CNY block leave

 photo IMG_20140130_211501_zpsc3574fe9.jpg

Finally, finally tried Lady M!
#new-found love #millecrepe

 photo IMG_20140130_005434_zps2f6ef45c.jpg

Handmade kueh bangkit from TPQ!
Impressive skill for a guy

 photo 20140202_175549_zpsca377f31.jpg

Vain pot at his favourite spot – my full-length mirror

 photo 20140202_175554_zpsf9a23ea8.jpg

In the midst of throwing all my soft toys on the floor -_-“

 photo 20140202_175612_zps1f7a8f62.jpg

My cutie pie! *bite!*

 photo 20140202_191148copy_zps6e85e079.jpg

Big angbao for my loveboy! ❤

 photo 20140202_191147_zps416c2306.jpg

Don’t you just love his double-chin?

 photo 20140202_221131_zps0419f012.jpg

New-found hideout

 photo 20140202_220801_zpsb3a01741.jpg

Wine bar

 photo IMG_20140209_114920_zpsceed73a4.jpg

Moscato night

 photo 20140203_001811_zpse7d1e03a.jpg


 photo 20140203_002403_zps26ee1124.jpg

My first win on darts

Had one whole week of block leave right after the CNY weekend and since it was too impromptu for a trip, I explored the local beauties that I had been wanting to explore instead.
 photo 20140204_133338_zpsf5b690cc.jpg

Not the flyers, but the one beside!
 photo 20140204_144201_zpsbb8a276f.jpg

 photo 20140204_135105_zps8dc1aa00.jpg

Bays exploration part 1 – Gardens by the Bay

 photo 20140204_134651_zps4f13b582.jpg

Virgin trip

 photo 20140204_140316_zpsa3336b2e.jpg

The meadow

 photo 20140204_132050_zps9aabeef6.jpg

Panoramic view

 photo 20140204_144108_zpsf01a9615.jpg

Dragonfly lake

 photo IMG_20140204_131927_zpsd0492944.jpg

The signature supertrees

 photo 20140204_140625_zpsae08cc16.jpg

Sunny day!

 photo 20140204_134813_zps7f9b91a1.jpg

Dome from across

 photo 20140204_132824_zpscdf3d915.jpg

Love seeing turtles!

 photo 20140204_134904_zps10a1c17e.jpg

Lotus pond

 photo 20140204_141737_zps0ac33a57.jpg


 photo 20140204_134225_zps86d64a35.jpg


 photo 20140204_134159_zps52317c93.jpg


 photo 20140204_141821_zps688d8d6c.jpg

With the Supertree!

 photo 20140204_141158_zps07cacb5e.jpg

More of the supertree grove

Heard the night view will be another beauty, so I will be back again! And I wanna go up for the treetop walk next time!
 photo 20140204_143405_zps6b58565c.jpg

One last picture at the bay before leaving for bays exploration part 2 – Keppel Bay~
 photo 20140204_143604_zps9a1a92a7.jpg

 photo 20140204_164015_zps9eec6dca.jpg

Walking from Labrador to Keppel

 photo 20140204_164318_zpse23e461f.jpg

Sea breeze ❤

 photo 20140204_164520_zps9019f8a0.jpg

The pretty houses

 photo 20140204_164538_zps50ee6305.jpg


Yacht and more yachts~
 photo 20140204_164646_zps5a63befc.jpg photo 20140204_164802_zpsfae1558f.jpg
 photo 20140204_165547_zpsb42bb62b.jpg

 photo 20140204_165115_zps8184da7d.jpg

Blue blue sky, blue blue sea

 photo 20140204_165245_zpsc62997d3.jpg

The beauty of Keppel Island

If I live here, I will take walks every morning and evening because the view is just too beautiful!
 photo 20140204_165417_zps3a856a36.jpg photo 20140204_165825_zpscdeb8cd7.jpg

 photo 20140204_170452_zps858c44ec.jpg

Keppel Bay Bridge

From day to night.
 photo 20140204_184207_zps077f4fe4.jpg photo C360_2014-02-04-19-37-02-879_zps52a52634.jpg photo C360_2014-02-04-19-39-31-512_zps8dfa380e.jpg photo C360_2014-02-04-19-37-57-500_zpsecf95f1a.jpg photo C360_2014-02-04-19-40-10-245_zps5948ca7a.jpg photo C360_2014-02-04-19-42-21-137_zpsdd104449.jpg

I realised, it gets so cold at night, so much that the breeze starts to make you shiver.

 photo 20140206_162115_zps9cc3494c.jpg

Uncle J’s birthday surprise

So good to be back in office but not for work. For once I get to sit on the couch in my own suite instead of the chair in front of the table. It feels even better when you know you have been missed.

 photo 20140206_162338_zps0afcd02b.jpg

“Blowjob” in progress (inside joke)

 photo 20140206_162606_zps925b6862.jpg

Eat snake cake time

 photo 20140206_163805_zps789255d4.jpg

With his favourite Oolong
Too bad we only managed to get the last 8 cans~

 photo 20140206_163847_zps67238ff5.jpg

Does it look more now?

 photo 20140207_222554_zps10def53d.jpg

Company’s CNY dinner

Result of the free-flow beer and sake~ And the one with the reddest face is none other than our 老板!
 photo 20140207_222728_zps49b2c655.jpg photo 20140207_222730_zps27cf8a17.jpg

 photo 20140206_224857_LLS_zpsa1ffe0c9.jpg

Chilling after Chingay

 photo 20140206_230014_zps29849658.jpg

Wow! Song dedication from Jason Mraz!

 photo 20140208_235504_LLS_zpsc6955bd1.jpg

Obviously a mushroom pizza

(via v1xxen.tumblr)

(via v1xxen.tumblr)


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