Advance Celebrations! (Part I)

 photo IMG_20140317_163648_zpsa3c02efb.jpg

So long since I last had this~

Birthday celebrations started as early as this week so it’s basically an eat-non-stop week; the annual routine~ First was at Swensen’s with Limin & co!

 photo 20140318_2013270_zps0adba7a9.jpg

I loveeeee caesar salad, but I love it more with smoked salmon!

 photo IMG_20140318_201433_zpseabbbc5c.jpg

Sambal fillet, as recommended by Bin Bin 😀

After a filling meal, the girls went on to order a regular earthquake, despite all my effort to dissuade them because 8 scoops of ice-cream sound like a nightmare…hahaha! But it was actually the birthday “cake” for Kai Bin and I to celebrate our birthdays in advance, just that the waitress forgot the candle and the girls were so disappointed~
 photo 20140318_210626_zps1267131f.jpg

 photo 20140318_211003_zpsc6d0e40a.jpg

Happy Birthday (in advance) to us!

 photo 20140318_211028_zpsed80feb6.jpg

One-night stardom

 photo 20140318_211043_zps3455aab1.jpg

Making wish together again like previous years! 😀

 photo 20140318_211101_zps63c6e483.jpg

Love this cute pic of my cute Bin Bin posing away while I was still wishing!

 photo 20140318_211108_zps2458bdd7.jpg

Yay! We are only each 10岁! xD

 photo IMG_20140318_201250_zpsb929849c.jpg

Handmade gift from Limin!
She made one for everyone and mine belongs to the glam theme! Weeeee~

 photo IMG_20140318_212709_zps5b8dd2da.jpg

Chii Hian’s gifts from Hong Kong and Perth!

 photo IMG_20140320_083707_zpsc9467e85.jpg

Buddy’s gift from Macau, specially for me!

 photo IMG_20140319_101740_zps03fddbcf.jpg

When you’re hungry but not so hungry and can’t decide between yogurt and cereal

 photo 20140319_101620_zps440e152d.jpg

Enjoying the best of both worlds

It has been a rather slacking week because I am more or less done with my scenes and just waiting for the remaining to come in~ But even when new tape comes in, it will just be a few of mine so I will end up clearing them pretty fast and having nothing to do again x.x

So I was more of re-editing on my own and helping colleagues with their rounds~ But on Friday when I really, really ran out of things to do, I got permission from my boss to “relax and sit in(as quoted) to watch the director re-edit with Ping!
 photo IMG_20140321_152733_zps4322a398.jpg

So this actually lasted for the whole day until boss declared in the late afternoon that I can just go off! Weeeeeeee~ But I had nowhere to go yet! Haha! So I continued staying and only left an hour earlier than usual.

 photo 20140321_201842_zps9e2d8542.jpg

At Fullerton Hotel washroom! xD

 photo 20140321_230135_LLS_zpscf327712.jpg

First visit to OverEasy!
Feel so sua gu~

 photo 20140321_203739_zpsd90781a1.jpg

Surprised to find this Gummiberry which I had at Loof!
Just nice I was missing it! 😀

 photo 20140321_204053_zpsf5f04ace.jpg

Yummy but super filling bites!

Someone tried to knock me down with this 70% alcohol birthday drink but sorry to disappoint~ Hahaha! No effect on me!!!
 photo 20140321_222049_LLS_zps7f32e7a5.jpg

But I think the last time I tried such crazy drink was those clubbing days~ #Feelingsooldnow =/
 photo 20140321_222108_LLS_zpsd824f3e9.jpg

 photo 20140321_234938_zps71d3b020.jpg

Night view from One Fullerton!

The sober test to see who can take a clearer picture; I think it’s obvious.

 photo 20140321_235146_LLS_zpseb70bcf5.jpg

By yours truly

 photo 20140321_235220_LLS_zpsecfae31d.jpg

Obviously NOT mine in terms of clarity, composition and everything…LOL

Went for a second round of party over at Xiao Qian’s place and because it was an impromptu invitation – only planned in the morning, I could only join late. But surprisingly, everyone was still very on about the midnight house party!

Yea so I happily went over with the idea that it’s just gonna be another home-alone house party with lots of girls’ talk over wine~ I totally did not suspect anything even after I stepped into Xiao Qian’s dark house because the room light was on and it was past midnight, so it makes sense to off the living room lights!

So I excitedly walked to Xiao Qian’s room – the only lit place, expecting to see Yinning and Nad inside but there was no one! By then, the girls had already brought out a huge fruit tart from one of the rooms and I was totally caught off guard!!! Hahaha!
 photo 20140322_004821_LLS_zpsb8a01056.jpg

Shit. Usually I would have thought of it or at least have such a thought crossing my mind! But this time round I somehow “forgot” that it’s my birthday soon and thought it was really one of our girls’ night! So grateful that they actually plotted this surprise and squeezed out time just to do this before Yinning flies to Euro next week! ❤❤❤

 photo 20140322_004926_LLS_zps2989c555.jpg

My yummy fruit tart from Fruit Paradise!

 photo 20140322_004907_LLS_zpse0becc5f.jpg

Surprised surprised surprised!!! 😀

 photo 20140322_005044_zps62a1f2fa.jpg

Making the same wish again~
I should have made different wishes so that I have many right???!

 photo 20140322_005102_zpsa503f720.jpg

Nevertheless, I wish my smallest wish comes true at least (:

 photo 20140322_005204_zpsa3f265d6.jpg

Hope I will really have a happy one this year!

 photo 20140322_005206_zpsc2a98c48.jpg

Gonna squeeze it down my bloated stomach! Hahaha!

 photo 20140322_010500_zps0c75946e.jpg

So weird for them to call me Vivian instead of my Chinese name but I’m thankful! xD

 photo 20140322_005259_zps453e2763.jpg

Opening pressie from my love girls!

 photo 20140322_005317_zpsda4f0e4b.jpg

And it’s the Ted Baker bag that I eyed on last year!!!

 photo 20140322_005453_zps91eea2eb.jpg

Hehehehehehehee ❤ ❤ ❤

Although the one I wanted is in light pink, this is pretty too!!! 😀
 photo 20140322_005352_zps4b4ff8f1.jpg

 photo 20140322_012642_zpsa68981d6.jpg

Girls’ night continues with lots of chit-chat over Moscato!

And somehow, we started measuring each others’ blood pressure just because Xiao Qian has the reader at home! LOL! Like some childhood 扮家家酒 game! xDDDDD

 photo 20140322_014122_zpsb9e97494.jpg

Our hot nurse at work!

As much as I am not looking forward to turning 25, I still appreciate and wanna thank everyone for the effort, time, treats and presents ((:

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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