Taiwan 2014 Day 1 – Sun Moon Lake

So I’m back from Taiwan and it’s time to catch up on the posts again! >.<
I have so many people asking how’s my trip and I can’t find one word to best describe it…hmmmm. There are too many stories to tell and perhaps some are hard to convey except if you were there to experience it~ But in anyway, it wasn’t a bad trip and I’ve definitely enjoyed my second trip to Taiwan after 5 damn years, exploring places out of Taipei this time! (:

8 May 2014

Had an awesome dinner at the secret garden again before flying off and I totally, totally miss the good food there!!! ❤❤❤

 photo 20140508_203429_LLS_zps34e67e13.jpg

Margherita pizza again! 😀

 photo 20140508_203248_LLS_zps23c731b2.jpg

And the super 香 truffle mushroom pasta…hehe!

Super FULL again but really enjoyed the good food and good ambience! (:
Time to part now~ 好舍不得走 😦 Honestly, I somehow wasn’t that looking forward to the trip anymore as the date was nearing…
 photo 20140508_232429_zps5e9562e7.jpg

And as expected, my worst nightmare almost happened. Thank goodness the late queen managed to reach ONE MINUTE before the check-in counter closed! Sigh~ I don’t know why would I bother setting a meeting time 45 minutes in advance if it’s not that I know of the bad habit, yet it’s still being ignored and somehow it became my fault that I did not mention about the counter closing at 11.45pm.

Well anyway, midnight flight means sleep time~! At least I wish. Can hardly have a proper sleep because it was so colddddd and I was in shorts! I only had a sweater with me and when I used it to cover my legs, my arms felt cold. Then when I cover my arms, my legs were too cold and I just gotta keep waking up to switch the position of my sweater! D:

Finally arrived in Taoyuan airport in the wee hour of 6am! No cam-whoring because everyone looks like shit after a midnight flight. In fact, don’t expect that many photos for this trip; you can’t expect much when travelling in a pair, unless you’re travelling with an avid photographer.

Took a bus to Taoyuan 高铁 (high-speed rail) station and managed to grab a sandwich before getting on the train headed for Taichung (Tai Zhong)! The journey is slightly more than 30 minutes but upon reaching Taichung, we still had to take another 20-30 minutes bus ride to reach our 民宿!

I guess that’s also a bad thing living in a big country, because even the distance between each of their bus stops is pretty long! So I can’t imagine if they miss their stop, which happen quite often to me (in Singapore) =/

Yea so a lot of time was in fact spent on travelling on the first 2 days, but it was all worthwhile, at least for me. Cause I was really determined to explore all the pretty places out of Taipei which I did not get to explore during my first trip!

Had a hard time finding our 民宿 because the road signs in Taiwan aren’t very clear to me, and worse still, all in Chinese! As much as I did my research (with much of Siew Eng’s help) – those who have seen my Hong Kong itinerary before will probably know that I always do thorough research for my trips – it is still inevitable that you get lost at times during a free and easy trip. But my survival skill is always – open my mouth and ASK, and I don’t mind doing that.

So after much walking and asking around, we finally found our 民宿 to deposit our luggage (since it’s still too early to check in) and set off for our Day 1 trip to the famous Sun Moon Lake (日月潭). It was a long, long journey because we had to take another 20-30 minutes bus ride to the railway station (火车站), then walk a longggggg way before we finally found the bus company that will take us to Sun Moon Lake, and then another 2 hours or so bus ride before we finallyyyyyyy reached Sun Moon Lake!
 photo 20140509_130504_zpsff72c169.jpg

So in other words, visiting a hot spot in their city is like us travelling all the way to Malacca or something…hahaha! By the time we reached, it was already noon and we had not have any proper meal! But because June was still sick, she wasn’t having much appetite throughout the trip. So instead of her always asking me if I wanna eat, I was the one who kept asking if she’s hungry because I was perpetually hungry! >.<

Only managed to grab some fried mushrooms before we gotta board the tour ferry which is included in the package we bought from the bus company~

 photo IMG_20140509_130404_zpsa17f94df.jpg

Nice mushrooooooms!!!

 photo 20140509_132107_zpse9f3b558.jpg

On board!

I think it’s more worth it to get the package because apart from the bus ride, it includes cable car ride and ferry rides that take us around the place, so I saved the hassle of having to research about travelling around Sun Moon Lake~
First stopover and yes, it was already raining on our first day! D:
 photo 20140509_130759_zpsf0e4a655.jpg

And it was definitely colddddddbrrrrrrrrr~
 photo 20140509_130907_zpsf05dd527.jpg

Super crowded with PRCs too!!! Major turn-off!
 photo 20140509_133606_zps26519219.jpg

It was so so so crowded that I could hardly take a proper picture because there would always be someone standing at the spot you wanna take a picture at/of! And each of them will be striking 2174346873698 poses so there’s no way you can capture a shot, except for using them as your model (:
 photo 20140509_134040_zpsa4879317.jpg

 photo 20140509_134034_zps67402c1d.jpg

Ta-duh~! “你能闻到大自然的清香吗?”

