i Light @ Marina Bay 2014

Every time this year, I will be stuck in this same situated whereby I have lots of backlogs to catch up on!!! With all birthday outings going on last week, together with a short Batam birthday retreat, I can really hardly squeeze out time to sit in front of my lappy! But wo hui jia you de!!!

Had an outing with the NDPeeps to check out the iLight exhibition at Marina Bay and apparently, it’s an annual event but it’s my first time visiting! I actually like such exhibition, taking nice photos and everything, I mean I even visited the annual lantern festival displays at Clarke Quay on my own before~

Yea but I made an impromptu appearance for the outing because I wanted to avoid any celebration from the peeps, which I successfully did…hahaha. I didn’t want the outing’s focus to be on me; I was there for the lights.

Well anyhow, met up with the little girl first to try out my long-awaited ramenTori King (aka 鸡王!!! -_-“)! But not only was this girl late AGAINNNNNN despite several reminders for her not to be, she had also eaten her lunch and was hence, too full to eat…Zzzzz.

Still miss my Tokyo one more!
 photo IMG_20140323_155521_zps5bc2a5b4.jpg

Off to meet the rest for dinner at Marina Bay so that we have energy to complete the whole exhibition~ There were booths from PasarBella specially set up for the event and it was pretty cool because you get to dine by the river!
 photo 20140323_175412_zpsd0bd81e0.jpg
 photo 20140323_180831_zps622d365c.jpg

Booth from James’ Butchery~
 photo 20140323_180841_zps8e44edab.jpg

Sharing this yummy ice-cream sandwich!!! 😀
 photo 20140323_180019_zps7db9b7ae.jpg

Dining by the river~
 photo 20140323_DSC_1305-1_zpsac9a61d4.jpg

Panoramic view of our beautiful city!
 photo 20140323_183114_zps94f10f2d.jpg

The difference between handphone camera and DSLR~ Haha!
 photo 20140323_192152_zpseb1ae9ef.jpg photo 20140323_DSC_1309-3_zpsec089d98.jpg

Miss Chili & Miss Chill~
 photo 20140323_DSC_1321-6_zps798910da.jpg

Chill pose! xD
 photo 20140323_DSC_1318-5_zps4ec321aa.jpg

Chilling by the sunset!
 photo 20140323_DSC_1308-2_zps4df04d14.jpg

Pretty shot of the 3 of us!
 photo 20140323_DSC_1316-4_zps40a39254.jpg

Off for our iLight exhibition~
 photo 20140323_194051_LLS_zps8a4434e8.jpg

She obviously doesn’t know how to keep calm~ Just look at her awkward chill pose! LOL.
 photo 20140323_DSC_1333-7_zps567ad0dc.jpg

First exhibit – Wishing Tree! It’s something like the one I wished in Hong Kong but because my wish didn’t really come true (except for work), I refused to make one.
 photo 20140323_200503_LLS_zpse13b4fb2.jpg

First exhibit – Crocodile!
 photo 20140323_201450_LLS_zps0f786112.jpg

It actually took me a while to see the crocodile~
 photo 20140323_DSC_1347-9_zpsd1069187.jpg

With the least dangerous crocodile! xD
 photo 20140323_DSC_1345-8_zpsa71ba70c.jpg

Pretty light on the river!
 photo 20140323_203309_LLS_zps1a8a1cfb.jpg

So colouful and pretty! 😀
 photo 20140323_202440_LLS_zpsa304c60f.jpg

With the pretty river!
 photo 20140323_DSC_1356-11_zps22861b6d.jpg photo 20140323_DSC_1355-10_zpse0b23777.jpg

With the bears exhibit!
 photo 20140323_DSC_1370-15_zps87f702b0.jpg photo 20140323_DSC_1367-13_zps7b55f67d.jpg

Somehow the pink one is male and blue is female~
 photo 20140323_204943_LLS_zpscfe7c886.jpg photo 20140323_205803_zps4980c314.jpg

With the cute female bear bear~
 photo 20140323_205948_zpsa6d0083e.jpg

We were trying sooooo hard to take a picture on our own with 1 phone illuminating our faces and the other taking the picture~
 photo 20140323_210417_zpsaa093d87.jpg

Then this kind lady saw us trying so hard and offered to take a shot for us! But it turned out too dark and hence the bear is now overexposed…haha!
 photo 20140323_210246_zps3935af9e.jpg

It would be so pretty for couples to take photos here! (:
 photo 20140323_204716_LLS_zps7999bf28.jpg

Not couples but still can take right~ Haha!
 photo 20140323_DSC_1365-12_zps70468a40.jpg

Another heart exhibit! Taking the chance to huggggg Karen while her other Minion is not around! xD
 photo 20140323_DSC_1373-16_zps6231df5b.jpg

Caught the MBS light show for the very first time! Am I the only one that feel that it’s much better than Hong Kong’s Symphony of Light show???
 photo 20140323_213451_LLS_zps9c8d075a.jpg photo 20140323_213411_LLS_zps56e82989.jpg

Cycling in the background to light up the car! xD
 photo 20140323_DSC_1402-22_zpsf1a4f2cc.jpg

 photo 20140323_DSC_1381-17_zps193f6ba8.jpg

Walked over to the floating platform side and there’s this nice net exhibit there! Looks like some screensaver…haha!
 photo 20140323_220307_zps8271f78b.jpg photo 20140323_220147_zps0369edbe.jpg

Another pretty exhibit – Rainy cloud!
 photo 20140323_221252_zpse13b2bbd.jpg

Raindrops keep falling on our heads! xD
 photo 20140323_DSC_1397-18_zps8b041a85.jpg

With the cute Minion couple! 😀
 photo 20140323_DSC_1398-19_zps8272cd00.jpg

Under the “rain“!
 photo 20140323_DSC_1399-20_zpse5a28a2f.jpg photo 20140323_DSC_1400-21_zpse5cabc70.jpg

One of the last exhibit – Tampopo aka Dandelion!
 photo 20140323_2222450_zps5712b39a.jpg photo 20140323_222256_zps33552f94.jpg

I quite like this shot (:
 photo 20140323_DSC_1408-23_zpseda404d1.jpg

I wanted something like a Bollywood-inspired shot but epic fail~ LOL.
 photo 20140323_DSC_1409-24_zps19ca47ae.jpg

Now this is more like it! xD
 photo 20140323_DSC_1410-25_zps8a0498c4.jpg

Another Bollywood pose! Hahaha!
 photo 20140323_DSC_1411-26_zps47f21e53.jpg

Com’on let’s all do it together! 😀
 photo  20140323_DSC_1412-27_zps8ac54248.jpg

Advance pressie from Eric~

Advance pressie from Eric~

(via thezodiaccity.com)

(via thezodiaccity.com)


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