Wrap cum Farewell Party!

Monday to Wednesday was almost non-existent because I can’t remember what happened now. Probably nothing much except for coming back early to feed the fishes while my pig brother is away in Japan + Korea for 2 weeks plus~

The week only became more interesting when we had yet another wrap party (but this time round our own company’s and not client’s)! Actually we weren’t very much involved in the projects that were wrapping up, but we were there for the farewell of our 2 dear colleagues cum lunch khakis x.x

Party was held at somewhere in Haji Lane; we had the whole 2nd storey to ourselves!
 photo P1010874_zps54e30d28.jpg
 photo 20140410_201033_LLS_zpsf8059703.jpg

So it was a night of free-flow drinks (again), music, cam-whore, cam-whore and more cam-whore~
Oh and Mexican food that food-poisoned me =/
 photo P1010840_zps2f2e5810.jpg

Mingle session~
 photo P1010843_zpsd752fbee.jpg

Dream kitchen…muahahahahaha~
I’m kiddin’ You can’t make good drinks without a good bartender.
 photo 20140410_203126_LLS_zps5ed847d6.jpg

Double shot of Butterscotch! ❤ ❤ ❤ *on cloud 9*
 photo 20140410_201018_LLS_zps046e1d4d.jpg

Cam-whoring with boss’s camera all night long!
We were officially the most hardworking staff amongst the rest because we were still in office when everyone else had reached long ago! Haha!
 photo P1010844_zpsb2713d48.jpg

Ping’s artistic shot~
 photo P1010846_zps410e2e0f.jpg

Our little boy colleague whom we like to bully xD
 photo P1010842_zps8bb32077.jpg

Selfie with colleagues from the other side too! Yes, we have 2 companies – Production & Post-production~ Like what my boss would say – we are same father but different mothers…LOL.
 photo P1010849_zpsa0777f88.jpg

Mega selfie! xD
 photo P1010850_zps86514006.jpg

The remaining lunch khakis now 😦
 photo P1010845_zps06814b08.jpg

Second round – Jägerbomb! And then I lost count of what else I drank~ Haha!
 photo 20140410_203152_LLS_zpscf9196de.jpg

With one of our in-house producers! This picture caused a controversy because we were talking about how our innocent-looking Alicia (centre) always managed to give an unintentionally-seductive look! LOLOL.
 photo P1010870_zps3bccf8fe.jpg

I don’t know why but the bosses ordered Tequila shots all of a sudden~
 photo P1010876_zps48d1a033.jpg

And they made a farewell toast to our 2 “departing” colleagues~
 photo P1010880_zps4f299c97.jpg

Uncle J’s reluctant look because we all know how bad Tequila shots taste! LOL!
 photo P1010879_zpsa08910d2.jpg

But of course they were spontaneous as always (:
 photo P1010881_zps9ba70437.jpg

Everyone downing the shots! In the end I also kanna one and it really taste terrible.
 photo P1010910_zps23f022cb.jpg

Uncle J getting high??? LOL.
 photo P1010869_zps2e381751.jpg

With Ali! At last it’s not a seductive look! x
 photo 20140410_215345_zps4b4bafcf.jpg

Guess who is this siao char boh?
 photo P1010902_zps2153aae6.jpg

We simply loveeeeee playing with our hair! xD
 photo P1010890_zps7b64c6a9.jpg

I thought I did not take any solo pictures with Uncle J but actually I did! Just that it’s not so glam and I couldn’t even remember when this shot was taken! LOL! Well, at least I did take a picture with him before he left…hahaha!
 photo P1010918_zps1bb7667e.jpg

We are all gonna miss this gentleman cum 姐妹 of ours so so so much!!! 😦 You know while we were chatting at the bar area during the party, he even automatically carried some chairs over for us to sit! And when we looked over at the other side, we could only shake our heads at the little boy who is happily eating and shaking his legs on the stool~ Sighhhhhhh.

He is really the 二十四孝好男人 to the extent that after buying us breakfast on his last day the next day, he even washed up our utensils for us!!!!!! Awwwwwwwww~ We girls are so gonna miss having him pamper us! LOLOLOL!
 photo P1010920_zps22e7903e.jpg

Of course apart from his gentlemanly virtue, he has also been like one of my nicesttttttt colleagues! Always helping me whenever I encounter problem since my first day of work~ And every time I approach him with a problem, even if he doesn’t have a solution for me, he would stop his work and Google to search for me! 😥
 photo P1010919_zps69da2af4.jpg

Lunch khakis + the producer! 😀
Something’s wrong with Alicia’s pouty mouth again…hahahahahahaha!
 photo P1010916_zps4fa6ce41.jpg

我们是 S.H.Y (See. Huang. Yang)! One of my toilet inspirations! xDDDD
 photo P1010906_zps7d4e8719.jpg

Love this picture! 😀
 photo 20140410_214122_LLS_zps3c272079.jpg

Taking our album cover shots…LOLOLOL.
 photo P1010926_zpsd3a828cc.jpg
 photo P1010922_zps0260ac20.jpg

And that failed look-backward shot…HAHAHAHAHAHA!
 photo P1010924_zps8df3a8bd.jpg

YHS~ We never actually stood in the correct positions because See doesn’t like that first position’s angle 😛
 photo P1010927_zps6b0d45b2.jpg

Emo shot by Ping!
 photo IMG-20140413-WA0010_zps34e8a4ee.jpg

Now it’s the guys’ turn to pose! ROFL!
In case you’re wondering, they are 100% straight! Well, at least for Uncle J; I can vouch for that…hahahahaha!
 photo P1010930_zps00a48879.jpg

Continued to cam-whore outside the pretty alley!
 photo 20140410_230934_zps3f5b704e.jpg

Ping’s model shot taken by yours truly!
 photo 20140410_231030_LLS_zps0a1c6484.jpg

Modelling for Ted Baker xD
 photo 20140410_231151_LLS_zpsd238f6c9.jpg

Did I mention before a number of clients have said that we both look alike???! DO WE?! Because even Facebook once grouped our photos together in that auto-tag mode! -____-”
 photo IMG-20140413-WA0009_zps121ebf63.jpg

 photo IMG-20140413-WA0012_zps2acdd7ca.jpg

But one thing for sure, we are both equally SIAO! Whahahaahaha~
 photo IMG-20140413-WA0008_zps4c57a362.jpg
 photo IMG-20140413-WA0007_zpsce94b58c.jpg

From 6 to 4; you guys gonna be missed!!!!!!!!!
 photo 20140410_233021_zps991f8681.jpg

Had a hell of a night lao sai-ing and puking in the middle of the night -_-”
I thought I was gonna die~~~

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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