Taiwan 2014 Day 2 – Cingjing Swiss Garden

10 May 2014

Woke up early to prepare for yet another long journey~! It’s the place that I was most looking forward to during this trip because I’m gonna feed the 羊咩咩!!!:D Planned to set off early so that we would not reach in like late noon and wasted half a day but the workaholic was stuck with work (yes, she actually brought her laptop there to work!!!), so by the time we set off, it was later than planned 😦

No more breakfast at 第一市场 cause I wanna save time, so we checked out and grabbed something at a nearby cafe instead~
 photo 20140510_104308_zps46622672.jpg

Taiwan has really nice crepe!!! ❤
 photo 20140510_101938_zpsdab42eb7.jpg

Set off to the 火车站 and again, there are so many different bus companies there operating and we had a hard time finding the one that goes to our destination! Actually I know the bus company (Nantou 客运) that we took bus the previous day to Sun Moon Lake has bus that goes to Cing Jing, but it’s really a nightmare to walk all the way there with our luggage!

Thankfully we found one that goes to Puli bus terminal and we could change the Nantou 客运 there to get to Cing Jing~ Saved us the trouble of walking all the way to the bus company which we had a hard time finding the previous day!

Finally reached Puli after a longgggg 1 hour plus bus ride! But we had to wait like 40 minutes for our bus transfer so I decided to walk around and explore the area! (:

 photo IMG-20140514-WA0019_zps0ceba76a.jpg

Candid shot when getting coffee for Mommeyyyyyy~

 photo 20140510_131800_zpsd99983a0.jpg

Bought nice beancurd with 芋圆 back! 😀

While waiting for the bus, we made friend with this 原住民 mother and son who started chatting with us. They were very intrigued by the fact that I am effectively bilingual even though the son tried very hard to speak English to me  -_- Anyway, they even invited us to visit their village for our next trip and the son said he would bring me to the Taiwan clubs…faint~!!!

Managed to escape the awkwardddd conversation and it was another 1.5 hour long bus ride up the hill!
 photo 20140510_150629_zps1c9146f0.jpg

Can already feel the beauty of the place~!
 photo 20140510_143342_zpsbe70e81f.jpg

And the houses are all so pretty too! Probably that explains why the 民宿 there are all double the price (or more) than usual =/
 photo 20140510_144154_zpse2480330.jpg

Finally arrived at the super cooling Cing Jing after a long, long journey!!! 😀 I’m really thankful that our Taiwanese friend warned us in advance that it can be quite cold at the mountain areas so I brought sweater and stocking along! If not I would really freeze to death~
 photo 20140510_143409_zps9966e3eb.jpg

The place feels so different from the city area! More simple and laid back (:
 photo 20140510_153511_zps883bb0c9.jpg

Didn’t take us long to find our 民宿 – 清境民生果园山庄 (Bunbury Fruit Ranch B&B), and it’s so prettyyyyyyyyyy!!!
 photo 20140510_150014_zps2f83dd14.jpg

Not to mention, the room is also damn huge for 2 persons! Look at the 2 big queen-size beds! Oh gosh~ I can roll around the whole day! xD
 photo 20140510_150153_zps69d56c33.jpg

 photo 20140510_152841_zps36221022.jpg

View from our balcony!

Rushed out quickly because it was already 3 plus by the time we reached and I was so looking forward to visit the farm! But the nice 民宿 owner advised us not to because the farm would be closed by 4.30pm and we had also missed the sheep shearing show 😦

I was so disappointed because the plan was to visit the farm and then the next morning, we would set off early to catch our high-speed train to Tainan which I had already bought tickets for… But now everything was screwed up by the timing and we could only visit the farm the next day, then set off for a later train by topping up for the fare~

Walked around to explore the area and also enjoy the cooling weather! Did I mention that it’s freaking 9 degrees there?! It really feels like Genting!!!
 photo 20140510_160210_zpsb754d161.jpg

There was nothing much there because the 2 main attractions are the Little Swiss Garden, which we visited later on, and the farm. It’s really quite a simple place so there are just a few eateries and souvenir shops around, then plenty of greens and fresh air (:

 photo 20140510_154438_zpsafd27677.jpg

With the pretty backdrop!

 photo 20140510_160047_zps92e19465.jpg

Even the windmill is so pretty!

 photo 20140510_154402_zps4f6d9f46.jpg

Trash bins are so cute too!!!

