Advance Celebration! (Part II)

 photo IMG_20140322_112257_zps431b2b55.jpg

Saturdate to satisfy my prata crave! ❤❤❤

夜來香 cheng teng to fight the heaty brunch! HEHE! It’s been more than 2 years since I last visited and successfully have a bowl! Scary how time flies =O

 photo IMG_20140322_121324_zpsc654c7d8.jpg

Went back home and planned to rot the remaining Saturday away till my loveboy visits, but buddy initiated an impromptu cafe exploration, so I decided to bring him to Cake Over Heels! Sadly, it was a wasted trip because they were closed for class! D:

We ended up in J8 aimlessly; settled in Saybons because I had been wanting to try the one at PS. The mushroom and cheese crepe was good, so no regrets! At least it wasn’t so much of a wasted trip after all…hehe.

 photo IMG_20140322_170122_zps2a8ccd1f.jpg

Rushed back home to welcome the arrival of my loveboy who is back from his first flight trip to Perth!!! 😀 Missed him sooooo much and it’s mad awwwwww when he ran to me excitedly when I reached home and said in his usual act-shy soft-spoken tone, “Happy Birthday!” *meltttttttttttttttt*

And then as usual, he came to ransack my room and suddenly, he took a random item and asked me, “Yiyi, 这个是什么来的???” Yes, in full and clear sentence!!! I was stunned for a moment and looked at my Sis, then she said that he has learnt to ask a lot of questions lately~ Later on he even asked me, “Yiyi, 还有没有面包?这个是不是面包” while aiming at my pong piah on the table! LOL!

Oh man~ Our baby boy has grown up so much! I mean just a while ago he was still singing random songs and speaking alien language that none of us could understand (though still happens now), but now he’s speaking in full sentences! I am impressed by this mere 2+ years old boy! But he’s still a baby to me, and always will be! ❤

Didn’t expect Sis to have prepared a cake for an advance celebration for me and it’s even my favourite Lady M’s mille crepe cake!!!!!!!!!! OMG~~~~~ I had it for breakfast for the next 2 days and I can really never get sick of it!

 photo 20140322_193038_zpsbae25bda.jpg

Of course le loveboy was more excited about the celebration cake than anyone else because everyone’s birthday is HIS birthday! xDDDD

Us: Whose birthday is it?

Loveboy: Isaac!!!

 photo 20140322_193248_zpsa7686f9a.jpg

He looks so happy in this pic but a pity it’s blur!

 photo 20140322_193303_zps256cc4f3.jpg

Still trying to figure out to pose 2 or 3…LOL!

 photo 20140322_193307_zps24725a89.jpg

Overly excited and ended up covering my face -_-“

 photo 20140322_193258_zps3f6fd861.jpg

Took us 2648368128327 shots to get a clear and decent one!

 photo 20140322_193322_zps169cadac.jpg

Happy Birthday to us!!! xD

 photo C360_2014-03-22-19-35-04-631copy_zps257e7499.jpg

Busy cutting~

 photo C360_2014-03-22-19-35-21-189copy_zpsd96f3d4b.jpg

And while I’m cutting, he’s posing now!
好没默契~ Hahaha!

 photo C360_2014-03-22-19-35-14-299copy_zps32048c09.jpg

Soooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

 photo C360_2014-03-22-19-35-09-870copy_zpsb29cf44d.jpg

That “Can we faster eatttttttt face”…LOL

 photo C360_2014-03-22-19-34-55-632copy_zpsa18bc43e.jpg

Drooling on my face~

All of us were so entertained by him that night, from him talking to Bob the Builder on the “phone(but actually Vic’s charger) and started singing the whole of ABC song, to him doing a weird Chinese + Hawaiian dance that totally cracked all of us up!!! LOLOLOLOL. So much love for this boy! *biteeeeee!*

 photo IMG_20140322_192846_zps296e3852.jpg

All the Aussie goodies!!! 😀

Oh and my pig brother was trying to enter my room to steal all these Aussie goodies so I taught Isaac to say, “No” if 舅舅 tries to come in. So when the pig tried to charge in, Isaac really blocked his way and said, “No!” With his cute little index finger shaking left and right at him! LOL!!! Why so cute one?! xDDDDD

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(via shutterstock)

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(via lovequotesrus)


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