CNY Batam Trip!

Spent the new year’s eve and the beginning of the lunar new year in Batam~ This year it’s only Mommeyyyyy and I; no crazy bunch like last year. But we still didn’t mind a mini getaway and thank goodness we managed to book one in the end despite it being full house everywhere!

I can’t help but keep comparing last year’s Bintan trip with this trip, from ferry to hotel to itinerary, because I remember how bad last year’s was, if not for the people! Luckily this year’s trip was much better~

 photo 20140130_080834_zpsa869df91.jpg

Our ferry

The ferry was not stuffy or lok-kok compared to last year’s, nor was there any cockroach spotted. We sat at the top deck to enjoy the sea breeze! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~
 photo IMG-20140130-WA0011_zpsfa282323.jpg

 photo 20140130_081237_zps7f35677a.jpg photo 20140130_083414_zps9a60c48c.jpg photo 20140130_081354_zps591416a2.jpg

 photo 20140130_084956_zpse52a3eba.jpg

Next week’s resolution: I must visit the pretty Keppel Bay!

 photo 20140130_084845_zps7ef21c3f.jpg

Humongous Star Virgo cruise!

 photo 20140130_084820_zps0dc9b6bd.jpg

Another resolution: I must be on a cruise one day!

So sunny that my eyes couldn’t open fully! But the sea breeze was shiok~
 photo 20140130_081907_zpsec9dc0e0.jpg

 photo IMG-20140130-WA0008_zpsa35e101b.jpg

Candid shot by Mommeyyyyy
I think I have a naturally angry face -_-

 photo 20140130_093016_zps102ba210.jpg

Blue sky and blue sea ❤

Makes me miss the beach so badly!
 photo 20140130_093058_zps1434c24a.jpg photo 20140130_093107_zps87839345.jpg

Did not take that many photos because it’s supposed to be a relaxing getaway, not like a trip “trip“, so not much shopping done as well. We basically went to quite a number of 土产 shops, a few shopping malls, a temple and also had 1 hour of massage~

Loots were mainly handmade local delicacies, food and more food. Got a pretty dress as well for only 6 bucks and it totally made my day! I was a bit disappointed when the shop didn’t wanna accept SGD (we did not change any rupiah) but Mommeyyyyyyy insisted on changing S$50 worth of  rupiah for me just so that I can get my S$6 dress!!! So much love (((:

 photo 20140130_103832_zpsd0376191.jpg

Temple run tour

 photo 20140130_103815_zps2856cf1b.jpg


 photo IMG-20140130-WA0014_zpsc01da13e.jpg

Hope to be blessed with abundance of happiness and laughter

 photo IMG-20140130-WA0010_zps53efda6f.jpg

Candid shot again~

 photo 20140130_103728_zps23bc189f.jpg

Cute mini Buddha!

 photo 20140130_104706_zpsb761c689.jpg

It’s the 12 Chinese zodiacs!

 photo 20140130_104014_zpsb21b8de1.jpg

With my snake! Hiss~

As usual, Mommeyyyyy and I came up with crazy ideas! Riding on the horse to welcome the arrival of the horse year~ Not sure if it’s rude to do so but at least I’m not riding on the Buddha right =/
 photo 20140130_104522_zps0611ff97.jpg

 photo 20140130_104535_zps4318ef39.jpg

马到成功!马上发财!Huat ah~!

 photo 20140130_104153_zps29ed6e96.jpg

My crazy idea for her rat shot xD

 photo 20140130_110658_zps44c35f84.jpg

Colourful buildings

Unglam candid shot while I was buying chips at a street stall -_-”
My pig brother actually finished 1 whole big packet in a night! Maybe that explains my shocked face.
 photo IMG-20140130-WA0013_zpsdc04734e.jpg

Lunch was provided and it was at this rather famous place – Golden Prawn 555.
 photo 20140130_115751_zps6d01e2e4.jpg

 photo 20140130_115758_zpse54b9963.jpg

I wanna stay at a kelong!

 photo IMG-20140130-WA0009_zpsdc04734e.jpg

Lunching by the sea!

The lunch was also so much better than last year’s because at least we weren’t served fish ball soup as seafood! We had real seafood – crabs, mini lobsters, clams and etc~ Definitely a sumptuous meal!
 photo 20140130_121348_zpsede12cd5.jpg

Even got a bowl of real bird nest after the meal! Super value for money trip~
 photo 20140130_124122_zps9b99534c.jpg

Saw a couple of the “cat shit coffee” in a shop and we were trying to figure out which is the authentic one. Then we spotted this and I told Mommeyyyyyyy this one confirm fake one, cause it says LIAR! Whahahaha~
 photo 20140130_130034_zps45fe6d73.jpg

 photo 20140130_153756_zps7efd8f43.jpg

My shoe shop!

 photo 20140130_135200_zps57374d0c.jpg

Spent a long time looking at these cute figurines!

