpg

The 2 of them had like 3 rounds (excluding the 1st at Punch) while I only had 1 because mine is rather filling, but it’s damn niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Love the berries base and love the meringue on top even more; like the best combi ever~
 photo 20131215_000639_LLS_zpsbf67ac4b.jpg




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