This week marked the official end of the drama project that we had been busy with these few months~ Lots of tape dumping to do which means I get to sit in the suite the whole day to watch the drama for one last time before it’s aired! Haha! So gonna miss it 😦
 photo IMG_20140422_190033_zps73ddd573.jpg

The part I dislike – filling up cue sheetssssss because so many numbersssss! And it’s my first time doing it =/
 photo IMG_20140422_121756_zps255fd463.jpg

Was late for my appointment because I only finished dumping at 7.30pm and what’s worse, Mr AP decided not to take my tapes back when I had rushed them out for him!!! -___-” I complained and complained till he felt so bad and offered to give me a ride, so I wasn’t late in the end! Hahaha!
 photo IMG_20140421_193551_zps0adc1970.jpg

I guess Ping was bored when she was dumping her round so she started this Line stickers conversation with me…LOL.
 photo IMG_20140421_095659_zpsbdd06030.jpg

Tom Yum lunchhhhhh! I thought I had not tried it before but I actually had! Still love it nevertheless! 😀
 photo IMG_20140422_135025_zps1f4c9cdf.jpg

Chocolate Origin lava cake craving satisfied~!!!
 photo IMG_20140422_195936_zpsfd1fbf15.jpg

Short meetup with PPGs before Nad Nad rushed off to prepare for her flight~ We squeezed out every bit of time to meet up whenever there’s a chance because our Miss SIA is super busy!

Champagne chocolate that Yinning got for us from Europe! ❤
 photo 20140422_204904_zps497465f9.jpg

And yet another sleeping mask added to my collection, thanks to our silly Xiao Qian! She actually got her friend to buy for her because she felt bad that she did not buy for us during her previous trip! Now I really have many different moisturisers and sleeping masks filling up my dressing table, because I just got my brother to get me a few from Korea too! xD
 photo IMG_20140422_233912_zpsa90b10b7.jpg

Fire drill on Wednesday morning which means we had 1 hour plus to idle because we don’t know when the electricity would be cut off~ Since we already knew about the drill the previous day, Ping actually brought along her invitation cards to work on!
 photo IMG_20140423_112541_zps8a2552df.jpg

I also attempted to help her but it’s so difficult getting the ribbon right! I took so long to finish one because I’m such a perfectionist~ Not bad right! Hehe!
 photo IMG_20140423_105621_zps1f7c2110.jpg

Fire drill time means cam-whore time with Mimi! 😀
 photo IMG_20140423_112958_zps8ae50678.jpg

With Alicia photo-bombing by waving frantically behind…LOL.
 photo IMG_20140423_113220_zps73a5a5fc.jpg

Was a little lazy to take bus to work so I actually asked my colleague who lives near me if he wanna share a cab, since he cabs to work every day -.- But it turned out that it’s because his dad is a cab driver and he has been enjoying this privilege of a comfy ride to work in a big comfy cab for the past 5 months without long bang-ing me!!! TSK TSK!

First time in such an atas cab! It’s not the normal maxi cab but the rather prestigious kind with folded table so you can have your food and drinks! Too bad I won’t be enjoying this for long because the young boy is leaving x.x
 photo IMG_20140424_095210_zpsc26441d8.jpg

Super sumptuous lunch with basically everything that I want included! My favourite egg plants, my mushroom rolls and even fish! 😀 超满足的!!!
 photo IMG_20140424_161342_zps1492aab3.jpg

Some “河风” before dinner! xD
 photo 20140424_193332_LLS_zpsb9b09dd9.jpg

I didn’t know there’s such a pretty bridge at the Kallang River!
 photo 20140424_195015_LLS_zps9de3c485.jpg

Surprise visit to Thai Express because I thought the promise was long forgotten! 😛
Cho~ happy that I finally get to have my Tom Yum soup and Taro dish again!!!!! I miss them so much!
 photo IMG_20140424_202837_zpsfb8403ec.jpg

This is seriously, seriously so goodddddddddddddddddd! ❤
 photo IMG_20140424_202525_zpsecf360c4.jpg