Finally arrived at our hotel – Harmoni One in the late noon and ended our tour for the day~ Our hotel is also 329147391732 times better than our Bintan one and it’s quite pretty!
 photo 20140130_184513_zps49578b3a.jpg

 photo 20140130_225313_zps544b8be2.jpg

Our room

 photo 20140131_093144_zpsd2baa316.jpg

Mini “garden” outside

Food can also be easily found just a street across the hotel and we settled in Sanur for some authentic local delicacies. Despite it being an atas-looking restaurant, the food are damn cheap~
 photo 20140130_185703_zps95c97522.jpg

 photo IMG-20140130-WA0015_zps41b3cf9b.jpg

With 2 “cocks” above my head -.-“

 photo 20140130_191705_zps8316bcba.jpg

Tom Yum soup, beef rendang and tahu telor

Back to the hotel for some drinks at the lounge while the beautiful piano pieces serenade us~
 photo IMG_20140130_205912_zps05644e99.jpg photo IMG_20140130_221202_zps0f745e76.jpg

 photo IMG_20140131_101622_zps4e6775f5.jpg

Hotel buffet breakfast

 photo 20140131_095014_zpsb379379e.jpg

My sumptuous brunch

Went up to explore the pool and oh my~ We didn’t know it’s so beautiful up there!!! A pity I did not get to swim despite bringing my swimsuit 😦 The weather was so hot!
 photo IMG_20140131_102014_zpsc934478d.jpg

 photo IMG_20140131_102248_zps30f3d66a.jpg

View from rooftop

 photo IMG_20140131_102126_zpsf71831ad.jpg

I didn’t know we are near the sea!

 photo IMG_20140131_102258_zpse9e8ad52.jpg

Overseeing the whole of Batam

Spotted a bee tram in the mall!!! Waited for it to go one round around the mall before I finally got a chance to take picture in it…haha!
 photo 20140131_132517_zpsa357ef47.jpg

 photo 20140131_133438_zps2ac66a01.jpg

Such a funny bee! xD

 photo 20140131_133500_zps6562dc7c.jpg

VivianBee on the bee tram!

Did not have the chance to visit the beach this year! Must stay at the beach resort next time!!!

(via firebones.tumblr)

(via firebones.tumblr)


10 thoughts on “CNY Batam Trip!

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  2. Hi dear,

    Very glad to read your nice experience in Batam. Batam is wonderful island & have many place to visit.
    For other experience you can spent your holiday time to Spa relaxing with your mom too..
    Batam have any Nice Spa & massage centre…
    My friend said, he go to Batam & find cheap package from application & website
    All about Batam is there.

    Hope information above help.
    Nice to hear your feedback.


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  4. Hi i want to check with you, you went to bintan @batam on th CNY? Can you advise if where i can go if i planning to go on CNY from lunar eve to chu 2? like a 3 day? will there be any budget trip to advise ? Hope to receive your reply soon. Stay pretty..

    • Hi Wendy, sorry for the late reply. Yes, I have been to both Bintan and Batam during CNY, but usually Batam. May I know which are you intending to visit? I have only been to Bintan once and it was through some Groupon deal. It was a boring trip because most shops were closed during CNY, unexpectedly, so I would not recommend going there. Unless you stay in a beach resort with facilities, or you go for water sports, then it will be fine. I have no suggestion for the resort because I stayed in a new and small hotel in an ulu place (part of the Groupon deal), which I will not recommend. I know Batam better because I spent the past few years of CNY there 😅 Batam budget hotel will be Batam The Hill Hotel, which is just opposite the most popular mall – Nagoya Hill. But you have to cross a busy street to get to the mall. The hotel is very small and simple, no pool and not much facilities but cheap and convenient. Other wise you can look out for Groupon deals (take note of terms and conditions though; might have blackout period for CNY) or can check out Harmoni One Hotel and Pacific Palace Hotel. But both of them got no mall nearby, so gotta take hotel shuttle service or a short cab ride to the malls. The main malls to visit are Nagoya Hill (with lots of cheap and good massage places outside the mall) and Batam City Square. Activities in Batam is only shopping (shops are open during CNY), cheap massage and eat 😆

      • Thankyou vivian for the replies ! I intend to go batam, but bringing my mum and family. So all the shop is open in batam? I prefer harmoni one. Has good review i think, do you have advise/guide for CNY season that i could save some money and enjoy HAHA. Nice talking to you. my family prefer shopping than a resort relax stay. but budget still.. very headache. Do you try harmoni One before?

      • Yes I have stayed Harmoni One before, Groupon deal also 😅 The hotel is nice but not much at the surrounding, only remember an Indo restaurant opposite the hotel. To get to the nearest mall I think gotta either take cab (short distance only) or there might be free shuttle service from hotel (can’t remember). The shops in the shopping malls are mostly open during my past few CNYs here 😅 Cause mostly operated by Malays, so they will still open.

      • Cool, Thanks for your reply again. Do you have suggestion which few shop is open? that can last abt 2 to 3 days haha…

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