Climbed a long flight of stairs (I climbed lots of stairs and slope in Taiwan!) to get to this temple – 玄光寺~
 photo 20140509_134439_zpsd923b758.jpg

But actually I am more interested in catching a panoramic view of the Sun Moon Lake!
 photo 20140509_133428_zps72689952.jpg

Well of course, you gotta fight the crowd and squeeze your way through first in order to catch a glimpse! Zzzzz! You really gotta PUSHHHH your way through if not you’ll be pushed instead! That’s how you fight barbarians.
 photo 20140509_134236_zps12d44581.jpg

Actually I was expecting much better view, but apparently Sun Moon Lake ain’t that magnificent, I would say =/
 photo 20140509_134258_zps700c3eb5.jpg

But still, it’s still quite a pretty place!
 photo 20140509_134932_zpsc57a2b23.jpg
 photo 20140509_135044_zps919e37ff.jpg

Was trying so hard to just take a picture of this stone to show that I was there before but the crowd was such a horror to fight with! Apart from the continuous flow of people snatching to take a picture with it, I was constantly being pushed off from the crowd! So much space and they just refused to let me in to take a snapshot! So in the end, this is the best I could capture >.>
 photo 20140509_134642_zps93d8e8a2.jpg

Left the place quickly to avoid the babarians and headed to board the next ferry for our next stop! The blur me almost boarded the wrong ferry (there are different ferries for different companies/tour agencies) and the staff who stopped me said, “Eh 你的不是那个船, 你这么美我舍不得不让你上我的 chuuuuuuuuan~ 可是你的是那艘。。。” Embarrassing much!!! x.x
 photo 20140509_140415_RichtoneHDR_zps47074a0e.jpg

 photo 20140509_140528_zps2ab64bff.jpg

On the windy ferry~! 😀

 photo 20140509_140252_zps87ae441f.jpg

Super cooling!

 photo 20140509_140430_RichtoneHDR_zpscc0b4ed0.jpg

Foggy like Genting~

Arrived at Ita Thao (伊達邵)!
 photo 20140509_140751_RichtoneHDR_zpse34ae41d.jpg

Was trying to take a picture with the foggy mountains and this ferry staff suddenly said, “等一下!等一下!等一下!” and then walked in to photobomb!!! LOL.
 photo 20140509_141036_RichtoneHDR_zps2731803e.jpg

Finally a solo pic! -_-”
 photo 20140509_141020_RichtoneHDR_zps2aa24435.jpg

 photo 20140509_141223_RichtoneHDR_zpsc50c36ca.jpg

Ita Thao Visitor Centre!

 photo 20140509_141356_zpsa9e8dd5b.jpg

The dancer pose~

I tried to do one before her but it looked retarded and the comment I got was “The difference between a dancer and a non-dancer“; how demoralising x.x
So I guess I will just stick to a more normal pose! Haha!
 photo 20140509_141443_zps41d13a86.jpg
 photo 20140509_141846_zps11165f55.jpg

I kinda like this pier because the view is prettier and it’s also so much less crowded! (:
 photo 20140509_141759_zps7e84e7f5.jpg

 photo 20140509_142233_zpsc8d9f4ff.jpg

With the pretty flowers behind!!!

Stopped by to check out the old streets selling all the traditional 原住民 food and we decided to try their handmade mochi!
 photo 20140509_143023_zpsfe5dcf3e.jpg

It’s nice but I didn’t like the brown layer of thing outside at first because it tastes a bit bitter, but later on I got to know from my Taiwanese friend that it’s actually tea powder! 😀
 photo 20140509_143207_zps63a668d7.jpg

Heading up to take our cable car ride!
 photo 20140509_152528_RichtoneHDR_zps3d889969.jpg

And finally a picture of both of us, taken by a nice Australian family! (:
 photo 20140509_152651_RichtoneHDR_zps6b438395.jpg

And look what we found inside our cabin!!!!!!!!!!
 photo 20140509_152836_RichtoneHDR_zpsc71aab8c.jpg

Initially we were still wondering what the hell is it when we saw the cabin coming! We thought there’s a fat guy still sitting inside but when we realised that it’s a huge bear, we quickly jumped into it!!! HEHEHE!
 photo 20140509_152934_RichtoneHDR_zpsce96172b.jpg

Going higher and higher~
 photo 20140509_153105_RichtoneHDR_zps4a57c851.jpg
 photo 20140509_153046_RichtoneHDR_zpsbb14ef2c.jpg

The sexy lady who always insist that I must not “cut off” her legs in pictures because she has nice legs -_-”
 photo 20140509_153000_RichtoneHDR_zpsc73bff76.jpg

 photo 20140509_153155_RichtoneHDR_zps9b33cb8c.jpg

Big bear & my bear! 😀

 photo 20140509_153225_RichtoneHDR_zpsd8e6e97e.jpg

Going downnnnn~

 photo 20140509_153301_RichtoneHDR_zpsd28b7501.jpg

The pretty view from top!

