The beauty of life

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The motivation to get to work – to feed the hungry tummy a good breakfast!

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The occasional Tom Yum crave…hehe~

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Limin, Kai Bin & Chii Hian’s virgin trip to Swee Choon!

Yes, it’s yet another birthday affair! I love birthdays because it’s when friends meet up and there’s cake!!! Hahahaha! But I’m so not looking forward to mine! x.x

Oh cute Shuning actually dreamt that I cried and told her I’m so stressed about my work, that’s why I haven’t been blogging much! LOL. She must have missed me my blog so much~

 photo 20140217_204345_zps891cdfe7.jpg

Closet Hello Kitty fan with her ruined cakes…LOL!

Shuning was so sad over the ruined cakes that she got her another 2 cakes! So Chii Hian ended up with 4 cakes!!! xD
 photo 20140217_203718_zps338c4dc8.jpg

 photo 20140217_203840_zps4afe1514.jpg

Happy Birthday in advance!

 photo IMG_20140218_153451_zps581af66f.jpg

The supposedly free day at HQ~

 photo IMG_20140218_133529_zpsea5a64fa.jpg

Long time since I last had satay bee hoon!

Went for a swim after work to burn off the sinful lunch! So shiok especially when there’s a pool so near your office and I have finally found my companion! But can die laughing at Ping’s “sound proof” bikini!!! LOLOL.
 photo IMG_20140218_210821_zps396863a1.jpg

 photo 20140218_205215_zps41dd62ce.jpg

After the shower!

 photo IMG_20140218_213945_zps07fde623.jpg

Sinning after the swim because we were hungry…hehe~

 photo 20140219_213109_LLS_zps133b0bd8.jpg

New place!
To satisfy my alcohol crave ((:

 photo 20140219_201649_LLS_zpsd7a269fc.jpg

Comfy seat with relaxing open air concept

 photo IMG_20140219_212157_zps834ec251.jpg

Orgasmic sin under the moonlight

 photo 20140220_134908_zps78cc79c3.jpg

Lunch @ PA to satisfy yours truly’s durian crave!

 photo IMG_20140220_212738_zps7a50c1ce.jpg

Then came the impromptu durian date at night xD

 photo 20140221_205415_zps430a1e3e.jpg

Waffle-making & Mahjong session!

 photo 20140221_205754_zpsdf49af9a.jpg

Ding! It’s done!

 photo 20140221_205751_zps8eb3fadb.jpg

And it’s so yummy!!!
So tempted to get a waffle-maker too >.<

 photo 20140221_210042_zps5b2c9971.jpg

Homemade is always the best (:

Such awesome quality time spent together! So much laughter and epic moments this time round too!

“This song is nice! What is the title?”

“Say something.”

After 30 minutes or so…

“This song sounds familiar…”

“It’s just now that song!”

“Oohhh.. What’s the title ah?”

LOLOLOLOLOLOL. It’s all the ultra strong white wine’s fault! Just 1 glass and this is what you get..hahahahaha!

 photo 20140222_221416_LLS_zps801cb98f.jpg

Dinner at Robertson Quay!!!

I remember when I first knew about this place, I was so in awe and I told myself I must dine here one day, which I finally did! Super full Korean dinner but it was so worth it!!! YUMS~
 photo 20140222_203202_zps833369a3.jpg

Went shopping before the dinner and I chanced upon this bathrobe/pajamas/winter wear at only 5 bucks!!! Whatever it is, I love it!
 photo 20140222_215559_zpsdefa3f1d.jpg

And I actually saw it at Suntec’s Cotton On the other day and fell in love with it~ Just that it was more expensive and I figured that I shouldn’t waste the money on something I don’t need. But now it’s only 5 bucks and it was the last piece! It’s fated to be mineeeeeeeee!!! xD

 photo 20140222_220858_zps724e5341.jpg

When an impatient Aries is in a toilet queue

 photo 20140222_225904_zps42f300f6.jpg


 photo 20140223_001836_zpsebed17aa.jpg

After round 2

 photo 20140223_011002_zps22e0861d.jpg

With my siao char bohs!

 photo 20140223_011227_LLS_zps4c3591be.jpg

Ending our ladies’ night ❤

 photo PhotoGrid_1393251887034_zpse8370e3b.jpg

6 hours of K again with the rappers! Shiokkkk~

Got them PK-ing over my new-heard favourite – 想你的夜! And singing with alcohol got so much more feel!!!!!!

(via firebones.tumblr)

(via firebones.tumblr)


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