Chingay 2014

So this year’s Chingay has come to an end as well and I must say that 今年的心情和往年很不一样~ Not referring to any particular matters but it’s more of the absence of that goosebumps felt from the enthusiasm and appreciation of the audience. I really miss that.

In contrast, the appreciation towards volunteers is almost none at all because nobody actually knows how much effort you have put in to and whatever you’re doing is just to ensure that this whole show can go on smoothly. Nobody gives a shit about your presence or words except for those “in the same line” who see and know how hard you tried.

Well in anyway, it’s still good to see all the friends and the familiar faces.
With my dear siao char boh – Anna! She was screaming my name like a siao char boh as usual and it took me a long while to recognise her in her thick makeup.
 photo IMG-20140130-WA0003_zps86f5cba8.jpg photo IMG-20140130-WA0004_zpsf424d384.jpg

Also got the opportunity to get up close with horses and touch them because we have 2 big horses making guest appearance for the show.
 photo 20140206_192652_zpse63d65a0.jpg

 photo 20140206_192823_zps6e50f390.jpg


 photo 20140206_194302_LLS_zps0d2a4f43.jpg

One white horse and one stained with weird polka dots

 photo 20140207_193008_zpsf494d122.jpg

Love the white one!

This uncle asked if I wanna try riding on the horse and I was dying to! But I was wearing skirt. So I wore shorts for the next 2 days but he did not come anymore 😦 很 sad!!!!!!
 photo 20140206_193939_LLS_zps0067b607.jpg

But at least I got to stroke it for the first time and for countless of times~
 photo 20140207_193030_zpsdf3eb0a9.jpg

 photo 20140207_193129_zps532230a4.jpg

White horse with US

Somehow Lyn notices animal’s private part more than anything else. I don’t know if it’s just animal’s but that’s what she noticed about the white horse that I did not. She pointed and asked if it’s a male and I sarcastically replied, “No, that’s shit.
 photo IMG_20140207_230156_zps067a15d0.jpg

Then the next day when we visited them for the last time, the first thing that she noticed is the dick has become a lot shorter and she insisted that it’s not the same white horse. It turned out that it was really a long shit that we saw. Joke of the night.
 photo 20140208_194000_LLS_zpsac4273ae.jpg

 photo 20140208_194156_LLS_zpseb37b377.jpg

Farewell, my friends 😦

 photo 20140208_194145_LLS_zps516fbea1.jpg

*kiss kiss*

 photo 20140208_182551_zps1eb58160.jpg

With 财神爷
10 million TOTO, huat ah!

 photo IMG-20140208-WA0001_zps086de129.jpg

With Summer

 photo 20140208_183342_zpsa8bfebb8.jpg

With Winter melon

 photo 20140208_180330_zps5d01ffc2.jpg

The JAS must-have

 photo 20140208_183259_zps09fcc653.jpg

My annual must-have shot

 photo 20140206_191442_zpsd741dbe4.jpg

JAS float

 photo 20140208_191331_zps0e610dd8.jpg

My annual vote

 photo 20140208_191551_zpsc4b373d1.jpg

With the cute in-charge

I even showed him last year’s photo and told him I take photo with him every year without fail, no matter I am in JAS or not~
 photo 20130223_194358_zps03ea529f.jpg

 photo 20140208_191954_zps4434a0a8.jpg

With my Singaporean friends

 photo 20140208_192230_zps9ee8aecf.jpg

With Mr Lecturer

 photo 20140208_203924_LLS_zpsa8c17ca8.jpg

With my Japanese friend

Really sad to know that he’s going back to Japan for good this year… Which means I won’t get to perform with him again. Nevertheless, you’ll be missed, my friend, and I hope we will have the chance to meet again in future!

 photo 20130223_202814_zpsf1fe091b.jpg

Have I aged?!?! x.x

The little ballerinas~
 photo 20140208_185319_zpseabd6638.jpg photo 20140208_185320_zps4b31bc55.jpg

With Eunice 老师!She has officially become one of my favourite persons when she immediately backed me up because the stubborn PRC group in-charge was being extremely uncooperative and said shit to me. She’s one of the ones that saw and knew how hard we’ve tried, in all means just to get the groups ready.
 photo 20140208_185009_zps4511483e.jpg

Another who has been a great help to us – my hottie! She was helping us “chase people” on the last day when I had really given up hope on talking to shit people who gave me shitty rebuttal in her shittiest accent.
 photo 20140208_184928_zps9bc630f8.jpg

 photo 20140208_190502_zps49b96a90.jpg

With the foreign group

 photo 20140208_190352_zps6689d94e.jpg

They all looked so sad “hanging” up there…

 photo 20140208_195442_LLS_zps64d3e263.jpg

Finally the start of the parade

 photo 20140208_205701_LLS_zps243defef.jpg

JAS’s turn!

 photo 20140208_205744_LLS_zps4d18f723.jpg

Once a JAS, always a JAS

 photo 20140206_204630_zps2012ca57.jpg

The usual energy

 photo 20140208_215209_zpsf0146d1d.jpg

The end of Chingay 2014.

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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