Arrived at Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village and I didn’t know there’s a theme park there until I just researched about it! It seemed like there’s nothing much there so we took the cable car back right away because we didn’t wanna miss the last ride~
 photo 20140509_153908_RichtoneHDR_zps4928574e.jpg

And we aimed for the cabin with big bear again!
 photo 20140509_155323_RichtoneHDR_zpsd3520a9f.jpg

A different one this time…hehe!
 photo 20140509_154426_RichtoneHDR_zpse36c8fd0.jpg

I guess these gigantic bears can just naturally bring out the joy in one! 😀
 photo 20140509_154500_RichtoneHDR_zps746d1489.jpg

 photo 20140509_154222_RichtoneHDR_zps706ce657.jpg

*bear huggggggggggg!*

 photo 20140509_154340_RichtoneHDR_zpsd50bd93f.jpg

Pretty mountains!

 photo 20140509_154614_RichtoneHDR_zpsc2e97a73.jpg

Capturing the pretty view again! (:

 photo 20140509_154637_RichtoneHDR_zpse7cc2085.jpg

Foggy foggy~

I don’t know how it used to look like but according to June, it was much more beautiful last time =/
 photo 20140509_154801_RichtoneHDR_zpsef5fa156.jpg

Before marking an end to our 1-day tour!
 photo 20140509_155337_RichtoneHDR_zpsef494203.jpg

And I insisted on taking a picture with this big BEE at the bus station before we head back! xD
 photo 20140509_170117_zps60621bc2.jpg

As there are different timings for the bus, we had like 40 minutes to spare before our bus arrives and so this Peh Peh (Uncle) who is the staff/boss of the bus company actually invited us to his HOUSE for tea! I was skeptical about it of course, because I was taught since young not to follow strangers home =/

But because he’s so nice and June was also tired after a day of walking, we find it hard to reject and just followed him to his house, which turned out to be his tea shop! So in the end he really 请我们喝茶, and it’s lots and lots of different tea which of course came along with lots of tea info -_-”

Thank goodness they are nice people and not the hard-selling kind, so we managed to escape after trying and not buying that S$80 tea! Another long journey back and the bus was playing 两个爸爸!Although I have finished the whole series, I still enjoyed re-watching it~
 photo 20140509_174200_zps0eac23a7.jpg

Finally checked in to our 民宿 – Tomer and since it’s my first time staying in one, I really didn’t know what to expect. I was crossing my fingers hoping that it turned out well, but the room turned out rather small with just a double bed, a TV and a bathroom~ And we had to climbed a flight of stairs with our luggage in order to reach the room.
 photo 20140510_100322_zps8911aa2f.jpg

It will be fine if I’m travelling alone, because accommodation is the last thing I will care about as long as it’s clean. But travelling with a partner is just different; it’s more stressful especially when you’re the one planning the entire itinerary and making all the arrangements.

Well in anyway, it’s just for a night and we’ll move off to another place. Yes, it’s quite a rush-rush trip because there are so many places that I wanna visit!!! And for day 1, it’s not over yet because we still have Fengjia night market to visit, which is just below our place! 😀

 photo IMG_20140510_010855_zps13b342df.jpg

Makes me miss my big hairy bear so muchhh!

During my research for this trip, the must-try food in Fengjia night market is the 花枝~ I had no idea what’s that until I found the stall selling and realised it’s actually sotong!!!
 photo 20140509_210931_zps76f3be34.jpg

 photo 20140509_210936_zps854db7c9.jpg

Big big squids!

 photo 20140509_211256_zpsa0fd2b12.jpg

But it’s niceeeeeeeeeee!

 photo 20140509_214050_zps43e77700.jpg

Pork knuckle…eeeeeek~

We did not try that many street food even though we had not have a proper meal the whole day because most of the stuff are fried and the sick June can’t eat them 😦 I know I wouldn’t be able to finish them on my own so I did not get either~

Not much shopping done as well because the clothes weren’t as cheap as I had expected. But I got 3 pairs on shoes just on Day 1! Oops! xD

 photo 20140509_224000_zps37028707.jpg

Super cute helmets!

Kinda lost our way back and we decided to just stop by this “lok lok” stall for some hot soup (:
 photo 20140509_225824_zps89b59443.jpg

The nice staff even helped us to find our way back! Haha!
 photo 20140509_235441_zpsd1d181f2.jpg

 photo IMG_20140518_223147_zps74716954.jpg

A gift for myself from 日夜潭 (:

P.S. For those who are interested in my itinerary, I have uploaded to my Google drive again so you can retrieve it there – https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByzYd62RZ-o3WFdGZFFKdWxmcGc/edit?usp=sharing

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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