Good food, precious time

Started the week with three consecutive days of good food for lunch!

 photo IMG_20140310_200208_zpsedf7274c.jpg

Second best olive rice so far!
Just missing of some “pork” floss…hehe

 photo IMG_20140311_134755_zpsf6b1d77e.jpg

Tom Yum glass noodle!
Super shiokkkkkk~!

 photo IMG_20140312_123018_zpsd760d500.jpg

Finally tried my Yam Duck Rice!!!
Not a disappointment after all! LOVE IT! 😀

 photo IMG_20140312_084411_zps1efcace0.jpg

Miss my green pau!

 photo IMG_20140312_084055_zps5219b516.jpg

Portuguese egg tarts all the way from Macau, thanks bud!

 photo IMG_20140310_092957_zpse3c8d813.jpg

Result of having a waffle-maker – waffle for breakfast again! xD

 photo IMG_20140314_150232_zpsf0f68fe8.jpg

Switched suite for the day and Mimi was happily watching me work from the big couch!

Finally got it up in my room! Something I have been wishing for since my 21st (:
Although it’s a hand-me-down from Snow White and not in perfect condition, it’s enough to get my adrenaline going every time I wake up or get home!
 photo 20140312_235301_zps65229075.jpg

Wasted my whole Friday night due to unforeseen circumstances but had a good and long Saturday! Started off with catching 300: Rise of an Empire! It’s good – bloody, aggressive and amatory, but lacks the excitement as compared to the first, which I really liked.

Off for lunch at a place that I never knew the existence of again and would definitely not expect the existence at such a location! I am touched and thankful for the determination in bringing me here despite of the previous 2 failed attempts (‘:

 photo IMG_20140315_152409_zpsff62f7fb.jpg

This picture feels like I’m not in Singapore, but in US or something…hehe

 photo 20140315_151757_zps1d307997.jpg

Wheeler’s Yard – where bikes and food meet

 photo 20140315_151345_zps7e0b396e.jpg

The expensive bikes!

 photo 20140315_151441_zps20cdd244.jpg

Cute mini bikes

 photo 20140315_151421_zpsb37af0a8.jpg

Outdoor seats

 photo 20140315_151150_zpsc4d693e5.jpg

Indoor seats

 photo 20140315_133952_zps70cd43a8.jpg

Bike frames as decoration on the wall

 photo 20140315_151223_zps77c5d735.jpg

Even the table has bikes!

It’s really a pretty cool place! So casual yet avant-garde~ But business was pretty good that day, so apart from the long queue, the food also took like 1 hour to come =/

 photo IMG_20140315_145512_zps7d7abd65.jpg

Mushroom pasta!

 photo IMG_20140315_145546_zps72847d43.jpg

Saturdate is ❤

Received an exclusive invitation to Mac’s A Fantasy of Flowers private event that showcases the new spring collection and I decided to drop by to take a look~
 photo 20140315_163307_zps498fdbbd.jpg

 photo 20140315_163615_zpsac33f161.jpg

MAC @ Ngee Ann City

 photo 20140315_163336_zps72a664cf.jpg

Even though it’s a by-invite only event, it was still pretty crowded!

 photo 20140315_174342_zpsbf1fed92.jpg

Love the vibrant colours!

 photo 20140315_163419_zps4b142b5b.jpg

Lime vodka!

 photo 20140315_171418_zps697c4adf.jpg

After the live makeup demo

 photo 20140315_172634_zpsbb8f1ffe.jpg

She’s so pretty!!!

 photo 20140315_173221_zpsc4c7a374.jpg

A Fantasy of Flowers (:

Off to attend NDP briefing and it feels like I am going for work -_- It’s damn sad going to the same area for the 6th day this week. Hahaha. And it turned out that the briefing was a complete waste of time, which I should have expected…Zzzzz. All I wanted to know was the costume but it was not covered.

 photo 20140315_203351_zpsfcedf3e5.jpg

Durians with NDPeeps after briefing

Got flew aeroplane again and it totally felt like a déjà vu from Friday night. The thing is I am someone who may go to bed angry but I usually won’t wake up the next day feeling the same. So I really wasn’t expecting this same shit to be happening on the very next day, and it did. This time round I did not even feel angry anymore, it was more like, “I’m not gonna let this happen again.” Yes, I have my limits.

Impromptu decision to crash buddy’s house for Frozen because everyone has been telling me how nice it is and how touching. It turned out that when the credits start rolling, we looked at each other and said, “Huh? Really end liao ah?” LOL. Okay, I shouldn’t have expected so much from a Disney movie =/

Crashed buddy’s house again after 10 hours because no one wanna eat lunch with us and it was raining so heavily to go out, so he decided to whip up some pasta!


Buddy’s first cooked meal for me after 20 years! LOL.
(Excluding potlucks)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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