Another Farewell~

My power breakfast (corn flakes + oat cereal + soy milk) which I influenced Ping to fall in love with too and now we have like so many boxes of cereals in the fridge! Hehehehehehe 😀
 photo IMG_20140429_1011571_zps31acb144.jpg

Back to work! And yes, I am so fated with him! But isn’t this cuteeeeeee?! 😦
Hahahahaha! ❤_❤
 photo 20140430_123021_zpsb41ca307.jpg

Tried something new for lunch – olive oil noodle! Comes with my favourite “ikan bilis“…好吃!!!(:
 photo IMG_20140429_1353541_zpsa0f5633d.jpg

Enjoyed my very last luxurious free cab ride to work on Wednesday because it was K’s last day and he promised to long bang me on his last 2 days! Hahahaha! Sleeping till 8.45am is such a luxury please!!! I totally miss that…LOL. But I’m also gonna miss bullying this young boy so much~
 photo 20140430_1001130_zps9f47608d.jpg

We bullied him and insisted that he should treat us lunch because of the very good job opportunity he got! Hahaha! But in the end of course we treated him instead~

Overly-sumptuous brunch at Cedele! Super filling and we forced poor K to finish up our sausages and bacon for us…LOLOL. Super love the mushrooms though!!!
 photo IMG_20140430_132413_zpsd9d90257.jpg

But in the end, we still insisted that he treats us dessert – salted caramel cheesecake to share over self-proclaimed tea break! xD
 photo IMG_20140430_183025_zps95c6c20b.jpg

And the self-proclaimed tea break extended to some cam-whore session…oops!
Last group photos together before we ladies officially rule the Post! Muahahahahaha~
 photo 20140430_185024_zps7895f3d3.jpg
 photo 20140430_185008_zps849ff2a9.jpg

And then we discovered that K has a pervertic face…LOLOL. Actually I didn’t just discover that, I already realised it when he came for interview and I brought him over to HQ…HAHAHAHAHA!
 photo 20140430_1851270_zps1cf5ea68.jpg

Chill out night at Cotton (the previous OneTwentySix)! The place looks exactly the same but the menu has changed completely 😦 No more Younger Man~ No more nice Martinis~ Thank goodness my Adam & Eve is nice!!! Still not a fan of cognac though =/
 photo 20140430_205359_LLS_zps4f7cf1c1.jpg

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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