The Happy Occasions!

Labour Day was spent singing K with the neighbours and buddy made a surprise appearance with a cake! I guess all of them were really stunned because cake celebration ain’t their kind of thing~ But what’s a celebration without a cake! =X
 photo IMG_20140501_153712_zps7f0b0aec.jpg

TPQ looked so taken aback and awkwarddddddd like it’s his first time having a cake celebration…HAHAHAHA! Happy belated Birthday! 😀
 photo 20140501_153755_LLS_zps15f36c42.jpg

Rushed back home for a second round of celebration because the delighted love boy is coming over to celebrate birthday for 舅舅 before he goes for reservist! Look how happy the boy is whenever there’s a birthday celebration!!! 😀
 photo 20140501_205907_zps619b44ec.jpg

So happy that he was swinging left and right while singing and so many photos turned out blur -_-”
 photo 20140501_205908_zpsf2a679e1.jpg

And that’s my pig brother with his disgusting smelly black bear! He even tried to ask Isaac if he wants the bear and the clever boy replied, “Don’t want! Orh zup zup (black black)…never wash!” ROFL!!! He picks up all the Hokkien from his grandma…hahaha!
 photo 20140501_205919_zpsfcdf0e7c.jpg

Cho~ happy boy!
 photo 20140501_205915_zpsb2eb5705.jpg

Can’t believe my brother has turned 30! We still fight every day like we’re 3 😛
 photo 20140501_205913_zpsc8196421.jpg

Making a wish! xD
 photo 20140501_205931_zps6dabe53b.jpg

Posing to camera like it’s his 93270914378th birthday again! HAHAHA!
 photo 20140501_2059380_zpsf6496aab.jpg

Look how cuteeeeeeeeeee he is when he’s making wish!!! Must be wishing real hard that’s why the wish of 舅舅 buying him a new gun came true xDDDD
 photo 20140501_205934_zps2bac07c0.jpg

Blowing candles together with 舅舅!
 photo 20140501_205946_zps200f6d51.jpg  photo 20140501_205952_zps916d1209.jpg
 photo 20140501_2059480_zps8a7aea7f.jpg
 photo 20140501_2059530_zps8310317e.jpg

And although it’s not my birthday, look what I’ve got!!! A belated birthday present from my beloved Sis and it’s my dream Kate Spade wallet! The one with ribbon and in my favourite neon pink colour!!! ❤ it so much!!!!!!!!!! HEHEHE!
 photo IMG_20140501_220428_zpsd12ccdcc.jpg

Another happy occasion of the week~
 photo IMG_20140502_161314_zps20368649.jpg

Yes, as many of you have probably got to know via Facebook/Instagram/Twitter now, I am officially licensed to drive now!!! It was really a long journey for me and I even felt so much like giving up halfway but I know since I have already thrown in so much money, I shouldn’t just stop like that.

Even went through a change of instructor and test centre, which means getting used to everything all over again. But I am really thankful that I made this change and also persevered till this day! Although a lot, a lot, a lot of money spent, at least I have achieved what I wanted. If it’s not for someone’s constant encouragement to get a licence ever since the first time I hitched a ride, I wouldn’t have started on this journey, so thank you for being my source of motivation.

So much to be said along this longggggg journey that I even started a post from my very first day when I decided on this because only a handful of people know that I am taking driving lessons, so the only place I can “rant” to is here…haha! I was low profile about it because I didn’t know how long I will take to pass so I didn’t wanna face stressful questions like, “Have you passed?” every now and then =/

Anyhow, it somehow became a long and draggy entry that I’m not sure if anyone’s interested in reading anymore…hahaha! But anyhow, here’s my Driving Diary if anyone’s interested in the reading how “kayu” I am and all the stupid mistakes I started off with~ (Password: my birthday (DDMM)

So I shall fast forward to the part after I passed my test and the story of the kind stranger. What happened was I gave all my cash to my instructor for the rental of the car plus fee for the morning practice and blah blah blah (a total of $200+) and all I left in my wallet was this torn $5, a $2 and a $1 coin…
 photo 20140502_144025_zps59783757.jpg

I needed 7 bucks to take the passport size photo for my licence and I tried using the cash I have, but obviously the machine rejected the $5 x.x

So I asked this guy who has just taken his photo whether there’s any ATM machine around. I think he has just passed his test as well and was hence in a good mood~

Guy: No, there isn’t… Do you need cash for anything?

Me: Oh I am trying to take my photo but the machine rejected my $5 (duh!) and I don’t have any other cash left.

Guy: *爽快-ly took out 10 bucks* Oh you can use this..

Me: Huh??? But how do I return you???

Guy: Nah it’s okay (:

Me: Nonono… You give me your account number and I’ll transfer it to you.

Guy: Oh nono, it’s okay. You can just take this…

OMG~ Super kind soul please!!!!!!! But for once, I felt like a beggar! T.T
So if this kind soul happen happen happen to read this, please give me your account number and I will return you the money!!! Hahaha!

Didn’t expect the whole thing to last for so long because we even had to wait to watch a safety video and man~ The video is so gory!!! So bloody, head twisted, arm flying off and all…I wanna close my eyes throughout the video so much! Zzzzzz!

By the time I was done with the video and licence application, it was already late noon and I could finally have my lunch! Had been practising hard since morning and then went for my test right away so I didn’t have time to eat!

Another impromptu session~
 photo 20140502_215706_LLS_zps24fe6366.jpg

Trying to take an artistic shot of the flower that dropped ON me! For a moment I thought it’s a lizard -_-”
 photo IMG_20140502_221646_zpsb6738ccc.jpg

Customised watermelon cocktail because it’s a beer place and I asked if there’s any sweet, fruity cocktail, so the bar manager made me this (:
 photo 20140502_222040_zps5ecea4ed.jpg

Cheers, everyone~!
 photo 20140502_221922_LLS_zpsd4eab05a.jpg

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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