Came back from lunch and there was dessert on each of our tables, specially from the young boy! We had been nagging at him to be more gentleman like our dearest gentleman colleague who had left – Uncle J, so now that this young boy is leaving too, he’s starting to be sweeter (:
 photo IMG_20140425_143908_zpsff0da24b.jpg

Friday night out with PPGs again because Nad Nad realised that she made a mistake for her flight timing! Yay~! So we finally got to have a proper girls’ night out again! 😀

Our initial plan was to check out Ku De Ta – apparently an atas rooftop bar in MBS. We did go up in the end, but we got informed that the area where we got a table will be closed from 9pm for reservations and in order to get a table, we need to spend a minimum of $1.5K! =OOOOOOOOO

That’s like $400 for each of us!!! I can buy an air ticket with that! And even if we had agreed to splurge for this one crazy night, there’s no way we can hit that even if we order a bottle each -_-”

So in the end we left the place after catching a glimpse of the night view 😦 We concluded that we should come back on a weekday, when it’s less crowded and they don’t set such ridiculous rule.

Decided to settle dinner first in MBS but the place is so freaking big and we were all mad hungry because it was already close to 9 and we had not found anything to eat! Finally settled for Ding Tai Fung but by the time we conquered the queue, it was like 30 minutes later… Super hungry!!!

We decided to splurge on the atas truffle xiao long bao because nothing’s expensive compared to $1.5K now…LOL.
 photo IMG_20140425_215815_zps55e03cee.jpg

But actually I still prefer the original xiao long bao! xD
 photo IMG_20140425_215245_zps41901dfe.jpg

We had a hard time deciding where to go next because it was Friday night and everywhere is bound to be crowded 😦 In the end we finally decided to try our luck at Acid Bar and ta-duh~! We got a table, right in front of the live band!

Nad Nad suggested ordering this apple and lychee shooters tray and it’s niceeeeeee for a shooter!
 photo IMG_20140426_000354_zps0e3cdf5a.jpg

25 of shooters awaiting us!
 photo 20140426_000003_zps91ca1213.jpg

Saturday was Mommeyyyyyyyyy’s day~ Our bak kut teh lunch before accompanying her for Qing Ming praying~
 photo 20140426_140028_zps4c96424e.jpg

Left for our individual appointments after that and just when I thought it’s (finally) gonna be a stay-home Saturday for me, I was dragged out for drinks! >.<
 photo 20140426_211639_LLS_zps71522e4c.jpg

And she decided to order shooters … again! =O
It’s her favourite B-52, which is apparently quite difficult to make because of the layering, and also Whipped Cream (yea that’s the name)~
 photo 20140426_213651_LLS_zps7c8a0735.jpg

It’s good to see that she’s happier now, can you tell too? (:
 photo 20140426_232854_zpsa9147c6b.jpg
 photo 20140426_232901_zps8d612c56.jpg

Second round of cocktails! Another of my standard drink apart from Midori SourSummertime~
 photo 20140426_222831_LLS_zps4fe4829a.jpg

And just when I was thinking I was thinking the 25 shots for 4 persons is no kick, the night ended this – another round of shooters! –FAINT!!!– And I swear that the 90% Diesel Sour or something is so awful and also such a killer! Zzzzz.
 photo 20140427_001548_LLS_zps64331427.jpg

Still managed to dance the next day~ We went through yet another round of audition (Zzzzzzzzzz!!!) and were split into groups. This year I am in the Indian group! I don’t mind because I’ve tried Eurasian, Malay and now Indian! Hehe!

I’m not a fan of Chinese dance, or rather, I just can’t do it gracefully, so I am quite thankful for the result~ Furthermore I really think that the Indian dance steps are the easiest so far, just that I need to start cultivating that “shake like no one’s watching” mentality -_-”

Poor Ah Lyn got split to the Malay group with no one accompanying her~ At least I have Karen and Leng Leng with me…hmmmmm. Now there’s no one to help me remember my markers and pull me when I’m wrong =/

Vietnam candy from Kelly~!
 photo IMG_20140427_175637_zps1db2bdf6.jpg




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