photo 20140226_103636_zps85f72eee.jpg

1 hour to nua off during fire drill

 photo 20140226_103746_zps4d860330.jpg

The pervert who just finished her breakfast

 photo 20140226_103829-1_zpse2caa076.jpg

Cam-whoring together!

 photo 20140226_103815_zps8ed52421.jpg

Mimi looks so happy to cam-whore with us! 😀

Ice-cream time with da neighbours followed by usual chit-chat session~ So sad that Neli’s closed down before I tried! That’s why I hate waiting! I hate waiting to try things! YOLO!!!!!!!!!! And I hate Gui and buddy for not letting me try the other time! Argh! Now I’ll never get to try it again! 😦

 photo 20140228_003240_LLS_zpse43587c6.jpg

Stalking my blog just to find out my Chinese name, which obviously failed badly. It only caused my Photobucket bandwidth to exceed instead! -____-|||

 photo 20140228_010750_LLS_zpse4f563dc.jpg

But for the muffins and brownies, I shall forgive! Weeeeeee~

 photo IMG_20140225_222537_zps919432cb.jpg

Stocked up for rainy days!
25% tax increase is @#%&@#&!!!

 photo IMG_20140226_200107_zps434c197f.jpg

Lime vodka tart crave

 photo 20140228_203137_zps1c476de0.jpg

Impromptu Friday night plan

 photo 20140228_220811_zps4b821066.jpg

Munching on Pororo biscuits

 photo IMG_20140228_221002_zps73664904.jpg

So cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

Chatted from Taiwan to Korea and man~ I miss travelling so much!!!!!!!! I miss the freedom of going anytime I want to…sigh!

 photo IMG_20140301_125831_zpsaa95221d.jpg

Customised Lego! Hehehe

 photo IMG-20140301-WA0002_zps103dd787.jpg

Finally fixed my hair again!
Silky Leong again! xD

 photo IMG_20140301_162750_zps7abcede6.jpg


Explored Westgate and JEMS for the first time~
 photo 20140301_174952_zps247ef014.jpg photo 20140301_175003_zps0338cedd.jpg

 photo IMG_20140301_175203_zps4bf0aeec.jpg

Matcha is love, but still prefer Starbucks’ =/

 photo IMG_20140301_180750_zps56ac4162.jpg

The main motive of visiting!

 photo 20140301_205752_LLS_zps9aab507f.jpg

The west this time

 photo 20140301_205121_LLS_zpsbcf2f4ec.jpg

And Long Flat for the long night.

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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