Birthday Celebrations Part III

Loving my tee which is a gift from Perth from Sis! 😀
 photo 20140326_091552_zps92b92c28.jpg

The annual treat from the president – Miss Khiew and I got to choose what I wanna eat~ After seeing so many people posting pictures of the super yummy-looking custard molten lava cake, I figured that I must make a visit to Five & Dime too to try!!
 photo 20140326_194709_zpse894b748.jpg

Passed by it so many times and I had been wanting to check out the place, now I finally did! (:
 photo 20140326_193919_LLS_zps53440615.jpg

Mac & Cheese as our starter and Shi Min actually didn’t know the Mac word stands for macaroni! She thought I am ordering a pot of $15 cheese…LOL! It’s still quite expensive for a small serving of Mac & Cheese, but it’s definitely niceeeeee~!
 photo IMG_20140326_195703_zpsde77eec5.jpg

Salmon as our main course and it’s also another awesome choice! The salmon has this sweetness in it and we were trying to figure out what is that “sweet sauce”~
 photo IMG_20140326_200120_zpsa9973a8c.jpg

Then finally, my custard molten lava cake!!! I am a big fan of chocolate lava cake and I loveeee custard buns as well so having these two combined as one is simply heavenly!
 photo IMG_20140326_202806_zps1fb50447.jpg

A must-take shot when you are at Five & Dime! xD
I mean I have been seeing such a picture again and again on my Instagram so of course I have to take one to tempt you guys! Hahaha! Oh and I tell you, it’s so so SO NICEEEEEEEE!!!!! Will definitely go back again for it!
 photo IMG_20140326_203045_zps96513780.jpg

And because the fussy pie with golden taste bud doesn’t like the lava cake (she said it’s too chocolatey for her, is there such thing as TOO chocolatey?!?!), I get to have the whole thing…muahahahaha~

So she chose another dessert – some spiced strawberry meringue for herself but end up, she doesn’t like it again (GOLDEN taste bud!!!) so I had to help her with it!!! -_______-|||
But thank you fussy pie for the expensive treat!
 photo IMG_20140326_204509_zpsb3446a07.jpg

Directors started coming in this week to view the edits so I was busy trying to finish rushing the remaining for my drama. Decided to skip lunch for to save time so I was basically in my suite the whole day (except toilet breaks of course); enclosed in my own world, not knowing what’s going on outside~

Then all of a sudden, I heard knockings on my door and as usual, I continued editing while I verbally acknowledged the knocks. I don’t usually turn right away to see who is it or what, neither will I stand up to open the door because I can’t break my work momentum instantaneously! Haha!

Yea so my door opened while I was still sitting in my unglamest pose and suddenly, I heard, “Happy Birthday to you~” and that’s when I turned around in shock!!! Hahaha! Didn’t expect my colleagues to be celebrating for me because there’s still a Friday to go! But that’s also their reason for making me more surprised and everything less expected! xD
 photo 20140327_171118_zps78cc3049.jpg

No hands to make wish hence the silly face!
 photo 20140327_171135_zps407a86f7.jpg

谢谢大家!!! 😀
 photo 20140327_171141_zps82ef3c7c.jpg

K outing with Clique~ It’s been some time since we last sang together, but somehow I just wasn’t in a singing mood that day, surprisingly =/
 photo 20140327_220846_LLS_zpsba56651f.jpg
 photo 20140327_220909_LLS_zps03e184af.jpg

Poor Shrine spent the 3 hours playing games on his phone because he doesn’t sing!
 photo 20140327_220934_LLS_zpsa4797860.jpg

Got home and my pig brother surprised me outside my room with a cake!!! 😀 Although it’s the second cake of the day, I’m not sick of it at all! Hehe!

Very much surprised because I think this is like the very first time he bought a cake for me???! Though his reason is because he’s craving for black forest cake for the longest time -____-”
 photo IMG_20140328_000419_zps01c36627.jpg

这样小小的心意, 我已经很满足了。很难吗?

(via loveyourquotes.tumblr)

(via loveyourquotes.tumblr)


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