My Sweet Valentines

 photo 20140210_122330_zps79b91e16.jpg

Pocky monster munching on giant Pocky!

 photo IMG_20140214_081649_zpsa4dbc681.jpg

Addicted to LadyM’s mille crepe cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 photo 20140214_190932_zps9ebe396a.jpg

Valentine’s Day surprise ❤

 photo 20140214_140747_zps18c0e299.jpg

V-Day special macarons & chocolates!

 photo 20140214_140825_zps6773b488.jpg

Isn’t it cute??? Hehe!
Looks so silly~

 photo 20140214_140736_zps6d4234f6.jpg


 photo 20140214_144402_zps648362fc.jpg

With my Hello Kitty champagne in my coincidental Hello Kitty top! xD

 photo 20140214_143856_zps407c580b.jpg

Thank you, 傻比 (((:

 photo 20140214_085712_zpsb2821032.jpg

Another Valentine’s Day gift (:

Oh and remember I posted some cuteeeeeee Rilakkuma swiss roll and asked if anyone could make for me? I really got what I asked for!!! Thank you, my “secret” reader, though I already know long ago you’re reading (;
 photo IMG_20140214_085628_zps9ab84e95.jpg

Momo’s handmade roses delivery for Ping! No more excuses for Valentine’s Day~ 只要有心!
 photo 20140214_142142_zpsc86070c1.jpg

 photo 20140214_143001_zps5e3b3116.jpg

Requested for a mini lohei session in office because I had not had one this year! Hehe!

 photo IMG_20140214_151200_zpsec745a9d.jpg

First and last lohei of the year~

Impromptu Saturdate that I actually rushed out of house within half my usual timing! Feels like a soldier trying to avoid getting punished by officer..hahaha! But it was all worthwhile because the lunch was so awesomeeeeeeee!!!

 photo IMG_20140215_152420_zps7bd89726.jpg

Portobello mushroom is such loveeee~

 photo IMG_20140215_152354_zpsa731266b.jpg

And my all-day breakfast mushroom omelette is so good too!!! Hehehe.

Back home and within like 20 minutes or so, I was out again! Hahaha! Indeed trained by “魔鬼教练”~ Delivered Nad Nad’s surprise present to her house before rushing down to join the birthday girl at Botanic Garden! Yes, we skipped our clubbing plan againnnnnn (planned since like 4 years ago) for a picnic instead! Hehe! But we did talk about having a picnic together before as well so ta-duh~ We did it! 😀

 photo 20140215_193144_LLS_zps38363cea.jpg

Botanic Garden at night! So pretty!

It was actually a Valentine’s Day event and I am surprised that many couples actually came for the event! I mean it’s so hard to find someone who enjoys such peaceful date, sitting under the moonlight, chatting under the stars and enjoying the tranquil and each other’s companion.
 photo 20140215_191023_LLS_zps1845b2e8.jpg

 photo 20140215_193948_LLS_zps21f3f4ea.jpg

Couples from young to old enjoying the live band (:

Oh we brought so much food and drinks for the picnic that we were so invaded by ants so many times! Haha! Even the ants couldn’t resist our chilled Moscato and red wine and I hope they were all drunk~
 photo 20140215_195117_LLS_zpsc0e1192b.jpg

 photo 20140215_221705_zps07825543.jpg

Trying to take a selfie with the pretty pavilion!

 photo 20140215_200258_LLS_zps1106d3be.jpg

1 day belated celebration for our Valentine’s Day birthday girl!

 photo 20140215_200322_LLS_zps754889c3.jpg

Happy Birthday to our sweet princess!

 photo 20140215_200847_zps6dca9362.jpg

PPGs! ❤❤❤

Every moment spent together with them is such quality time because we hardly get to meet and we always have endless stuff to talk about! So much that when the event ended at 10, we were the last to leave and we continued sitting at the swing to chit chat till we forgot the time!
 photo IMG-20140216-WA0000_zps22fa5097.jpg

 photo IMG_20140217_101121_zps0bc71938.jpg

Impromptu Udders and chit-chat session with the neighbours! (:

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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