Last Christmas

Self-declared early knock-off on Friday because Ping and I had finished our work for the day! Haha! Although I didn’t have any plan, again, (seriously 1 of the most boring weeks!) I left along with her because I was tired after one whole week of BJL~

Impromptu decision to finally pamper myself with a good massage again! The auntie said my muscles have all become so stiff again and she even added that she wouldn’t have the strength to help me release such stiffness few more years later… Shows how bad it is =/

Finally GRUB-ed too!!!
 photo 20131220_222408_zpseaeaf157.jpg

 photo IMG_20131220_214156_zps6ee3e865.jpg

My very small portion of Portobello~

 photo IMG_20131220_214225_zpse497d923.jpg

BEST fries everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Got to try 3 different flavours of my favourite Swiss roll! Although it’s damn near my office now, I still wouldn’t have such chance to try so many flavours all at once! Hehe! Thanks old pal, for always sharing the good food (:
 photo 20131221_113914_zpsaea22d67.jpg

Went back home to carry out my initial Friday night plan – Christmas cookies baking! Didn’t turn out visually appetising somehow because the greedy me doubled up the recipe for mass production purpose…hahaha!
 photo 20131222_013952_zps625c9f85.jpg

Well, but it’s still full 心意 given that I stayed up till real late for these~ Had been getting the same stuff every year so since this Christmas I have an oven, I decided to make full use of it to give something different!

Then on Saturday morning, Santa arrived at my doorstep! 😀
 photo 20131221_113506_zpsfb6f4ffd.jpg

 photo 20131221_114312_zpsa83ca129.jpg

My biggest Rilakkuma so far apart from my bolster! Hehe!

Off for Christmas outing with the girls~! It wasn’t easy arranging for one this year because everyone’s busy with boyfriends/husband. Nevertheless, everyone still made the effort to turn up, even if it means for a short while or asking the boyfriend along! (:

Brought the girls to try Mexican food at Baja Fresh! It’s my first time trying out this place and the girls’ first time eating Mexican food! *shocked!* Not sure if it suits their taste buds but I was pretty happy with my quesadillas~ Miss the ones at Spruce kiosk!
 photo IMG_20131221_150312_zps80b7c770.jpg

Abby took time off her super busy schedule to come meet us for a while because it’s probably the last time we’ll be seeing her before she flies off in a week’s time 😦 This is gonna be our last Christmas spent with her~
 photo 20131221_173021_zps1013f131.jpg

Everyone took the chance to take a solo shot with her! Haha! Like some superstar xD
But I know Limin’s gonna miss her the most since this is the first time they’ll be apart for so long since primary school!
 photo 20131221_173118_zpsf8a856b3.jpg

I’m gonna miss her giggles too~ Although we weren’t in the same class before, she became part of us because of Limin and the 6 of us have been hanging out together for quite a few years! Bon voyage, my dear friend~!
 photo 20131221_173142_zpsc11d4d29.jpg

 photo 20131221_173216_zps5e793f5a.jpg

With Bin Bin~

 photo 20131221_173239_zps9c0e2d38.jpg

With Chii Chii~

 photo 20131221_173253_zpsfa45dfec.jpg

Last but not least, with Ning Ning~

And like every year, we went back with so many goodies from each other!!! 😀 The cute Vitasoy totally makes it look like some goodie bag! Hahaha!!! I have such cute friends! (:
 photo IMG_20131221_232526_zpsfeafbb00.jpg

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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