Wanted to take a picture with this cute bee at a honey shop but because it’s a real honey shop with lots of beesssssssss flying around, I could only take a snapshot and run off! LOL.
 photo 20140510_152802_zps916347c7.jpg

 photo 20140510_160139_zps465cd853.jpg

In my carriage! 😛

Visited the Little Swiss Garden and June loves it so much that she gave me one big hug! But actually my main motive of visiting Cing Jing is the farm, cause I didn’t know that the garden is so beautiful! =X
 photo 20140510_164318_zps98d1a841.jpg

 photo 20140510_164400_zps29ff4e59.jpg

Fantasy of Flowers! :D\

 photo 20140510_164410_zps34f43d57.jpg

So colourful everywhere!

A pity it was yet another rainy day, which was quite a spoiler -_- Imagine having to carry an umbrella around while you take photos!
 photo IMG-20140514-WA0018_zpsdace4fc1.jpg

And it’s wet and dirty everywhere…Zzzzzz.
 photo 20140510_164448_zps5c42d197.jpg

❤ this pretty shot by yours truly~! 😀
 photo 20140510_164704_zps180c2afb.jpg

My turn!!! It’s really a beautiful place!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤
 photo 20140510_164751_zpsf8a880e8.jpg

 photo 20140510_164623_zps3aa82d8e.jpg

❤ reflections~

 photo 20140510_164431_zps0fb7eaab.jpg

Cute panda family!

 photo 20140510_164832_zps79570ba0.jpg

Really love all the pretty flowers!

 photo 20140510_165124_zps0913e49b.jpg

Another pretty shot by yours truly…hehe

 photo 20140510_165256_zps24b1b89e.jpg

Chilling with the Moo Moo~

 photo 20140510_165341_zpsb297faf2.jpg

发花痴 xD

And there are even duckies swimming around!!!
 photo 20140510_165508_zpse996a7e5.jpg

So cuteeeeeeeeeeee!
 photo 20140510_165556_zps25914c58.jpg
 photo 20140510_165555_zpsc4ac5250.jpg

 photo IMG-20140514-WA0016_zpsa86e06e2.jpg

Another candid shot -_-“

 photo 20140510_165605_zps11843697.jpg

Waddling their butts off xD

 photo 20140510_174044_zpsfa00fa0d.jpg

“Hi, nice to meet you~”

 photo 20140510_175755_zps7f662d9d.jpg


 photo 20140510_165802_zps24881d4b.jpg

Such pretty daisies!!! ❤

 photo 20140510_165632_zpsc13b87bb.jpg

Legendary Secret Garden

 photo 20140510_165951_zpsacb43752.jpg

Pretty sign at a cafe (:

And although I was already feeling freaking colddddd at 9°C, I still got myself an ice-cream cause I just can’t resist the grape champagne flavour!!! Hehe!
 photo 20140510_170515_zpsc1f90e2f.jpg

 photo 20140510_170507_zps0d59bde0.jpg


 photo 20140510_170037_zps0b5a98df.jpg

Bee windmill! 😀

We spent lots of time cam-whoring here that we ended up being the “official” photographers there, with different groups kept coming up to ask us help them with a shot -_-”
 photo 20140510_171806_zps295a6872.jpg

 photo 20140510_171756_zps5b2de5ba.jpg


 photo 20140510_172145_zps2948df1f.jpg

On love!

 photo 20140510_171840_zpsd93cccc8.jpg

In love!

 photo 20140510_171917_zps4cc8e222.jpg

And with love!

 photo 20140510_171908_zps3805be4b.jpg

 photo 20140510_173227_zps2d9713cd.jpg

With the Enormous E

 photo 20140510_173252_zps5cea4f29.jpg

Stop sitting on love; just follow your heart 😉

Got this auntie whom we helped to take a picture of to help us take too but the pictures turned out like that…
 photo 20140510_172505_zpsee9937fa.jpg

We even burst out laughing when we saw the pictures and these were after cropping the auntie’s finger-bomb by the way!
 photo 20140510_172516_zps8717613e.jpg

 photo 20140510_173611_zpsb64238f6.jpg

Shy bee hiding! xD

 photo 20140510_173556_zps90b591f3.jpg

Cute meow meow in the garden~

 photo 20140510_173542_zps5b59357b.jpg

The Tin Pot Man!

 photo 20140510_173842_zps9768dbcd.jpg

With the cute mascots!

 photo 20140510_173801_zps404b0ec0.jpg

Another beautiful bunch of flowers!

 photo 20140510_174254_zpsf62ac46f.jpg

Pretty pavilion!

 photo 20140510_174401_zpse5936546.jpg

The crazy poser~

 photo 20140510_174630_zps6c339f07.jpg

Such a romantic place! (:

 photo 20140510_174510_zps0a8809f4.jpg

❤ the lighting!

