Lyn’s 23rd!

Parcel from Japan arrived just in time!!!
 photo 20140503_1140241_zpsf51e7136.jpg

Too bad it’s not mine; it’s actually Lyn’s birthday pressie imported from Osaka! Hehe!
 photo 20140503_1141021_zpsdb258922.jpg

Decided to give her the whole box because I will be so delighted to receive such a big parcel! Though it’s actually the box that is big only xD

But I am so pleased with the Japanese’s service because upon knowing that it’s a birthday present, the seller actually wrapped it up so beautifully and mailed it out on the day itself since I said it’s urgent! Super satisfied!

Had to bring the big box over to Sis’ s place because I was staying over for the ease of travelling to Kranji Camp for NDP practice the next day~ First stayover with the loveboy!!!

Helped to babysit him but this naughty cheeky boy was running around after shower as usual, refusing to wear his clothes! Caught him in his cute “sarong” while he was busy stamping his hand -___-”
 photo 20140503_221557_1_zpsa472c53c.jpg

Finally convinced him to put on his clothes and this sai nai boy would start his “这边痒, 那边痒” whining again. But I was surprised when he was the one who directed me to where to get the cream, his clothes, and which diaper I should use for him! Which means he has been very observant~

So much snuggling and giggles that I had to escape from the room if not he wouldn’t wanna sleep…haha! Continued playing with him the moment he came in to wake me up ❤

Isaac: *trying to press the super tight gun trigger* 不可以~ 手要断了。。。

LOL! So drama that I burst into laughter! Totally made my day!

Off for lunch at Causeway Point! The naughty boy likes to insist on doing things on his own but he always ends up in a mess~
 photo 20140504_141240_zps343b1d38.jpg

Eating rice from his hand -_-”
 photo 20140504_141216_zpscb53a39a.jpg

Off for the first NDP practice at Kranji Camp! Seriously hateeeeee that place. But at least it was a fulfilling day because we practised and practised instead of spending time waiting for 252726675 rounds of audition.

Danced so much and sweated so much! Started on our formations as well and I managed to secure a last row position! After my first year, all the other years I was either on the track for finale or in the front row leading!

So this year I just wanna sit back stand back and relax and stay away from whatever “limelight“~ Feel so good to be dancing in my own world standing in the last row because I will not be stressed that I dance wrongly and anyone behind me would follow my wrong steps! Neither will I have to deal with any unreasonable aunties argung that they are right.

Planned an advance birthday celebration for Ah Lyn after the practice but it was an epic fail! Hahaha! Firstly, we were the last of the 3 groups to set off but we were the first to reach!!! So I had to stall time while the rest search for the cake and a venue because my planned venue – Gelare is full house! T.T

Then while stalling for time, we bumped into the cute couple who were assigned to find the cake!!! LOLOL! They came up with an excuse but I think Lyn was already getting suspicious…hahahaha!

So finally, we ended up in Empire State … again! The same place where she celebrated last year…ROFL. Well anyhow, happy birthday to our forever-16 girl xD
 photo 20140504_211011_zpsa19b0c12.jpg

Wishing for a ‘B’~
 photo 20140504_211051_zpscb363fe5.jpg

 photo 20140504_2110550_zps551dc3fe.jpg

The 3 of us!
 photo 20140504_212236_zps83e7256a.jpg

With Miss 500!
 photo 20140504_212419_zps0da7eec7.jpg

The NDPeeps!
 photo 20140504_211705_zpsa09c9b79.jpg

Group shot with the birthday girl! 大家辛苦了~ For the practice and the celebration! Haha!
 photo 20140504_211841_zpseb14d6d3.jpg

Our sinful dessert to reward ourselves after a sweaty practice! 😀
 photo IMG_20140504_212832_zpscb9e5c4b.jpg

Trying out the new 炸酱面! But not much difference with the usual dry ban mian except for bean paste added =/
 photo 20140505_141101-1_zpsee30ce65.jpg

Indian cuisine at an Indian vegetarian restaurant in Little India! First time trying this bomb-like cuisine and it’s nice!!! (:
 photo IMG_20140505_194328_zps57a640cb.jpg

(via theothersideofthingss.tumblr)

(via theothersideofthingss.tumblr)


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