Head & Cake over heels!

These 2 weeks felt like a rat race~ I was constantly motivated to clear my remaining scenes so that I can have time to shake leg, but every time when I was about to feel the accomplishment, another batch of tapes comes in T.T

Yea so it was basically a never ending rat race, which kept me going, because I will be constantly motivated to clear then. Something like that Candy Crush game – every time you clear, new candies drop down and you will feel the “addiction” to continue clearing…haha!

Anyway, I finallyyyyyy cleared my round on Tuesday, but was asked to help other rounds instead. Fated to be a rat x.x

 photo IMG_20140306_125125_zps9b99beab.jpg

Scripts craze

Caught Non-stop and it’s indeed a little like Captain Phillips, just that it’s an air version! But I still think Captain Phillips made my heart pound harder and it’s more intriguing, whereas Non-stop is more of constant guessing of who’s the culprit~ It’s still nice though! And it’s been quite some time since I last watched a movie (:

 photo 20140302_225202_zps182b2b9c.jpg

Finally! Still in the midst of getting it up in my room 😀

 photo 20140305_235515_LLS_zps36e68639.jpg

Enjoying the band on Balaclava’s ladies night

 photo IMG_20140307_141013_zps719c4d5d.jpg

The rare curry rice for the ultra hungry one!

Ganged up with the drama director and “directed” a birthday surprise for our 大姐大 before she goes on leave! I thought it would fail badly because Ping is someone who is very hard to surprise! She thinks A LOT and it doesn’t help that I actually accidentally typed into the wrong group chat!!! LOL.

Thank goodness she did not think that much this time round and was totally caught off guard when we walked in with the cake while she was talking to the director! And she was even more surprised when the director started singing the birthday song along with us because I had already ganged up with him! Hahahaha!

 photo IMG_20140307_173245_zps1ed00fdd.jpg

Happy Birthday Ah Ping!!! ❤❤❤

 photo 20140307_1711390_zpsf0a0a3cd.jpg


Time for the ice-creammmmmmm cake! 😀
 photo 20140307_171338_zpsdf960aed.jpg photo 20140307_171347_zpsb82da5c7.jpg

Jumped out of bed on Saturday because I was looking forward to the breakfasttttttt! Although venue wasn’t as planned, at least I visited a new cafe! 😀

 photo eac3b3ec-f3a5-4650-bb5c-99a13c1fb144_zps5d3eef39.jpg

Cake Over Heels (:

 photo 20140308_113315_zpsa345a822.jpg

Cute Ninja Turtles fondants!!

 photo 20140308_113424_zpse7aa9df6.jpg

Oh you make me fall head over heels~

 photo IMG_20140308_113524_zps336b6deb.jpg

Lychee Earl Grey!
Why is lychee always so niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

 photo IMG_20140308_113503_zps70232aa4.jpg

Chocolate Praline is even more orgasmic!
So rich and good! ❤❤❤

 photo 20140308_144552_LLS_zps42a02182.jpg


It was Mommeyyyyyyy’s day so after accompanying her for Daddy Poh’s 1st death anniversary, we headed off to her friend’s condo for a party~ They have such a beautiful pool there and I wish I can dive in!!!
 photo 20140308_150123_LLS_zpse736062a.jpg

But I wasn’t there to swim, I was there to sing! Or rather, listen to people sing! Haha! It was a uncles and aunties gathering so the songs sang were all oldies or Hokkien songs~ I may know a few but not so well to really sing them confidently.

I did find a few modern songs eventually but I was still quite shy to sing in front of all the old birds…haha! Until one of them agreed to sing 新不了情 with me then I made my debut and that was also the one and only song I sang! But it made Mommeyyyyyyy cry 😦

 photo 20140308_151813_LLS_zps46e8c0df.jpg

The 2 very loving and cute hosts!

After the karaoke session, it was feast time! So much food excluding desserts that we bought!
 photo 20140308_183410_zps97d13547.jpg

 photo 20140308_183140_zpsb2d22dfe.jpg

A mountain of bee hoon!!!

 photo 20140308_183418_zps33d84980.jpg

And a big plate of curry!
I’m a sucker for curryyyyyyyy!!!

 photo IMG-20140308-WA0004_zpsbd4c09e0.jpg

With the entertaining aunties and uncles!
Feeling soooo young for once! Hahaha!

And after much much much contemplation, I finally bought my cheapo waffle maker!!! xD
It took me so long to decide because I don’t know if it will be as good as the $100+ one! But I figured that even if I’m just gonna use it a few times it’s still gonna worth the $21.50 because 1 ice-cream waffle outside is already like $8! HAHAHA.
 photo 20140309_152930_zps49d5dc79.jpg

 photo 20140309_154505_zps5ca199a5.jpg


 photo 20140309_153843_zpsc2684f22.jpg


 photo IMG_20140309_162716_zps28ea3cb9.jpg

Final product!

It turned out pretty not bad! Of course still some difference compared to the $100+ waffle maker but I think this is much better than I expected already! And it’s quite fun too 😀 I wish my house isn’t that boring then I will be hosting so many house parties and inviting all my friends over for waffles! Haha!

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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