Pressies Pressies Pressies~!

Another Christmas outing on Sunday and this time round it’s with the bitches! Had a disappointing start when brown eyes said she couldn’t make it anymore and then Xuannie was obviously not awaken by my spam calls~ I thought it’s gonna be like last year, only 3 of us (Ping, Siew Siew and me) spending it together again 😦

It’s damn saddening because everyone’s so busy and we finally agreed on a date and time to make sure everyone can make it for a short meetup, then one by one everyone can’t make it… Thank god that did not happen and our brunch at Drury Lane still happened!

I know I would still go if no one’s coming because I have been wanting to try the brunch there and many other nice cafes along Tanjong Pagar!!!
 photo 20131222_142927_zps3e42a708.jpg

Bumped into our colleague in the cafe and she couldn’t recognise us because we work in different buildings!

Ping: *waves to her happily*

Colleague: *stares at us blankly*

Me: We are your colleagues!!!

Colleague: *moment of realisation*

LOLOLOLOL. Quite a funny situation because seldom will we not recognise our colleagues…hahaha! But like what my boss said, same father but different mother – we are the post-production side! xD

 photo IMG_20131222_130502_zpsecfd4328.jpg

Eggs Benedict ❤ ❤ ❤

It was Colin’s treat because as usual every year, he would stare at our bags of gifts with guilt and exclaim, “Why you all never tell me! I never prepare present leh!” But we find this conversation kinda déjà vu somehow…ahem! LOL.

And that’s not the worse part! He went on telling us how he would throw away a present right away if he deems it as useless!!! The moment he said that, all of us were hesitant about giving him our gifts…hahahaha!!! Though Ping already expected that from him -_- Of course I’m not surprised that he would but throw RIGHT AWAY?!?! This bitch is too honest~

Well anyhow, I felt so embarrassed of my cookies because everyone’s pressies’ so big!!!!!!! D:
And I already know I might find my cookies somewhere in the bin along Tanjong Pagar…LOLOL.

 photo IMG-20131222-WA0014_zps18b402f3.jpg

With our pressies! 😀

 photo IMG-20131222-WA0007_zps594a6327.jpg

The other side with their pressies! 😀

And then we realised we didn’t have to take the shots separately because we have Momo – our regular photographer!!! xD
 photo 20131222_141301_zpsd96679f3.jpg

After our gift exchange, we moved on to have desserts at Quarter to Three, which is just errr… 2 shops away…hahaha!
 photo 20131222_145103_zps8745a27e.jpg

Xuannie recommended the Tiramisu there and OMG~ I think I have found the BEST Tiramisu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously DOPE that I wanted to take away one so badly but I wasn’t going home yet D:
 photo IMG_20131222_143653_zps4a4f9289.jpg

 photo IMG_20131222_143818_zpsd5a36871.jpg

Ping’s mango cake!

Anyway I was telling Momo, last year when the 3 of us met up, it was 1 day before Gek Peng’s proposal! And now it’s 1 year already~ So fast!!! 明年阿萍就真的要嫁人了~

 photo IMG-20131222-WA0020_zps3a14f0c0.jpg

1 last group shot before everyone carries on with their busy schedule!

And then a shot of us – the girls only outside the cafe! Then I realised that we are all editors! Hehe!
 photo IMG-20131222-WA0011_zps45a3bd71.jpg

Everyone parted and I also made my long journey down to meet Sis and my love boy! Spent so much quality time with him and kept smiling at all his cheeky acts! Like how he kept disturbing his Papa while he’s busy building the big Thomas track for the naughty boy! Haha!
 photo 20131222_190848_zps55ebc9ba.jpg

As usual, he’s an extremely kaypoh helpful boy who wants to chup in everything. So he insisted on helping to build the tracks as well but the fact is he always 越帮越忙!LOL!
 photo 20131222_190811_zpsd1200cb3.jpg

Clapping after he finished joining his tracks! But he doesn’t realise that his track doesn’t connect to the other side?!?! ROFL!!! Super hilarious just watching this silly boy~
 photo 20131222_190906_zpse4c8ffc3.jpg

And then when he got chased off the tracks by Papa, he would lie flat on the floor like a worm to build his Christmas tree -_- Then take them off, then join again, then take off, and join again~ Never-ending things to do!
 photo 20131222_191530_zpsf6742e4e.jpg

But he’s just cho~ cho~ cho~ cute that I wanna bite him so much!!! Even eat carrots also eat until so cute! *pinchhhhhh cheeks!*
 photo 20131222_194141_zps6922088f.jpg

Finally passed him his big present before I left! So glad that I managed to find something for him eventually though it was by pure luck that I was stuck in a rain at a mall during lunch time and happened to see it! Hehe!
 photo 20131222_205039_zps933d34ca.jpg

 photo 20131222_205037_zps9ed86876.jpg

“What’s this???”

 photo 20131222_205116_zpsab4f7db6.jpg

“I’m gonna open now~”

 photo 20131222_205146_zpsd208cc45.jpg

Busy opening present~

 photo 20131222_205214_zps3a44b015.jpg

“It’s a crane!”

 photo 20131222_205234_zps1459f873.jpg

“Oh… No, it’s a digger!”

 photo 20131222_205314_zpsbfe51d67.jpg

“I love digger!”

 photo 20131222_205309_zps012a2be8.jpg

Happy boy with his big remote-controlled digger! 😀

And happy Yiyi also received a shy-shy version of Isaac’s “I love you~ You love me~” and a big fat kiss! What else can I ask for ❤❤❤

(via firebones.tumblr)

(via firebones.tumblr)


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