 photo 20140510_174747_zpsfb771915.jpg

From the top!

 photo 20140510_174327_zps487b51fd.jpg

Top view of Little Swiss Garden!

 photo 20140510_174133_zps55e67525.jpg

Lovers’ bridge???

 photo 20140510_165855_zpsca224343.jpg

Reflections again! 😀

 photo 20140510_175118_zps8f7eeea5.jpg

A walk to remember~

 photo 20140510_175057_zps612379a1.jpg

On the bridge!

 photo 20140510_175216_zps20358a45.jpg

Can you feel the fresh air???!

 photo 20140510_175558_zps049c8e2f.jpg

One of my favourite shots! (:

 photo 20140510_175657_zps9875dfda.jpg

With the windmill~

 photo 20140510_180317_zps41d78caa.jpg

View from the other side~

Was so elated when I saw this cute machine which I can buy food to feed the duckies!!!
 photo 20140510_164550_zps9402ce2a.jpg

And guess how much this pack of food cost? 10NT! Which is just 40 cents!!!!!!! I seriously can feed the whole day man~ I mean if I was alone…haha!
 photo 20140510_180015_zps2f4099b3.jpg

 photo 20140510_180140_zps6d90bf82.jpg

Happily feeding the ducks!!! 😀

 photo 20140510_180048_zps1ca72218.jpg

All rushing to snatch the food!

 photo 20140510_180207_1_zps63519bf0.jpg

Can you feel my happiness?!?! TEEHEEEEEEE~
Cho~ happy one! 😀 😀 😀

 photo 20140510_180336_zps00f2e305.jpg

Goodbye, duckies 😦

 photo 20140510_180441_zps68d9a91f.jpg

Really love this purple garden!

 photo 20140510_180456_zpsb836ebae.jpg

And why the shots I take all so chio?!?! xD

I usually take a snap for others first so that they know what kind of shot I want but somehow it will always turn out different 😦 But it’s still quite a nice shot lah~
 photo 20140510_180614_zps766bcf36.jpg

 photo 20140510_180649_zps200be717.jpg

Colourful flowers!

 photo 20140510_180726_zps09d6129f.jpg

The bee with the flowers 😛

Heading back after grabbing some food and alcohol from the 7-11! (:
 photo 20140510_180955_zpsf8a6eb0f.jpg

There are actually eateries right outside our 民宿, but June was craving for the Taiwanese instant noodle, and I was also full from all the nonsense lok-lok food from the convenience stall =
 photo 20140510_182909_zps2c5514e6.jpg

 photo 20140510_182912_zps3694ca77.jpg

Their restaurants~

 photo 20140510_184457_LLS_zps4485d6e2.jpg

View on the way back~

 photo 20140510_183452_LLS_zps6a49d2d5.jpg

Our pretty 民宿 at night! 😀

So we were back in our room pretty early, probably around 7pm, cause there was nothing much outside and we figured that we should enjoy our awesome room fully while recharge for the next day!
 photo 20140510_183953_LLS_zpsf7ad3ef2.jpg

 photo 20140510_185036_zps8be0e310.jpg

The bathroom even has a bathtub!

 photo 20140510_185020_zpsf7d122fe.jpg

And an ART piece…hmmmmm

It was so cold in Cingjing that even the room is cold without air-con switched on! But thank goodness I found this heater thing by my bed which made my bed damn warm and comfy!!! Really so comfy that I didn’t wanna step out of it! Haha!
 photo 20140511_080424_zps78e508ee.jpg

 photo 20140510_213752_zps178cad87.jpg

Enjoying my drinks with Min Ho while re-watching my favourite 痞子英雄 on TV! xD

P.S. For those who are interested in my itinerary, I have uploaded to my Google drive again so you can retrieve it there – https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByzYd62RZ-o3WFdGZFFKdWxmcGc/edit?usp=sharing

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


3 thoughts on “Taiwan 2014 Day 2 – Cingjing Swiss Garden

  1. Hello! I’ve booked the Bunbury Fruit Ranch B&B as well. Do you remember how much does the bus ride cost from taichung to cingjing? And where to alight at cingjing, how long is the walking distance from the bus stop to bunbury?

    • Hi Kai Lun, if the price is not stated in my itinerary, then I have probably forgotten how much it is now 😦
      As for where to alight, you can show the driver the Chinese name of Bunbury Fruit Ranch B&B (make sure it’s in Chinese as they don’t know the English name of the place) and he will know where to drop you off. The walking distance from bus-stop to Bunbury is less than 3 minutes! Cause you will drop right outside the place! Enjoy your stay and I believe you will love it! 😀

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