Christmas Week

Half of the Christmas day was spent blogging at home because I guess Christmas Eve is much more important to me than the actual day itself; same for New Year~

Finally got out of house to meet the guys and we headed over to Little India for some ice-cream that buddy recommended. Sadly, the shop was closed, so were many other shops in the area 😦

Walked over to Pomo instead for Thai dinner and it’s even sadder when you have to stare at the green curry and not being able to eat because you’re sick! Saved my stomach for tau huey and desserts instead~

Wanted to bring them to check out Tiramisu Hero but it’s kinda far now, so we settled in Mind Cafe instead for board games and desserts!

 photo IMG_20131225_215235_zps4f492cef.jpg

My Tiramisu!

 photo IMG_20131225_210544_zps6b02a7fe.jpg

Should have gotten buddy’s durian mousse D:

Although Shrine claimed that board games are BORED games, I think we all enjoyed pretty much at the end of the day! We played Telepaths which is a game that you’re given a word/picture and you’re supposed to write a list of words you can think of.

It’s kinda to see how similar you and your friends/teammates think and I realised how 没默契 Gui, buddy and I have! LOL. Then we switched to play True Colors, which is questions and voting, so you get to know what your friends really think of you! Pretty fun!

The happiest thing I got to know: I got the highest votes for fashion sense. The saddest thing? I also got the highest votes for being thrifty in ALL the questions regarding $$$!!!!!!!! D:

I know being frugal is a virtue as well but there’s a thin line between thrifty and stingy and I don’t know if I have crossed the line. I mean, even Shrine won me in generosity when it comes to spending! HOW CAN?! Sigh… I just know where to get better deals mahhhh~

Another sad one is that I got ZERO votes for being an ideal 80-day trip travel companion! –CRY!!!– Why?!?! Why wouldn’t anyone wanna travel with me?! LOL! I can plan, I can navigate, I can protect! Now I wonder if I had been a bad travel companion~ Joanjoan, please back me up!!! ROFL.

Okay, maybe this game is just not suitable for me since I’m so affected after knowing what my true friends think about me! HAHAHAHA! But I still enjoyed the games very much, even if I hardly snatched any cards during our last game – Ugly Dolls and ended up being whacked till my hand is so red! I just suck in anything that has gotta do with reaction!

Back to work after 2 days break and I got another pressie from client! So good to still receive presents after Christmas! xD
 photo IMG_20131226_200431_zpsfb920f48.jpg

Met up with Lyn for our mini “gift exchange” and made an attempt to check out Tiramisu Hero again~ Unfortunately, it was a failed attempt again!!!!!! Because it was closed! I think I’m just not fated with it -_-”

Brought her to try the vodka tart instead and I guess I can only say only those who truly appreciate alcohol will enjoy this tart! Haha! So please don’t order just because I recommended if you’re not a fan of alcohol!!! But it’s still dope to me~
 photo IMG_20131226_195748_zpsa9c1e3fd.jpg

Learned from her recent health screening that this little girl is having high cholesterol at this age!!! Why am I not surprised?! With the amount of McDonalds consumed during the Hello Kitty craze weeks and every other day, I am only surprised that’s it’s just high cholesterol alone! -_-”

Did an immediate research on all the super food that is known to help reduce cholesterol and dragged her on a grocery shopping trip right away! So this is my best Christmas gift for her – a hamper of health food to fight high cholesterol because I think there’s no better gift than health~
 photo Screenshot2013-12-28atPM012541_zps63a9c764.jpg

You see! I’m not stingy when it comes to showing concern to the people around me who love me or whom I love~ I am only the most stingy with myself…haha!

 photo IMG_20131226_223228_zpsf76c5410.jpg

Durian puffs, durian cakes and handmade gifts for me! 😀

Sang K on Friday night with TCC and his neighbours! We had been talking about having a K session together again ever since his 21st birthday and it finally happened after 3.5 years! Haha!

One of them even changed soooooooo much that I could not even recognise!!!!!! For a moment after I stepped into the room, I was like, “Who’s this ah???” LOL. I mean seriously, he used to be double of his size right now and that’s why I always confuse him with another neighbour! What a drastic change~

Feel so good to finally sing!!! Was very much entertained by their 模仿, 爱演-ness and rapping skill…haha! Sang till so shiok that we even extended 1 more hour, making it 4 hours of K~!

Just give me a reason just a little bit’s enough, just a second we’re not broken just bent~

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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