Keppel Night <3

Everyone was in such “holiday mood” after the party the previous night! Seriously, parties on a Thursday night is such a bad idea~ But luckily I had a good Friday night to look forward to! 😀

Tried Pita-Pan Mediterranean meal for the first time and there is so much to say about their service! Not being able to remove certain ingredients for me, fine, it’s not their fault. But I paid to add extra ingredients (mushroom and egg) and was served as side dishes instead of having them added into my dish!

I mean why would I wanna have a hard-boiled egg and a bowl of mushroom served separately right??? And when asked if they could cut up the egg for me, the reply I got was, “Oh, you can smash it up yourself with a fork“. Thanks. I think I can cook my own meal too.

Thankfully, the chill-out session after that kinda salvaged everything because it was at an unexpected and also one of my favourite place now! I never thought my impression, or rather, memory of Keppel Bay would change for the better but of course I am so glad it did ((:

First time visiting Prive waterfront bar!
 photo 20140411_212015_LLS_zps975cdf27.jpg

Comfy sofaaaaaaaaaa~!!! Lying under the moonlight, enjoying the drinks; such a good Friday night!!! ❤
 photo 20140411_211952_LLS_zpsee38dfab.jpg

View from our seat! The pretty Keppel bridge~
 photo 20140411_211601_LLS_zps297378f4.jpg

Berry Mojito & Lychee Mojito (:
 photo 20140411_212516_zps5f7b5d25.jpg

Short night walk after that..hehe! So in the end I got my wish of dinner + chill + 海风 all happening in one night! 😀 Happy girl~
 photo 20140411_230658_LLS_zps8fd74f69.jpg

Doriyaki from Doraemon! ❤
 photo IMG_20140412_114930_zps8bc88884.jpg

Back to MINDS on the next day and we brought the residents out for our annual bowling match! I was in-charge of one of the groups and hence, I was carrying the bag of bus fare~ Yes, we brought them to take public transport! (:
 photo 20140412_133150_zps6c7fc3f9.jpg

Actually it wasn’t a challenging task to bring them on public transport, but just that I need to have like 5 pairs of eyes instead of 1, cause I have lots of wanderers in my group!

Like if my attention is fixed on one, the next moment another will be secretly wandering off! But thank goodness I have other volunteers to help me of course (:

Successfully reached the bowling place!
 photo 20140412_151136_zpsb631876e.jpg

Guiding the residents to bowl~
 photo 20140412_161430_zps64d6b39d.jpg

But of course not the standard way! xD
 photo 20140412_161435_zpse97f9c98.jpg

Although they are not pros in bowling, you can still see the sadness in their faces when they “lokang“~
 photo 20140412_160536_zps0f41b5f6.jpg

Prize presentation! Every group got a prize of course! Haha!
 photo 20140412_165531_zpsdf7c3d91.jpg


Cheers to the successful TH outing!

Puffy cheeks like me!
 photo IMG_20140412_171710_zps8bcff439.jpg

Throwback photo of dessert after first NDP practice~ Yes, it has started again! Finally! 😀
 photo IMG_20140406_202550_zpsfed3c07f.jpg

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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