Summer Breeze

Finally collected my Christmas gift from Mr Owwwww’s daughter on Sunday~! Because she made a different item for each of the family members so I jokingly asked for a Rilakkuma and she really hand-sewn one for me!!! *toucheddddddddddddddddd!*

And the thing is I wasn’t even expecting to look much like Rila but it does!!! She’s so talented, I must say! Handmade is always the sweetest ((((:
 photo 20131215_230153_zps0506a4cc.jpg

Took the chance to satisfy my durian craving! A pity not the reallllll durian but good enough for now~
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Then came my third week of consecutive 5 days of BJLsigh. But Monday was spent doing online edit, so it wasn’t that bad. I remember how much I wasn’t looking forward to do online edit after the freelancer left, but now I feel happier to do compiling or online than the mundane offline edit of drilling and hammering…Zzzzz.

Voiced out early in the morning that I have a date at night so I was let off on time~ Sumptuous dinner but too bad the pimples on my cheek are still lingering around, if not I would love to dig in to the curry! 😦

 photo 20131216_195838_zpsdfa8f469.jpg

Mushroom in pumpkin sauce is addictive!!!

Off for our mini “picnic” by the sea~! 😀 Soooooo much desserts from Lyn and Tiff and I only had kisses to offer…boohooo~ But my kisses are very precious! Hehe!
 photo 20131216_213837_LLS_zps7fd83af5.jpg

 photo 20131216_213057_LLS_zps0dd3a1e3.jpg

Blue Summer Breezes

Managed to get out of house early (surprisingly) to prepare for the VO recording because Ping was occupied with her drama edit this week so I took over again~ Kan chiong spider much but felt more relax than the previous experience…haha! Nevertheless, the last thing we want is still having any problem againnnnnn.

Thank goodness, everything went smoothly again!!! Pretty surprised and I guess the client was too, once again, but I’m now being labelled as the “VO lucky star” for the record of being the only one who has yet to encounter any problem during the recording >.>

 photo IMG_20131217_134011_zpsbc4a599a.jpg

New friend – Ping’s cute rainbow rabbit which is also a blanket!!!

Was planning to go for a swim after work but the dump out lasted all the way till 8.30pm. I guess I wouldn’t be so du lan if I didn’t get that “没有办法的嘛” reply for making me miss my swim…Zzzzzz.

Decided to stay back in the end to fight the war with the drama team, which is basically with all my other colleagues, because they have all been busy rushing for drama these 2 weeks~ So since I had nothing to do and nowhere to go, I stayed to help clear some workload as well, and that lasted till 11pm. 12 hours of editing marathon (minus lunch)!

Dumped out something again on Wednesday and somehow this is becoming my routine job~ I was telling Ping I seem to be dumping out something every day -_-”

Anyway this is our TV area where client gets to watch the episode as it’s being dumped out to check if everything’s going smoothly~ It can said to be an hour for me to slack and do nothing, but it’s also an hour that I’m praying every second that nothing goes wrong!

Wanted to go out badly after a long day of work the previous day, but decided to stay back again because there’s just nowhere for me to go and it was raining. It has just been such a boringggggg week, period.

It’s ironic that I can’t stand the idea of going home right after work every day, yet I chose to stay till late night and experienced the same thing – go home and crash right away. Maybe I felt that at least I had made full use of my time to help lessen each of their workload~

 photo IMG_20131217_134213_zpsaf5c081d.jpg

With my Mimi!
Yes, I came up with that name like 3 seconds ago xD

Everyone’s partner kinda came to accompany them for OT while I was hugging on to my Mimi…haha~ Then while I was having a conversation with my colleague, the producer misinterpreted my words and suddenly, Momo became my boyfriend!

Me: You got your lighter already?

J: Yea I went to buy one.

Me: Aiyah… I was going to tell you that you should have waited for Ivan (Momo) to come and then borrow from him~

J: Yah hor… I didn’t think of that!

*5 minutes later*

Producer: I’m going off~ So you’re still waiting for your Ivan to come ah?

Me: Ivan???????? (For a moment I was thinking who’s Ivan because I’m so used to calling him Momo!)

Producer: Yah…your boyfriend? You said wait for Ivan to come…

Me: *LOL!!!* Ivan is Ping’s boyfriend!!!!!!!!!

Hahaha! 摆乌龙~

 photo IMG_20131218_231249_zps8c076c82.jpg

Because I can’t find such silliness in anyone else.

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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