Batam Birthday Retreat

Last year this day, I was on my way to Hong Kong on my own to spend my birthday there. As much as I really miss Hong Kong (so much!!!), I didn’t have any intention to spend it out of Singapore this year, cause I had other intention in mind which I did not fulfill last year~

But in the end, I still spent part of it away from here, though not as far away this time…haha! It was actually a surprise birthday retreat to Batam from Mommeyyyyyyy and I didn’t get to know about it until she booked and paid =/

I admit that I was not totally excited about going with a bunch of strangers and spending my birthday with them initially, but it’s still nice to get away once in a while so I figured that I will just enjoy this 2 days 1 night short trip as much as I can (:

Since it’s meant to be a relaxing getaway, I was all dressed down – in flip-flops and shorts! Love my purple Havaianas!
 photo 20140329_074902_zps64365aaa.jpg

Met up with my crazy travel mate – Anna first and realised that it wasn’t her relatives that are travelling with us, but her ex-colleagues and their friends! So some of them were actually strangers to her too~

As expected, Mommeyyyyyy overslept but thank goodness she made it just in time for the ferry -.- If not I wouldn’t be able to imagine how weirddddd and boring the trip gonna be!
 photo 20140329_084957_zps2a845ab3.jpg

But as expected as well, she was having a very bad hangover from the hen’s party the previous night and was basically sleeping throughout the trip – from the ferry to the coach, so it was basically a sleeping trip for her…Zzzzz.

Taking a selfie because there’s no one to take picture with me then 😦
 photo 20140329_090002_zpsd1f9fbeb.jpg

Travelling with the naughty one again!!! Still as naughty, and still as gluttony!
 photo 20140329_140541_zpsb2027620.jpg

The tour is basically more or less the same as my previous trip but it’s not exactly a bad thing as well because I already know what to buy from the previous experience! 😀 For example, the local handmade kueh lapis!!!
 photo 20140329_114712_zps569bdd08.jpg

There is this free cultural show just right beside the kueh lapis place and it’s my first time catching it since I went to the other kueh lapis factory the previous time.
 photo 20140329_115022_zps52989901.jpg

Ripping coconut with his teeth!!! =OOOO
After that he even ate real broken glasses (the audience gets to touch them) and swallowed them! No pictures for that because I was quite disturbed by it.
 photo 20140329_115352_zps3c9556b4.jpg

Jumping through the fire ring~
 photo 20140329_115541_zpsd327bb5b.jpg

After visiting a few polo tees shop, a few 土产 shops, had lunch at the same seafood place, visited a few more shops, we skipped the tour and went back to the hotel~ This time round I stayed in Pacific Palace, which is highly recommended by Anna and it was indeed grand like a palace!
 photo 20140329_160646_zps3f7cf62c.jpg

A pity I did not get to take a picture of the exterior but it’s basically shaped like a cruise, like this! And the interior is also like a cruise, according to Mommeyyyyyyy; I didn’t know because I’ve not been on one before! Haha!



Paintings all over the ceiling~
 photo 20140329_160710_zps713f343f.jpg

Trying to take a picture  to show off the cool rotating glass door so I used these strangers as my “models“…
 photo 20140329_175547_zps12449803.jpg

Then Mommeyyyyyy volunteered to be my model and started running around like a monkey!
 photo 20140329_1756260_zpsd8569fb1.jpg

I guess the hangover is finally over~
 photo 20140329_175631_zpsd56d6b3f.jpg

With the naughty Astemus while waiting for check-in!
 photo 20140329_161311_zps0862b9a7.jpg

Comparing with the one taken last year when we were waiting for our ferry to Bintan~ He looks the same – still making cheeky faces and all, whereas I think I’ve really aged! 1 year worth of damage x.x
 photo IMG_20140330_102707_zps42215108.jpg

The room is about the same size as the one we had in Harmoni Hotel but this feels a bit more … empty =/
 photo 20140329_163017_zps890714a1.jpg

View from our window! I wish I could dive right in but I did not bring my swimsuit because after the previous experience, I figured that I’ll have no time to swim for a 2D1N trip, hence I did not bother this time. Who knows we would skip the tour halfway and everyone actually brought their swimming costumes!!! D:
 photo 20140329_162958_zps420f553a.jpg

Went out to Nagoya One for dinner but a pity we did not have much time to shop there 😦 Cause we had booked for massage! But the 1 hour 45 minutes massage was damn shiokkkkkk~ That’s what I love about getaways.

Back to the hotel and we settled in the lounge for some drinks because upon knowing that it’s my birthday the next day, Anna’s hip mum immediately offered to treat me to drinks! Haha!

Like a boss~
 photo 20140329_223110_LLS_zpsc526e135.jpg

Super cheap drinks!!! Around S$6 for 1 cocktail and still buy 1 get 1 free! Which means each is only like 3 bucks?! =OOOOOOOO
If only I can find such deals in Singapore!
 photo 20140329_225308_LLS_zpsc9a1dadf.jpg

When the clock struck 12, Anna and Mommeyyyyyy actually got the live band to sing me a birthday song! Quite an honour but also mad paisehhhhhhh!

And it got even more paiseh when they invited me up the stage to sing a song with them! I may be very extrovert but I am still someone with stage fright!!! I didn’t wanna go up but I didn’t wanna dampen the mood as well, so I dragged Mommeyyyyyy up with me! Hahaha!

And because there’s limited “international” songs, they requested for the famous 月亮代表我的心! What a song to sing on your birthday…hahahahaha!!! That explains the 101% awkwarddddddd face I’m having!
 photo 20140329_231035_LLS_zps199d8822.jpg

But it’s still an experience so I’m not regretting~ I mean it’s after all my first time to sing in public in front of all the strangers!!! At least I’ve done something new and crazy this birthday 😛
 photo 20140329_231342_zps23c2571c.jpg

Had a good sleep before waking up for the hotel breakfast and prepare for the check-out~ Then we decided to check out Anna’s room because she upgraded to the superior room and Mommeyyyyyy blundered into a super embarrassing situation once again!!!!!!!

What happened was we both forgot Anna’s room number, but she was so confident that the room 2 doors away from us is hers because she saw Astemus entering that room the night before. So she went on to press the bell confidently and a while later, this guy with super sleepy look, wrapped in towel, opened the door! You can imagine the shock and embarrassment on our faces…LOLOLOLOL.

In the end, how we managed to find the room was by shouting Astemus’s name in the hallway and luckily Anna heard it! HAHAHAHA!

Her bathroom is indeed BIGGGGG!!! =O
 photo 20140330_111037_zpsf1dd22de.jpg

And she even has a balcony which I borrowed to cam-whore! xD
 photo 20140330_110850_zpsc64b906c.jpg

Time passed real fast for this trip and the Supergirl is awaiting to “fly” back to where she belongs!!! 😀
 photo 20140330_110822_zps71305bed.jpg

My 2 crazy travel mates~ Checking out and waiting for the bus to pick us to the ferry terminal!
 photo 20140330_114042_zpsfd682dd1.jpg

Because Mommeyyyyyy always make fun that I like to “stick out” my boobs when I take side view shots, I purposely slouched a little this time and now I look like the slouching ape in the ape evolution -_-”
 photo 20140330_114133_zps8fb0be42.jpg

A group shot with all the strangers-turned-friends of all ages that I travelled with!
 photo 20140330_114448_zps61f30d95.jpg photo 20140330_114443_zpsb7dec815.jpg

Back to Singapore in the afternoon to spend quality time for my remaining BIRTHDAY! 😀

(via firebones.tumblr)

(via firebones.tumblr)


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