Birth Day!

Back in Singapore to spend another half day of my birthday here! 😀 It wasn’t like a celebration but more of quality time spent exploring yet another cafe!
 photo 20140330_192011_zpse816c851.jpg

Vintage theme seems to be a popular choice for many cafes nowadays~
 photo 20140330_191555_zpsb54b3484.jpg

The olden days stuff found at every corner of the cafe! Including an old school TV!
 photo 20140330_192006_zpsa953034c.jpg photo 20140330_202230_zps7121c591.jpg

A collection of antique cameras~
 photo 20140330_211855_zps1da439ad.jpg

Old school hair steamer!
 photo 20140330_192701_zpsfdad8031.jpg

Old school ice-kacang maker~
 photo 20140330_211810_zpsaca9639e.jpg

I miss seeing this outside our studio back in school! Haha!
 photo 20140330_211837_zpscfda0524.jpg

And even the menu is a slate booklet 😀
 photo 20140330_191917_zpse796b88a.jpg

Pink drink with nice pink ice-cream!
 photo IMG_20140330_193310_zpscb17f88d.jpg

Veg pizza over rounds and rounds of daidi and “strip poker” -_-”
 photo IMG_20140330_193805_zpsd58c51c1.jpg

Since it was my lunch plus dinner, I was quite hungry so I still had space for dessert! Cute Mickey pancake that reminds me of Disneyland!!!
 photo IMG_20140330_203320_zps77e745b1.jpg

I even asked if the pancake is really in the shape of Mickey before I ordered! LOLOL! *embarrassed*
 photo 20140330_203433_zpsf0c54917.jpg

A short and simple birthday spent this year~

(via loveyourquotes.tumblr)

(via loveyourquotes.tumblr)


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